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This expert has a Ph.D., Physics (emphasis on Chemical Physics) from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

This expert received a B.A., M.Sc. in Chemistry from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Polymers and Composite Materials Expert Consultant Resume

Special strength and international reputation in the understanding and prediction of structure-processing-morphology-property-performance relationships in polymers (thermoplastics, thermosets, and rubbers/elastomers); and in their blends, foams, films, coatings, and composites; and of the practical product and process implications of these complex relationships. This expertise is based on a deep understanding of the fundamental physics of materials so that it is not limited to specific classes of polymers but instead capable of addressing problems over the full range of industrial polymers. Some of the major applications of this expertise in current consulting practice involve working with clients to help them develop new or improved products as well as manufacturing processes, and to help meet their material testing and characterization needs cost-effectively by ensuring that the most appropriate tests are performed and the maximum amount of valuable information is extracted from the results.

Expertise in composites encompasses both conventional composites and nanocomposites (composites designed for use in applications requiring extreme or unique performance characteristics; by tailoring the composition, morphology and properties at the nanometer length scale). It includes expertise in the prediction of properties, in troubleshooting (helping to answer questions such as "why does this composite not perform as expected?"), and in the conception of approaches to improve properties and performance characteristics. 

Expertise in materials modeling and simulation was developed through more than two decades of both hands-on work and technical leadership (in multidisciplinary industrial research and development environments) in the development, implementation, and application of a broad range of polymer and composite modeling and simulation techniques.

Expertise in technology assessment involves the identification of what is really important in vast amounts of information, the development of sound strategic and tactical recommendations, and the presentation of the findings both in writing and orally in a thorough, effective and timely manner. Examples of past work of this type include studies on the science and technology of compatibilization and impact modification of polymeric systems (polymers, blends, composites and laminates), carbon nanotubes, nanocomposites, dendrimers, biopolymers (polyhydroxyalkanoates), oleochemicals, and smart materials.

Expertise in technical project management manifested by many leadership experiences at Dow Chemical; such as serving on the CR&D nanocomposite science and technology exploration steering team, leading the carbon nanotube opportunity assessment team, initiating and coordinating many multidisciplinary and multidepartmental projects, recruiting new employees, informally mentoring many and formally supervising several employees, initiating and/or monitoring external research projects at universities and national laboratories, initiating and/or monitoring consulting arrangements with university professors, and serving for three years as liaison to main supplier of commercial-quality materials modeling software.

Expertise in technical writing and editing manifested by authorship of a book on polymer properties, editing of a conference proceedings volume on amorphous materials and another book on the computational modeling of polymers, service on the Editorial Board of three scientific journals on polymeric materials, and service as an Editorial Advisor in materials science and engineering to a major technical publisher (Marcel Dekker, Inc.) for more than a decade. Technical writing at Dow Chemical included many successful proposals for the funding of work at CR&D by various product departments.

Expertise in software development manifested in development of commercial software for polymer modeling which continues to be sold as the SYNTHIA software module for quantitative structure-property relationships by Accelrys). Also led development of additional software for polymer and composite modeling used internally at Dow Chemical. Now developing both "generic polymer and composite modeling software and such software customized for needs of specific clients, in order to provide powerful and cost-effective new predictive tools.

This expert is an extremely well-published author, having written and edited numerous books and scientific papers. 

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing corporate research and development specialization, polymers and composite materials specialization, amorphous inorganic materials consulting, forensic engineering, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Corporate Research and Development Consultant, Polymers and Composite Materials Consultant, Amorphous Inorganic Materials Consultant

Adjunct Faculty, College of Technology of major University

Corporate R&D (CR&D) Scientist, Dow Chemical Company, in Midland, Michigan

Involved both in hands-on research and in technical leadership, focusing on polymers and composite materials

Senior Research Scientist, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., Troy, MI

Involved with amorphous inorganic materials for photovoltaic, electrical and optical switching, and hydrogen storage applications

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley

Reserve Officer, Turkish Air Force

This consultant has patent applications filed for polyurethanes containing reinforcing polymers, and integrated chemical processes for industrial utilization of seed oils. patent awarded for polyurethanes containing dispersed crystalline polyesters.

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