Fire and Emergency Services Management Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of WUA Consultant

  • Fire and Medical Administration

This expert received a B.A. in Public Administration, cum Laude, from Upper Iowa University, IA.

Fire and Emergency Services Management Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has 40 years of progressive responsibilities in fire and medical administration and command experience including training, management practices, emergency medical care, budgeting, cost controls, and organization structure.

This expert has managed fire department budgets up to $13MM and city budgets of $120MM. This expert has also provided strategic leadership and professional planning advice throughout their career span. Other experience includes building working environments that promoted the importance of a successful team, knowledge in the process of national accreditation, and a solid background dealing with organized labor and 1,400 full / part-time employees.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expert consulting services related to fire and emergency services management to a wide variety of clients .

Fire Chief, City of Arlington, Washington

Manage and direct emergency medical and fire services and activities. Develop plans for future growth and development. Serve as the City’s Emergency Management Director.

King County Fire Marshal, Department of Development & Environmental Services

Responsible for a $3.1 MM budget. Administer fire investigation service contracts for 15 cities. Manage the delivery of fire prevention inspections, direct engineering plan reviews and new construction inspections. Interface with other Fire Inspectors. Address technical questions, balance schedules and workloads. Monitor case progression to ensure timely inspections. Approve requests for training and purchases. Interface with outside agencies (FBI, ATF, news media, school district administration), generate press releases and maintain an informational web presence. Incorporated closer management of the Annual Fire Inspection Program. Reassigned additional inspectors to my direct responsibility, heightened delivery of services, increased visibility. Developed positive relationships with customers and fire districts within unincorporated King County. Strengthened communications with the fire marshal’s office to exchange information amongst units and divisions. Incorporated reporting structures and improved distribution of information to customers and agencies

Fire Station Project Manager, RH2 Engineering Planning

Assisted the City of Issaquah in completing final design/construction of one of their fire stations. Ensured project kept pace with its established $2.75 MM budget and was built according to design specification. Traveled periodically to the construction site to view overall process and resolve issues for the contractor Worked with local utility agencies establishing plans to address everything from terrorism to disruption of service.

Fire Chief Chief Executive Officer. Eastside Fire & Rescue, Fire Chief City of Issaquah Washington

Eastside Fire & Rescue - $13MM budget, 205 Career Staff & Reservists: City of Issaquah - $3mm budget, 26 employees. Managed and directed fire department activities and plans for future growth. Served as City’s Emergency Preparedness Director/Manager. Key contributor in the decision to form Eastside Fire & Rescue. Established a joint task force to explore the feasibility and practicality of consolidating efforts for a regional fire service. Worked directly with the Board of Directors bringing their vision, goals and objectives to fruition. Set up management seminars for various levels within the organization. Established meetings for mutual exchange of ideas with fire service agencies throughout the county. Supervised an Assistant Fire Chief, Finance Director, HR Manager and Deputy Fire Chiefs. Led a task force that overcame political/local labor concerns resolving issues through cooperation and compromise. Joined 4 agencies (City of Issaquah, City of Northbend and 2 Fire Districts) together to balance the level of services over a larger territory and share common resources for better delivery of those services. Successfully headed efforts that established a united force, quickened response times, strengthened purchasing power and eliminated redundancies in training and budgeting.

Fire Chief, City of Oceanside, California

Fire Chief, City of Oceanside, California - $11MM budget. Performed duties where sound decision-making skills were essential. Prepared/managed all facets of the Fire Department's budget, employee recruitment, training and long-range planning. Experienced in emergency management and incident command protocols. Elevated services levels, produced highly trained/motivated employees. Revitalized the growth and spirit of an under-performing operation. Implemented cost effective methods of increasing the level of paramedic services. Replaced ambulances with fire engine companies reducing yearly expenses by $250,000 while expanding coverage. Worked diligently to surpass expectations set by San Diego County's Emergency Medical Services. Served as Assistant City Manager for the City of Oceanside for one year responsible for a $120MM budget. Administered functions and activities for 17 city departments, 900 full-time and 500 part-time employees.

Fire Chief of Clovis, California

Deputy Fire Chief, City of Clovis, California

Battalion Fire Chief Training, City of Montclair, California

Fire Captain, City of Montclair, California

Fire Marshal, City of Montclair, California

Continuing Education:

DRI Fire and Casualty Seminar, Chicago IL

Completed Asbestos Awareness Training

Completed Hazwoper 40 hour course

What's hot in Fire Litigation

Completed MNIASIU Seminar

Respirator Fit Testing

Completed Minnesota IAAI Fire Investigation Conference

IL Chapter IAAI Conference

Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers Leadership Institute

Kane County Task Force

Completed Courses Sponsored by RedVector:

Basic Electricity

Economic Conductor

Electric Motors

National Electrical Code Grounding

Statistical Analysis

Fuel Cell Power Systems

Engineering Economic Analysis

Voltage Regulator Application

Industrial and Outdoor Lighting

Renewable Energy Generation

Orland Park Fire Department Seminar, Illinois

Instructor "Electrical Appliance Fires"

Attended Fire Investigation Conference

Minnesota Chapter IAAI

IL Chapter IAAI Fire Investigation Seminar, Instructor ""Electrical Fires""

Minnesota Institute of Legal Education (MILE) FIRE Seminar Instructor ""Electrical Fires""

Completed Electrical Safe Work Practices Course

Minnesota Safety Council

Completed Fire Investigation Conference

Minnesota Chapter IAAI

Minnesota Institute of Legal Education (MILE) FIRE Seminar

Instructor "What Every Attorney Should Know"

IL-Chapter IAAI Fire Investigation Conference, Instructor - Forensic Electrical Engineering Principles and Practices

Completed Fire Investigation Conference

Minnesota Chapter IAAI

Completed Anatomy of Fire Litigation Conference, Sponsored by Minnesota Institute of Legal Education

Completed AC Machine Design Course, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Completed NFPA National Electrical Code Workshop

Completed 43rd Annual IAAI Arson Seminar, Hosted by Minnesota Chapter of IAAI

Completed Electrical Fires Accidental and Deliberate, Sponsored by Georgia Chapter of IAAI

Completed Fire and Arson Investigation Conference, Minnesota International Association of Arson Investigators

Completed Power Line Problems in Industrial Environments Seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Completed Grounding of Electrical Distribution Systems Seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Completed Fire and Arson Investigation Course, Annual Nebraska State Fire and Arson Investigators Conference

Completed Certificate in Management Program, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Fire Service and Management articles in National Trade Journals including Fire Engineering, Fire Chief, American Fire Journal and California Fire Journal

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