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Resume of JLX, Ph.D. Consultant

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This expert has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University.

This expert received their B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

Flat Panel Display Materials and Nano-Materials Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in materials science, materials and their applications. Areas of technical expertise include chemistry, material science, especially polymers, production technologies, and characterization of materials through analytical and engineering tests.

Application experience includes market and customer needs analysis, new product concept generation, intellectual property analysis, and technology analysis for M&A or partnership. Broad market knowledge includes flat panel display materials, alternate energy technologies, electronic materials, and advanced building materials. Other related expertise includes polymer films for packaging, elastomeric fibers, high strength fibers, engineering resins, and polymer membranes.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in physical chemistry, materials science, polymer films, flat panel display materials, alternate energy technologies, electronic materials, advanced building materials, nano-materials technology, patent infringement and intellectual property assessment, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


New Business Development Associate, DuPont Display Films / Coatings Venture, DuPont Central Research and Development

Built an optical films product pipeline based on DuPont product and technology competencies. Investigated market size, growth, and current product offerings. Defined unmet needs and opportunities for DuPont. Created new product concepts. Identified new product opportunities. Developed product and business concepts consistent with Display Domain strategy for Optical Films, with less than 3 years to commercialization. Developed opportunity for over $100 MM in sales potential. Identified market need, and produced product concept and value proposition. Led successful demonstration of product concepts. Other responsibilities included a quantitative study of business models for new product commercialization, customer contact within DuPont partners: Optimax, DNP, and Toppan, and investigation of M&A candidates.


Strategic Market Development Manager, Inbound Marketing, DuPont Central Research and Development, DuPont Electronics and Communications Technology

Developed in-depth knowledge of LCD manufacturing technology. Identified opportunity for new TFT manufacturing technology based on DuPont competencies. Customer contacts for VOC included LCD panel manufacturers, LGPhillips, AUO, CPT, and CMO. Responsible for technology evaluation of optical materials startup as M&A or venture partner, assessment of technology development status, assessment of technology and business potential. Provided clear statement on advisability of investment. Developed business plan for thermoelectric materials, and was responsible for technology evaluation of nano-materials startup, and investigation of opportunities in RFID/smart cards. Produced a pipeline of new proposals, defining market need based on external, customer focused view, technology proposal to meet that need, analysis of competitive technology, and business plan for capturing value. Over 50 visits were made to potential customers and other market experts in US, Europe, and Asia. Worked closely with Strategic Business Units (SBU) to target opportunities and manage customer interactions. Industry coverage included electronics, automotive, construction materials, and packaging materials. Produced numerous proposals for new products and businesses. Demonstrated revenue potential of $100 MM+ in areas including CMP, OLED applications, architectural glass, fuel cell/automotive, and improved building materials.


Team member – Color Filter APEX, DuPont Central Research

Solved technology problems to support commercialization of thermal color filter technology


Team Leader APEX program, DuPont Central Research

Defined technical objectives for low shrink polyester engineering resin, demonstrating over 100 MM$ sales potential. Led development team with responsibility for product and process development and economics. Created new process concept for polycarbonate production.


Principal Investigator, DuPont Central Research and Development Department

Applied physical techniques to the experimental study of complex problems in material science relevant to DuPont products. Examples include: Innovative polymerization technology (NGP) – Oligomer-based SSP technology to the production of 3GT and polycarbonate. Lycra® spandex fiber – Conducted structure-property studies in support of a successful commercialization of new Lycra® composition. Developed techniques to elucidate complex inter-relationships between product properties and microstructure for properties such as tack and tenacity. Hollow fiber gas separation membranes – Technology developed by team was commercialized by DuPont – Air Liquid JV and remains a world-leader. Structure-property responsibility for team developing membranes for separation of nitrogen and oxygen. Product and process characterization. Developed and patented new technology for composite gas separation membranes with ultra-thin separation layers. High strength fibers from liquid crystalline polyester – Investigated the relationship between liquid state structure and rheology of liquid crystalline polyester.

This expert holds 3 U.S. patents. This expert also has six product concepts for LCD optical films in patent pipeline (NOI).

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