heat transfer, pressure vessel engineering expert
Resume of TMD, P.E. Consultant

This expert has a BChE from New York University College of Engineering.

Heat Transfer, Pressure Vessel Engineering Expert

This expert specializes in shell-and-tube heat exchangers for process plants; closed feedwater heaters and auxiliary heat exchangers for power stations and pressure vessels.

Other areas of expertise:

Specification, design, construction, inspection, installation, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair, and life extension, including the following:

  • Providing instruction and training in construction, maintenance and repair, including cleaning methods and repair procedures, specification writing, codes and standards and procurement.
  • Providing on-site training of maintenance force for tubular exchangers and closed feedwater heaters.
  • Preparing general, mechanical, performance and procedure specifications.
  • Reviewing specifications for requests for proposals and proposal specifications.
  • Evaluating and offering expert opinion on tube-to-tubesheet joining.
  • Evaluating shops, making field and shop examinations and appraising condition of existing equipment.
  • Making recommendations for inspection, maintenance, repairs, replacements, retubing and alterations; recommending repair and alteration procedures; assisting in preparing specifications for repairs and alterations.
  • Making recommendations for extending life.
  • Assisting in preparing users and manufacturers design specifications for new and replacement equipment.
  • Verifying compliance with specifications, drawings and approved procedures.
  • Preparing specifications for post-mortem examination of tubular heat transfer equipment, including closed feedwater heaters and power-plant auxiliary heat exchangers; participating in post-mortem examination, documentation and reporting on probable causes of equipment demise.
  • Providing testimony about and evaluation: tubular heat transfer equipment design and construction; failures resulting from improper design and/or construction; maintenance and repair programs, techniques and procedures; heat exchanger installation and operation; and allied subjects

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Provides consulting services as an expert engineer in heat transfer and pressure vessels, and other related fields and industries.


President, consulting company

Engaged in consulting on tubular heat transfer equipment and pressure vessels, including process and power plant heat exchangers and closed feedwater heaters.


Director, HydroPro Inc.

Director of a manufacturer of hydraulic heat exchanger and boiler tube expanding and tube joint testing systems and which offers field services of hydraulic expanding of tubes into tubesheets and boiler drums, and related equipment


Senior Consultant, Hagler-Bailly, Inc

Engaged in consulting on closed feedwater heaters, power-plant heat exchangers and similar equipment.


Vice President and Director, Yokell Sales and Construction

Advisor to management of company specializing in refrigerated buildings and prefabricated steel buildings


President and Director, PEMCO subsidiary of Ecolaire, Inc.

Participated in evaluating Ingersoll-Rand’s Condenser Division prior to Ecolaire’s acquiring and renaming it Ecolaire Condenser. Participated in on-site survey of Green Fuel Economizer Co., Leeds, UK. Planned and carried out major shop expansion consisting of erecting 25,000 sq ft of shops with associated cranes and equipment, 15,000 sq ft of offices and conversion of previously existing office space to manufacturing personnel facilities.


Engineer, Industrial Process Engineers (I*P*E)

Responsible for design and costing. Troubleshooter.


U.S. Naval Reserve , U.S. Naval Reserve

Commissioned in U.S. Naval Reserve at U.S. Naval Academy. Engineering Officer and Executive Officer USS LST 722. Participated in Philippines Campaign and other Pacific Ocean actions and Japanese Occupation. Honorably returned to inactive duty.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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