Strategic Development, Continuous Improvement Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of WRB, P.E. Consultant

  • Fire and Safety

This expert received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.This expert received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.

Fire Protection Engineering Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in fire protection engineering, code compliance, life safety, and project management.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.

Provides expertise in fire protection engineering, life safety, and code compliance to a vast variety of clients.

Fire/Life Safety Department Manager, San Jose, CA

Manage a team of designers and project managers. Supervise engineers to initiate fire alarm designs to meet local, state, & national fire codes for a variety of occupancies & hazards. Administrate special system engineering of clean agent gaseous suppressants and specialized water mist systems. Oversee field engineers & project managers with field implementation at all levels to insure system compliance with local & state codes. Review system evaluation and cost analysis put by team members. Evaluate crew's performance. Assess department accomplishment and plan future objectives.

Senior Fire Protection Engineer, DFP, Campbell, CA

Supervise multiple engineering teams in separate company branches. Supervise fire alarm system's design for high rise buildings to include residential, commercial and multi-occupancy structures, design packages often include fire alarm systems, voice evacuation, smoke control, fire department communications, and central command center. Manage designs of clean agent gaseous suppressants (FM-200, Argonite, & CO2) and special water base suppression (Water Mist). Manage designs of special detection systems (VESDA, Linear heat, Beam, & Flame). Conduct fire studies by utilizing computer modeling. Manage engineering consultations on vast variety of projects. Design evaluation and cost analysis.

Fire Protection Engineer, RFI Enterprises, San Jose, CA

Design Fire alarm systems to meet local, state, & national fire code requirements for a variety of occupancies & hazards. Design special hazard systems to include clean agent gaseous suppressants (FM-200, CO2). Design special detection systems in clean and computer rooms (VESDA, Linear heat, Beam). Design evaluation and cost analysis. Supervise the engineering drafting team. Oversees design calculations to include voltage drops, battery calculation, flow calculations and run fire engineering software packages. Supervise project implementations. Assign work schedules. Evaluate crew's performance, Inspect and report systems operation. Conduct training and educational seminars.

Field Engineer, Intelligent Technologies, Pleasanton, CA

Support the engineering team to insure design compliance with local and national fire code requirements. Conduct regular meetings with fire department authorities to confirm the execution of local code. Manage project implementation through out construction stages. Evaluate and approve design modifications. Supervise construction crew performance. Report project status and update work schedules. Perform multiple inspections to confirm system integrity. Arrange for AHJ inspections and document testing procedures.

Department Manager, ZOD Group

Manage the fire protection department operations. Oversee the design of clean gaseous suppression systems for special hazard environment. Initiate system selections based on occupancy and hazard settings. Direct design crews and insure system compliance with national and local codes. Supervise project implementation through out installation stages. Coordinate with all trades and field crews to insure system compliance with engineering plans and specifications. Conduct regular inspections & testing. Plan and carry out training seminars.

Mechanical Engineer, R.F. MacDonald Co., Foster City, CA

Assist the engineering department through project evaluation for heating requirements. Recommend proper equipment to meet codes and air quality regulations. Initiate specifications and cost estimates. Establish bids for mechanical contractors per engineering specifications and design plans. Submit equipment designs. Support both service and design departments.

Technical Engineer, Industrial Steam Co., Oakland, CA

Evaluate design specifications. Review engineering drawings and wiring diagrams. Engineering designs using CAD software. Work as a liaison between engineering department and manufacturing facilities. Support all customer related activities.


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