Chemical Engineering, Solar Technology, Quality Control, Semiconductor Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of IAK

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Solar Technology
  • Quality Control
  • Operations Management
  • R&D Management
  • Critical Surfaces Defects

MS Chemical Engineering,Paper & Synthetic Textile. Chemical Technology Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

Held several positions, ranging from Process Engineer to Engineering Manager, Director of Technology and CTO; coordinating technical and engineering activities, and supporting customers in the US, EU, Asia and China. Responsible for:

  1. Staffing production operations, Quality Control and Engineering departments
  2. Training production, technical and engineering personnel
  3. Coordinating the execution of production, Quality and R&D projects
  4. Supporting customers’ product quality requirements and process efficiency needs
  5. Assuring efficient, cost effective and timely execution of the projects at hand
  6. Assuring implementation of the QC, ISO9001:2000 and 5s programs
  7. Assuring efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness of the supply chain

The relevant technical positions in the Solar and Semiconductor industry ranged from Process Engineer to Director of Technology, covering disciplines as follow:

  1. RF and DC sputtering of metals and insulators
  2. RF plasma etch of Si wafers and other substrates
  3. Diffusion, LPCVD and RTP of oxides and nitrides
  4. Oxide and W CMP processes and post-CMP cleaning
  5. Electro and electro-less Ni and Au plating
  6. Thick film paste printing
  7. IR firing and AR coatings of solar wafers
  8. Precision surface cleaning of wafers and equipment parts
  9. Si wafers manufacturing (single crystal and polycrystalline)

This expert speaks and writes Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and English and is a highly sought-after speaker. A well-published author, this consultant also holds numerous patents.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.
Providing expert chemical engineering, solar technology, thin film coatings, design, process and management consulting services to a wide variety of clients.
CTO, a Major Solar Tech Company.
PV and CPV-T devices and systems design, manufacturing and integration
  • HCPV equipment design, manufacturing, and integration for commercial electric power generation
  • Initiated redesign of a large HCPV tracker to a smaller, roof top CPV-T hybrid system
Quality Control Manager, Astro Pak Corp.
Serving Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Managed QC/QA and supply chain of precision parts manufacturing, assembly and testing services
  • Assisted in the compl tion of the world’s largest laser (nuclear fusion) facility at NIF, Livermore
Engineering Manager, Saint-Gobain Ceramics.
Semiconductor parts manufacturing and customer support
  • Managed Quality and Engineering programs at multi-site precision parts manufacturing and processing
  • Coordinated customer (AMAT, Lam, TEL) and ISO9001:2000 certification of 6 service facilities
Sr. Process Engineer, Speedfam / IPEC.
Capital semiconductor equipment design and manufacturing
  • Supported equipment design and manufacturing; focusing on surface defects detection and elimination
  • Coordinated the R&D, design, manufacturing and service of multi-million dollar Auriga-C CMP tools
Director of Technology, Alpha Solarco Inc.
Si Solar cells, PV panels & HCPV equipment manufacturing
  • Managed all aspects of equipment and processes R&D, design, manufacturing, and optimization
  • Coordinated production plants setup and overseas technology transfers of PV equipment
Engineering Manager, ULVAC Japan, US Operations.
Vacuum equipment and process support
Managed R&D of thin films processes. Supported high volume metal coatings production lines
  • Coordinated the set-up, staffing and technical operation of a large thin film coatings facility
Sr. Process Engineer, Timex Corp.
Thin Films production line R&D, support and optimization
  • Managed R&D and equipment and process optimization of a high volume TF sputtering line
  • Coordinated the set-up, staffing and technical operation of a large thin film coating facility
Process Engineer, Sputtered Films.
Thin Films equipment design and manufacturing
  • Coordinated RF plasma etch and deposition systems design, manufacturing, and customer support
  • Assisted with the R&D, design, optimization and redesign of custom R&D sputtering systems
Operations Manager, Alpha Solarco Inc.
Solar cells, PV panels & CPV systems design and manufacturing
  • Managed all aspects of PV and CPV solar equipment design, manufacturing and optimization
  • Coordinated the R&D, design and manufacturing of solar cells, modules and custom systems
Process Engineer, Astra Sciences, Corp.
Single crystal Silicon solar cells and panels manufacturing
  • Supported R&D and production process optimization for Si solar cells and PV panels manufacturing line
  • In charge of silicon solar cells and modules R&D, design and manufacturing operations.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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