electronics manufacturing, assembly expert consultant resume
Resume of OMK, Ph.D.

  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials Science
  • Reliability and Design

This expert has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL.

This expert earned a M.S. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL.

This expert attended St. Procopius College (now Benedictine University) in Lisle, IL to earn a B.S. in Chemistry.

Electronics Manufacturing, Assembly Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has experience in materials development and testing, electronics assembly, reliability and design, and patent review. Further experience includes electronics manufacturing, materials science, analytical/sono/carbon chemistry and technical writing and editing.

This expert offers broad technical experience in chemistry, materials, experimental design and testing with work in analytical, clinical and polymer chemistry, high modulus fiber development and electronics processing.

Extensive experience includes technology road mapping/technology forecasting for the electronics industry. This expert has proven organizational skills involving cross functional/business unit/company teams dealing with issues such as data collection and interpretation, failure mode analysis, reliability testing, new process introduction, product development, environmental issues and standards development.

This consultant has proven teaching and communications skills honed through multiple public and internal presentations. This expert is experienced in development and presentation of training seminars on electronics design and assembly, the environment, technology roadmaps and materials.

Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in chemistry, electronics manufacturing, materials science, analytical/sono/carbon chemistry, electronics assembly, reliability and design, patent review, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Technical Conference Director, association serving electronics industries

Responsibilities included developing the technical sessions for various conferences and the promotional material associated with these sessions. Edited and formated the proceedings for the conferences. Managed the technical conferences using “on the run” problem solving, and continual communication with groups ranging from speakers, technical session chairs and facility personnel to the media and CEOs of attending companies.


Principle Member Technology Staff, Kester ITW (Formerly Kester Northrup Grumman), Itasca, IL

Responsibilities included troubleshooting a major production process and solving the problems of product consistency and performance resulting in $20 million per year sales. Developed a variety of formulations for solder preforms, solder pastes, fluxes, and solder preservative coatings (two patents pending). Used formal training and team mentoring of research staff to implement structured, statistically based experimental design and thus changed the product development process from “tweaking” existing formulas to use of basic and cross discipline chemistry and statistical evaluation in development of innovative new products. Served as representative on both the IPC’s Solder Products Value Council Technical Committee and National Roadmap for Interconnections Team, giving public written and oral exposure of products and technologies.


Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Lucent Technologies Inc. (Formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories), Naperville, IL

Authored and edited web-based Design for Manufacturability, Design for Test and Design for High Frequency Product databases. Oversaw and coordinated seventeen cross-business unit design and assembly centers in six countries in this database development. Used structured and hands-on experimental statistical methods to develop low defect, innovative design rules for high density electronic assemblies. Authored internally developed Design for the Environment database. Assessed the environmental impact of Lucent assembly processes. Was a member of a team that developed and tested a statistical tool for assessing the environmental impact of Lucent products based on design, manufacturing and use criteria. Served as coordinator of the Switching Solutions Business Unit Manufacturing Technology Roadmap with oversight responsibilities for deployment of an annual average of $9 million in process development funding. Served as representative on the National Roadmap for Interconnections. Was co-developer of AT&T Network System’s internal component solderability standard-now part of the national standard ANSI-J-STD-002.


Member of the Technical Staff, Lucent Technologies Inc. (Formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories), Naperville, IL

Developed Design for Test/Manufacturing Standards for AT&T Switching Systems including new surface mount packaging using statistically based DOE techniques. Developed novel and environmentally benign surface mount cleaning processes and solder assembly fluxes. Served as technical and environmental advisor for a cross functional team that developed a field deployable cleaning and coating process saving over $50 million in potential customer returns.


Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Western Electric Engineering Research Center, Princeton, NJ

Developed aqueous processing system for Hybrid Circuits that improved semiconductor bonding yields five-fold and eliminated a cyanide hazardous waste source. Developed environmentally benign detergents for use in circuit pack assembly that reduced cleaning costs by 60% and eliminated the need for cleaning with hazardous solvents. Developed a new solder assembly process for high reliability assembly.


Research and Development Engineer, Fiber Industries Inc., Charlotte, NC

Supervised technicians and coordinated the activities of ten people in pilot plant, engineering, safety, and R&D in bulk sample production for customers. Researched basic polymerization mechanism of a new product reducing energy consumption by six-fold, and raw materials usage by eighty-fold with a projected 13% product cost reduction. Developed winding and spinning techniques that eliminated a process step with a projected 12% product cost reduction.


Research Laboratory Technician, Hines VA Hospital, Renal Research Laboratory, Hines, IL

Responsibilities included analytical chemistry of trace metals, studies of membrane permeability and the clotting properties of surfaces in support of the renal dialysis research unit.

Author of numerous technical papers and presentations, and holder of a patent on a solder assembly process for high reliability assembly.

Has patents pending on solder preservative coatings.

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