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Ph.D. in Chemistry, from the University of Missouri in Rolla, MO.
Master of Science degree in Chemistry, from the Tennessee Technological University.
Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, from the Tennessee Technological University.
Continued education includes:
Rubber Technology, Compounding and Processing, Fluorocarbon Polymers, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Polymers, Computer Modeling of Polymers, Inorganic Polymers-American Chemical Society
Fundamentals of QS-9000 Quality System-Automotive Industry Action Group

The expert has extensive knowledge in materials and process research and development, product improvement, materials and process optimization. Metal-based composites, metal-to-metal laminates, and specialty coated products are areas of high interest in this consultant's background. This expert also has experience in QC laboratory supervision, technical and administrative support.

This consultant offers expertise in product and process development for a number of areas, including continuous coil coating, metal-to-metal and film-to-metal laminate materials and processes, and product and process failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA). Other areas of expertise this consultant has include applications development and testing, product and process analysis for variability reduction, metal pre-treatment studies, and characterization of VOC in welding fumes. This expert is also experienced in materials and process specifications for suppliers, engineering laboratory management, validation of alternate materials and processes.

Additional key qualifications of this expert include expertise in materials for viscoelastic damping, noise and vibration testing experience, material and process engineering, and metal pre-treatment for corrosion resistance. This expert has extensive knowledge in adhesive bonding of dissimilar materials, adhesive bonding in miniature electronic devices, and corrosion resistant coatings. Process technology transfer and scale-up, training seminars and expert testimony are other areas this consultant specializes in.

Other areas of specialty this consultant has include custom formulations, adhesion studies, thermal profiling of manufacturing processes, alternative raw materials, and new material transition from laboratory to production. This expert also has experience in sales and marketing support, and laminate product improvement.

This consultant is knowledgeable in areas including vehicle brake noise control products, noise and vibration control materials, polysiloxane-based pressure sensitive adhesive, and brake shim applications. Other areas in which this consultant has interest in include chromium-free coil coating, water-based adhesive and UV curable adhesive evaluations. QS-9000 certification, materials transfer and process technology, weld fumes studies, and material safety are other areas of expertise this consultant has.

For matters not directly related to production, this consultant's experience includes engineering laboratory management, staff member professional development, budget management, and capital equipment purchases. This expert has knowledge in facility maintenance, materials for very high temperature applications, fabrication and testing of prototype components, technical data interpretation, and viscoelastic damping materials.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.
Provides expertise in chemistry, materials engineering, process engineering, quality and continuous improvement, noise and vibration control, brake noise damping, forensic investigation and analysis, patent infringement, expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.
Consultant, materials and process chemistry consulting firms
Professional chemist with 30+ years experience in academics, commercial, aerospace, electronics, and automotive-related industries. Hands-on consultant on various aspects of the chemistry of materials and their applications, both independently and with a private firm.
Process Engineering Manager, Eaglepicher – Wolverine Gasket Division, Blacksburg, VA
Responsible for instituting a materials-oriented approach to optimizing processing parameters to gain improved product properties and performance. Led materials-approach to optimizing processes, which yielded more robust metal-based composites, metal-to-metal laminates, and special coated products. Supervised five engineers and chemists involved in various aspects of process engineering. Established thermal profiling of oven conditions as the method of choice for understanding and controlling parameters for continuous processes and their relationships with material properties. Led effort to improved quality of manufactured products and was champion of several continuous improvement projects. Led development of documentation including Process FMEA.
Director of Materials Engineering, Director of Product Development, Manager of Product Development, Material Sciences Corporation, Elk Grove Village, IL
Responsible for new product development, product improvements, qualification of alternative raw materials, transitioning new materials from the laboratory to production, and support to sales & marketing. During part of this period, application engineers reported to the expert. Initial assignment of new product development included direct supervision of two chemists and two technicians.
Product and Process Development accomplishments: Leadership in development, formulation, testing, and manufacturing scale-up of film-to-metal, metal-to-metal, and special coated products. Championed project with Engineering and Operations staff to discover causes of appearance defects in a recently developed decorative laminate, which resulted in a fully qualified product that is now going into production and will generate $8+ million in annual revenue. Supervised a project to identify an alternate NBR raw material component for a vehicle brake noise control product, arranged for custom mixing, scaled up in production for the aftermarket. General responsibility for first product that opened the electronics market for constrained layer materials designed for noise and vibration control (sales into this market had become $22.5 million) Developed winter/summer concept for tuning viscoelastic formulations for maximum efficiency in automobile body panels exposed to average outside temperatures. Project to develop a polysiloxane-based pressure sensitive adhesive for brake shim applications was successful.
Process Improvement and Management accomplishments: Served on cross-functional teams to create ways to modernize and evolve manufacturing and process capabilities in order to open new markets, increase product quality and reduce costs. Team member in transferring materials & process technology to a division that had no prior experience in manufacturing metal-to-metal laminates (opened the market for wide-width laminates for automobile body panel applications). Organized a project team to evaluate Henkel’s chromium-free pretreatments for metal surfaces, resulting in full-scale production trials and application-specific testing of products. Led a laboratory and production trial study to determine the causes of variations in the mechanical properties of a laminate developed for computer applications (solution was identified and adopted in production in Asia) Championed a 3.5-year project to change a major raw material that effected four of the company’s primary products for OEM customers ($12 million in sales was secured). Created and maintained Materials Data Safety Sheet.
Engineering Laboratory Manager, Senior Staff Engineer, Senior Engineering Specialist, LTV Aerospace And Defense Company, Dallas, TX
Responsible for professional development of staff members, managing the department budget, capital equipment purchases, and maintenance of a 21,000 square foot facility. Involved in a materials science group specializing in the development of materials for very high temperature applications, and fabrication and testing of prototype components. Interacted with project management officers to implement corporate projects in the laboratory's research group, and coordinated the laboratory work on a day-to-day basis. Responsible for interpretation of technical data. Reorganized the organizational structure of the laboratory. Active participant in design and lay out of newly established 21,000 sq ft facility. Acted as department and company representative at symposia, conferences, workshops, and marketing meetings. Member of company’s Patent Committee.

Optimizing Cure Process for Special Silicone-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Materials for Noise and Vibration Control: What Causes Product Variability?
Adhesive Bonding of Sub-miniature Electronic Devices to Dissimilar Materials
Vehicle Brake Noise Shims: A Tutorial For Continuous Product Improvements

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Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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