Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Management Expert Consultant
Resume of HBT Lead Consultant

  • Automotive
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Molding Fabrication
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications

While attending Northeastern University, this consultant received a Bachelors degree in Marketing.

Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Management Expert Consultant

This associate has experience in management accountability, technology based start-up consulting, problem solving, sales and marketing. Related experience includes manufacturing and process improvement, technical and product development innovation as well as program and project management. Other areas of expertise include strategic planning and implementation.

Additional experience and specialization includes P&L control, chapter 7 reorganization, division spin-offs and quality improvement. Public ownership, negotiation, implementation of joint ventures and strategic alliances are also strengths that this associate possesses. Other areas of strength include electronic packaging, lean manufacturing programs, market focus, nano-fabrication and system integration. This associate can also provide services in regards to lean manufacturing, acquisitions, public financing and division expansion.

This consultant offers specific expertise relative to growth, marketing strategies, sales strategies and six sigma. Furthermore, this expert has experience in process documentation enhancement, electronics assembly, direct and indirect sales team development and P&L systems. Process plating recovery, advanced statistical techniques for process evaluation and improvement are also specialties of this expert.

Expertise includes sheet metal, semiconductor packaging, materials, manufacturing and technology improvements. Other areas of knowledge include advanced stamping and die manufacturing, enhanced process documentation, robust process testing, ISO 9001 and military standards. This expert specializes in electronics assembly, business planning, molding fabrication and materials for plating. Also included in areas of expertise are clean room facilities, medical and automotive device fabrication, ground water cooling, experiment design, and fishbone analysis.

This consultant's background includes R&D management, engineering/technical design & product management in the areas of automotive, electronics, medical devices, and precision molding. Other areas of experience include metal stamping/extrusion, defense, power supplies, and space/aerospace. This consultant has also worked in the chemical area as well as down-hole exploration. Integrated microfabrication experience includes nickel, copper and gold plating. This expert has worked with ceramic materials, thin and thick film, multi-layer, additive plating and buried passive components from DC to 35 ghz.

Additional key areas of knowledge and expertise include electronic manufacturing, assembly, test and off-shoring manufacturing. Lean techniques, FMEA, DFMEA and Six Sigma are areas of extensive knowledge. Additional experience and specialization includes QS9000, ISO9001:2000, Mil-Std-1772 and GMP. This expert’s background includes Class K & S hybrid and circuit manufacturing, GM mark of excellence, DFTEST and DFA, and fluidic devices (ink jet & valving). Other areas of knowledge include telecom applications in cell towers, amplifiers, integrated assembly and module integration. This consultant has also worked in the areas of high frequency RF/microwave amplifiers, radios, circulators and electrical penetrators for nuclear power plants. Medical areas include work on defibrillators, infusion pumps and blood analysis systems. During this consultant's career work has been done on three greenfield start-ups in electronics in the states, one in India and technology transfers to Taiwan. Furthermore, this associate has knowledge in shipboard cable, magnet wire, welding cable and stuffing glands for ships in Korea, US, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Out-sourced electronic assembly of printed circuit boards in Taiwan, Singapore and India, as well as manufacturing management are experiences that this consultant has. Further experiences include project & program management in commercial, medical, telecom and defense applications up to $20m. Process engineering, quality management, operations management as well experience in managing teams from 5 to 300 round out this person's experiences.

Lead Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing sales and marketing expertise, manufacturing and process improvement, program and project management, business consulting and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Sales and Marketing Management Consultant, Consulting firm., Tyngsboro, MA

Completed renewal of business and market focus, established sales and marketing plan, recruited new reps, refocused technology offerings, captured medical market, captured precision passive market, recruited inside sales and established sales department, improved quality, smooth manufacturing flow, re-layout of manufacturing processes.


VP Sales and Marketing, SatCon Electronics, Marlborough, MA

Re-established company as a premier supplier of hybrids, thin film and assemblies to the military, commercial and telecom markets. Increased sales and revenue to more than $12M, strengthened the sales and marketing force, achieved longer term contracts and diversified market, added significant technology expertise in nano-fabrication, system integration, lean manufacturing and six sigma.


Senior Consultant, Hammondsport, NY

Various consulting, contract assignments including Acro Industries (sheet metal), Amkor Technology (semiconductor packaging house) and others. Materials, manufacturing and technology improvements, advanced stamping and die manufacturing transfer to China, process documentation enhancement, processes tested for robustness, implementation of ISO900 and military standards. Built manufacturing facilities in Arizona and India for electronics assembly.


VP Sales and Marketing, Founder, Zecal Corporation, Churchville, NY

Established sales groups in Asia, Europe and US, Canada. Built marketing materials, created message and published papers, directed PR campaign, trade shows and key account development and account capture. Built business plans, assisted in achieving financing, managed the message and set the vision for Company. Transitioned company through 4 major sales and product launch. Helped to recruit key members of team and assisted in the overall management of the company. Created innovative products for power management in outboard motors, received patent for plated copper on ceramic.


VP Sales and Marketing, Founder, AMTX, Inc., Canandaigua, NY

One of four Founders. Developed direct and indirect sales team, coordinated the marketing message and establishment of unique market niche (MEMS), developed and managed large key accounts established a sales and market presence in Asia, Europe and US, Canada. Added strength in molding fabrication, materials for plating, earned the GM Mark of Excellence. Spin-off from Xerox Corporation that built a green field plant having significant clean room facilities, molding fabrication for medical and automotive devices.


President, Founder, Hybrilonics, Inc., Niagara Falls and Syracuse, NY

Raised seed capital, established manufacturing plant, recruited key members of team, achieved first customers, developed and implemented full P&L system along with MRP system, evaluated acquisition, completed acquisition and went public for added funds. Established a green field clean room based manufacturing plant using ground water cooling, process plating recovery, and advanced statistical techniques for process evaluation and improvement. Developed fishbone analysis and created design of experiments. Purchased MSKennedy Corporation which did military and hi-rel products. Expanded plant and managed two locations in NY State.


Product Manager, DG O’Brien

Work involved glass sealed connectors for marine applications to 20,000 ft.; nuclear power plant electrical penetrators, oil wells, large capital equipment sales.


General Marketing & Product Manager, General Cable Corp

Worked with welding cable, magnet wire, cord sets, building wire, shipboard cable.


Division Manager Industrial Chemicals, Mentholatum Co.

Worked in chemical manufacturing, stirring, mixing, FDA, labs, R&D.

Division Manager Stored Energy, Conax Corporation

Involved with engineering, manufacturing, sales/marketing, R&D, applications engineering. Navy, Airforce and deepsea valves for oil. Used squibs for activating the valve controls, required very high quality and reliability.

Operations Manager, Alden Scientific

Involved with sales, engineering, facility expansion, design, manufacturing, finance, quality. Electronic manufacturing for the CATV, auto, medical (implantable devices).

Product Manager, Market Manager, Process Engineering, Acro Industries

Involved in metal stamping, electro-mechanical assembly, extrusion, progressive dies, laser cutting. Kodak, Xerox, Lockheed, Borg Warner.

International experience in Asia, US, Canada, Europe, in the establishment of manufacturing, sales, and marketing organizations.

Testifying Experience: A federal case in San Francisco concerning a business fraud in electronic manufacturing for the plaintiffs (prosecuted by the ADA and used the FBI) (case won); Delaware Chancery Court on Shareholder derivative suits for company that this associate founded (won).

This expert is continuing MBA studies at RPI Troy, NY in Management and in electronics. This expert is taking courses in design and applications of RF, six sigma, manufacturing/process improvement, quality, marketing, sales, computer, software, materials and channel management.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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