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Resume of VTF, Ph.D. Consultant

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This expert has a Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science from the University of Washington in Seattle.

This expert has an M.S. in Paper Science and Engineering from SUNY in Syracuse, NY.

This expert received a B.S. in Chemistry in Madras, India.

Fiber, Polymer Science Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in paper, printing science and engineering, chemical engineering, and process control. Further expertise includes quality control, paper pulp bleaching processes, chemical characterization of pulps, and paper and printing industry research.

This associate has consulted extensively relative to the pulp and paper industries on subjects including sulfur free pulping and chlorine free bleaching, scientific methods (design and analysis of experiments), modeling of dryers for condensate load calculation, and telephone book recycling. Other experience includes quality improvement, statistical process and quality control, on steam explosion of recycled fibers for deinking, the use of chelants, and soda pulping of hard and softwoods, deinking, alkaline sizing and refiner control systems, and steel interleaving papers.

This consultant has conducted extensive research on subjects including the effect of boric acid and sodium borate on color reversion of lignin containing pulps, hydrogen production from biomass, use of borate autocausticizing to supplement lime kiln and causticizing, and the effect of borate in black liquor on boiling point rise. Further studies included semi-chemical pulping with borax, use of borax and boric acid to inhibit photo yellowing, borax in papermaking in the presence of fillers and alkaline sizing agents, and borax in recycled papers. Furthermore studies are borax as a stock additive, borax in refiner bleaching of high yield pulps, kenaf fibril angle for optimizing stretch, and the effect of hot storage on high yield pulp. Other related studies include alternate models of centrifugal cleaners for the paper industry, utilization of non-wood fibers in the production of absorbent products, effect of using hemicellulase and oxidase consecutively as pre-bleaching agents for kraft pulp, and the evaluation of alternate chlorine free bleaching sequences. Related studies include the effect of precalendering on surface and printing properties of coated and supercalendered sheets, deinking of recycled pulp by crossflow filtration, flotation variables in deinking of xerographic toners, and sodium carbonate pulping of kenaf for corrugating medium.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in fiber and polymer science, paper science and engineering, pulp, printing, and paper, research and development, quality and process control, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Professor, Department of Paper and Printing Science and Engineering (PPS&E)

Gordon H. Sindecuse Professor, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Honorary Associate Professor, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

Associate Professor (Tenured), Paper and Printing Science and Engineering, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Assistant Professor (Tenure track), Paper and Printing Science and Engineering, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Chemical Engineering Department, The University of Alabama, University (Tuscaloosa), AL

Post Doctoral Research Associate and Temporary Graduate Faculty Member

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, College of Forestry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Graduate Research Assistant, SUNY, Syracuse, NY

Superintendent, Process Control, The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., Dandeli (N.K.), Karnataka, India

Holds two patents related to paper pulp bleaching processes. Author of numerous presentations, seminars, lectures, and publications on topics including Chemical Characterization of Birch, Maple, and Spruce Kraft and Kraft-Borate Pulps, Chemical Pulp

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