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This expert attended the U. S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT, and received a B.S. in Engineering from that institution.

This expert is a Graduate of the Flight Safety Officer's Course, taken at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA.

This Expert Completed the Following Courses

  • Role of the Technical Witness in Litigation, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
  • Airport Management Course, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • Aircraft Accident Investigator's Course, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
  • Crash Survival Investigator's Course, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Air Safety Investigator Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has experience in helicopter accident reconstruction, analysis and mishap prevention. This expert has been involved in heliport design consultation, flight safety management, and offshore oil industry flight support.

This consultant has served as a pilot for medical evacuations and transport under all weather, night instrument conditions. This expert has experience in operating single-piloted, multi-engine instrument helicopters between accident scenes and hospitals.

This consultant offers expertise specific to implementing helicopter safety and security programs, and turbine helicopter fleet management.

Specialization of this expert includes helicopter shipboard pad and fuel system design, shipboard landing and refueling direction. Management of coast guard rescue air units safety program, helicopter accident investigations, and aircraft Accident Investigation are also specialties of this expert. This expert is also experienced in flight safety, flight security, and helicopter operations.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in air safety investigation, flight safety management, helicopter flight and fleet management, heliport design, accident investigation and reconstruction, expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Captain, (IFR) REACH, Redwood Empire Air Care Helicopters, Santa Rosa County, CA

Provided medical evacuations and transport under all weather, night instrument conditions, operating single-piloted, multi-engine instrument helicopters between accident scenes and area hospitals. Accident free.


Director of Marketing, Captain, Helicopters Unlimited, Oakland, CA

Implemented the first multi-engine executive charter helicopter operations in the area, serving regular clients including celebrities, CEOs, and state governor. Accident free.


Director of Flight Safety, SFO Helicopter Airline, Oakland – San Francisco, CA

Established and directed the safety and security programs for one of the U.S. largest scheduled helicopter airlines, operating a total turbine helicopter fleet between major air carriers at Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco. Successful safety program management highlighted in excess of 35,000 revenue flights without a single accident.


Air Safety Consultant, Team Safety Manager, helicopter global circumnavigation by Spirit of Texas, H. Ross Perot

Record setting helicopter with team photos are on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C. Designed the shipboard pad and fuel system and then directed the shipboard landing and refueling of Spirit of Texas off the northeast Siberian coast between the Alaskan Aleutian Islands and Japan.


Rescue Pilot-in-Command, and Flight Safety Officer, U. S. Coast Guard, Department of Transportation

Involved in operational assignments over 11 continuous years at rescue stations and shipboard deployments in Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.


Flight Safety Officer, USCG Air Station, Miami, FL

Managed flying safety program for the Coast Guard's largest and most active rescue air units during the Cuban Exodus. In over 1000 missions, and saving thousands of refugees on the high seas, the flight operations were accident free. Standardization and Evaluation (Stan-Eval) check airman and accident board president. Conducted helicopter accident investigations nation-wide, on assignment from USCG Headquarters, Washington, D.C..


Flight Safety Officer, USCG Air Station, San Francisco International Airport

Was Department Head and Safety Program Manager for largest west coast air unit, multi mission base with Sikorsky helicopters, Grumman and Lockheed aircraft. Check airman, both operational and instrument (Stan-Eval) aircraft accident investigation assignments by CG Headquarters.

Noteworthy aircraft accident investigations conducted

Bell 206B Jetranger mountain OPS / inflight loss of control, Jackson, WY

Bell 206L - 3 mechanical failure / water crash, Gulf of Mexico

Bell 407 engine failure / water landing, Gulf of Mexico - fatal to 2

Robinson R44 inflight break-up, Gorst, WA - fatal to 2

Bell 407 hard landing, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bell 212 main rotor blade delamination, Snelling, CA - fatal to 1

Bell 206 L - 4 tail rotor drive shaft failure, Taluca, MX - fatal to 6

Bell 206L Longranger crash and salvage, Lewellyn Glacier, Canada - fatal to 4

Garlick HH - lK tailboom separation in flight, Live Oak, CA - fatal to 1

Aerospatial 355 night EMS inadvertent IMC, Toledo, Ohio

Bell 222UT night EMS emergency landing, Rock Rapids, Iowa

Bell 206 Longranger in flight loss of control, Chicago, IL - fatal to 4

Bell 206 Longranger offshore oil platform flight deck rollover, Gulf of Mexico

Robinson R-22 inflight break-up, Switzerland - fatal to 2

McDonald Douglas AH64 Apache night loss of tail rotor control, US Army

Eurocopter A / S 350 tail rotor pitch change link failure, Gulf of Mexico - fatal to 3

Bell 206 Jet Ranger engine failure/water crash, Mayaquez, PR

Bell 206 Jet Ranger power line wire strike, Martinez, CA - fata to 3

Sikorsky HH52A amphibious operations rollover, Brooklyn, NY

Sikorsky H52 hard landing, Oakland, CA

Lockheed HC130H, aerial delivery tail strike mishap, off the Vancouver, BC coast

Lockheed HC130B, landing gear separation on takeoff from San Francisco, CA

Sikorsky HH52A power line strike, St. Louis, MO - fatal to 4

Investigated in excess of 100 other accidents, incidents and mishaps

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