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This expert has attended the Law Enforcement Training Academy, Louisiana State University.

This expert attended the Military Police Training Academy, Community College of the Air Force.

This expert went through the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Series, Northwestern University, Center for Public Safety.

Accident Reconstruction, Accident Investigation Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has experience in traffic investigations, accident reconstruction and analysis, and security, policing, and law enforcement.

Core competencies of this expert include training and professional development, vehicle collision dynamics, traffic investigation and analysis, and law enforcement. This expert’s work background includes policing, team building and leadership, community relationship management, operations management, and project management.

Traffic accident reconstruction expertise of this consultant includes air brake systems, crash data retrieval, computer animation, computer diagramming, and computer simulation. Other areas of accident reconstruction this expert has knowledge in include conservation of momentum, crush deformation, crush energy calculations, Delta V, digital photography, and digital site surveying.

Additional areas of related expertise this consultant has include energy forces, engine control module diagnosis, gravitational forces, kinetic energy, and mechanical inspections. This expert also has extensive knowledge in Newton’s laws of motion, occupant kinematics, perception/reaction time, and photogrammetry. Police policy and procedure, roadway design, roadway friction coefficients, and roadway signage are other areas in which this expert has knowledge in. This expert also has experience in time distance relationships, tire manufacture specifications, vehicle acceleration, vehicle collision dynamics, and vehicle lamp analysis.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in accident reconstruction, accident investigation and law enforcement, training, operations management, forensic investigation and analysis, expert witness testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients

Traffic Accident Reconstruction Technician, Collision Technology Firm

Served as Staff Re-constructionist completing all aspects of traffic accident reconstruction including total station digital site surveys, roadway design analysis, roadway signage and marking, computer diagramming, and computer animations. Provided specialist expertise in computer simulations, digital photography, and roadway surface friction testing. Inspect and analyze vehicles, lamp; conducing extensive photogrammetry, policy and procedure review, case management, speed/energy/crush assessments, and verification for DUI/DWI cases. Prepared and maintained files of daily activity reports, incident reports and all required paperwork. Successfully assessed, investigated, downloaded, and interpreted crash data from air bag control modules, courtroom exhibit production, and other included aspects of traffic accident reconstruction. Worked with diverse groups of people including lawyers, insurance companies, corporations, railroad engineering firms, other experts, police departments, district attorneys, and others to render service and collect information regarding accident reconstruction expert Investigations.

Police Officer / Traffic Accident Investigator / DWI Instructor, Louisiana State University Police Department

Contributed expertise as a law enforcement officer by responding to dispatched calls and requests for assistance from citizens, establishments, and other diverse emergencies. Used problem solving skills, creativity, and innovative approaches to identify community concerns, presented options of courses of action, identified resources, planned for implementation of changes, and evaluated success. Initiated, read and evaluated correspondence and memoranda relative to operational activities and police hazards. Observed traffic flow for violations and issued warnings or citations to violators. Conducted investigations of traffic accidents and crime scenes; gathered evidence, interviewed complainants, witnesses and victims. Built and maintained strong interpersonal working relationships. Provided courtroom testimony with resulting high conviction rate, praise for poise, presentation, and knowledge will giving testimony. Trained other officers and field training officer. Served as Accident Investigator and DWI & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor. Led the Police Department in arrests and convictions of DWI Offenders, with a great accuracy for DWI Detection.

Military Police, Law Enforcement Specialist, United States Air Force

Investigated DWI offenses, traffic accidents, and other duties as required of a law enforcement officer. Enforced local, state, federal, and international laws responding to incidents of national security, life and limb, and resource protection.


Serious Injury-DWI Investigation
Bus Pedestrian Fatality
Multiple Vehicle, Multiple Impact Traffic Accident
Truck Spins Off Road, Flips, Rolls, Spins, Ejects Driver

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