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This expert has Postgraduate Master and Bachelor degrees in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, received while attending the University College, London, U.K., England.

This expert has a B.S. in Biochemistry and Food Science and Technology, received while attending the Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.

This expert has a history in Technology of Industrial Fermentation and Industrial Microbiology and Biochemistry, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Cambridge, MA.

Biotechnology, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical Research Consultant Resume

This consultant has experience in formulating natural products, developing bio-technologies processes for private Food and Biotech Companies. This expert has been involved in R&D in the areas of food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical sciences.

This consultant's experience includes writing intellectual property patents and several trade marks. Litigation support services such as Patent Infringement, forensic investigations and in-depth Failure Analysis are other areas of this consultant's expertise.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in biochemistry, biochemical engineering, biotechnology consulting, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research, inventing, forensic investigation, failure analysis, intellectual property patent infringement, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Biotechnology Consultant, nutriceutical research and development firm

Developed nutritional health formulas for weight loss, strengthening the immune system, bone and cartilage repair and others such as health drinks to improve circulatory activity. In addition, developed a biotechnology process for the encapsulation of amino acids such as Arginine and for the elaboration of Zeolite formulations. Worked in conjunction with university professor in the creation of health products for increasing bio-assimilation of nitric oxide. Also, worked with a pharmaceutical company in creating novel encapsulation systems for specific substance to enhance nitric oxide production.


Biotechnology Consultant, Aloe Commodities International, Inc., Carrollton, TX

Created several processes for the extraction and biochemical characterization of Peroxides enzyme from natural sources. Characterized and developed a biotechnology process for the production of several important tannin substances. Developed a Nanotechnolgy procedure for increasing the amount of soluble polysaccharides present in Noni Pulp ( Morinda Citrofolia). In cooperation with Dr. Tapan Basu of the Department of Food technology of the University of Alberta Canada, participated in the extraction of steroidal glycosides and glucomanan polysaccharides from Trigonella foenum (fenugreek seeds), and on the isolation of natural occurring polysaccharides from Morinda citrofolia capable of inducing nitric oxide release on human endothelial cell lines.


Director of Research and Development, Formulation of Food and Cosmetic Preparations, Aloe Commodities International, Inc., Carrollton, TX

Participated in the design of a facility for the elaboration of health juices and with Dr. Alan Howard formulating products containing Aloe Vera and Creatine for the extraction of biologically active substances, from Aloe Vera, and other natural raw materials. Worked with Dr. Anil Ram on the design of a Nutraceutical Company operating under GMP conditions, having fifteen stainless steel compounding tanks, with eight filling lines capable of handling 80,000 bottles per day. Also designed a special flash pasteurization system capable of heating quickly in short time intervals in order to reduce degradation of heat labile substances during hot fill of health juices formulated without preservatives.


Director of Research and Development, Aloe Vera Of America, Inc., Dallas TX

Performed R&D on the control of the production of Aloe vera drinks, cosmetic products and other natural formulated health products sold in a parent company named Forever Living Inc, which operated as a multi-level marketing company. Created several fluorometric and NMR analytical techniques for the measurement of active substances such as anthraquinones and Polysaccharides present in natural products.


Research Assistant, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Worked in the isolation of anti-mycobacterial substances isolated from Aloe Vera sap exudates, and which were active against human and animal Tuberculosis. As a Research Assistant of the School Medicine, performed research on the anti-viral activity of Diacetyl Rhein.


Researcher, Rega Institute For Medical Research, Leuven, Belgium

Worked as researcher, in cooperation with Dr. Erick De Clercq, Director of the Rega Institute for Medical Research in Belgium, on the use of natural occurring substances extracted from medical plants for the inhibition of infectious diseases such as AIDS and human tuberculosis.


Researcher, Laboratories Andromaco, Madrid, Spain

Performed research on the isolation of bioactive substances capable of enhancing biochemical markers such as endocytosis, phagocytosis, nitric oxide production, and TNF-alpha secretion.


Researcher Biochemist, Unibios, Torino Italy

Performed research on the industrial isolation and purification of plant derived proteolytic enzymes such as Ficin, Bromelain and Papain for pharmaceutical uses. Development of a biotechnology process for their stabilization in order to preserve the biological enzymatic activity upon storage.


Associate Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Unversidad Metropolitana, Caracas Venezuela

Founder of the Biochemical Engineering Research Laboratory at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Universidad Metropolitana. Biotechnology Consultant of Venezuelan Oil Company PDVSA and advisor to the Energy & Mines Prime Minister. Worked in Research and Development on the design of Bioreactors for solid substance fermentation of cellulosic materials and on the creation of emulsions of top crude oils and water using biosurfactants.

This expert is the holder of two US Patents related to biotechnology and biochemistry.

This expert is the author or co-author of numerous publications on topics related to biotechnology and biochemistry.

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