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This expert received a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Chemical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota.

This expert is a licensed P.E. in the state of Texas and a member of numerous chemistry and research organizations. With over 25 years experience as an engineer working in the refining and chemical industries, this consultant has worked on projects from providing technical support to plant operations, to leading projects that required increasing formulations. This expert also has extensive experience in research, plant prodcution scales, leading projects and taking responsibility in coordinating and managing positions. While acting as a coordinator for a project, this expert has completed root cause analysis for recurring problems in an isopropyl alcohol plant’s sulfuric acid system, has worked on major non-capitol process revisions, as well as having lead an expansion project, which required special permitting.

As a consultant, this expert has worked on a variety of projects ranging from process chemical engineering to being a lead engineer for multiple proposed ethanol plants all over the U.S. Additionally, this associate has been a lead research engineer helping to develop a proprietary biomass conversion process for cellulosic ethanol production.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates

  • Provides expertise on projects in the chemical, biological, and refining industries.

Consultant, Consulting Firm

  • As a process chemical engineer, responsible for providing engineering services to a broad range of chemical, biological, and refining industries.
  • Lead research engineer (working with South Dakota School of Mines & Technology) to develop a proprietary biomass conversion process (patent pending) for cellulosic ethanol production. The research developed into a pre-commercial demonstration ethanol project, Western Biomass Energy, LLC, in Upton, WY, the first of its kind in the U.S.
  • Lead engineer for proposed 85 MGY ethanol plant expansion at Midwest Renewable Energy in Sutherland, NE.
  • Lead engineer for proposed 85 MGY ethanol plant expansion at North County Ethanol in Rosholt, SD.
  • Lead engineer for proposed 25 MGY ethanol plant at Big Horn Basin Ethanol in Greybull, WY.
  • Lead engineer for proposed 110 MGY ethanol plant at RiverWright in Buffalo, NY.
  • Lead engineer on retrofit of Midwest Renewable Energy, providing process design, mechanical design, and operator training. A previously troubled plant, the newly designed plant now operates at 80% (27 MGY) above nameplate capacity and is one of the most energy efficient in the U.S.
  • Provided complete air and water permitting for Midwest Renewable Energy.
  • Provided project oversight as independent engineer for two new corn-to-ethanol plant construction projects – Tri-State Ethanol and Siouxland Energy.
  • Provided operator training and startup support to three new ethanol plants (Tri-State Ethanol, Siouxland Energy, and Quad County).
  • Provided on-site and remote support to Tri-State Ethanol, including design modifications of process and equipment, process troubleshooting, and air and water permit assistance.
  • Assembled Aspen+ simulation of the entire ethanol process to assist with the above items.
  • Lead engineer for proposed 18MGY ethanol plant in Platte, SD.
  • Sole plant design and startup support provider for batch epoxy resins plant for Shell/Taiwan (Kaohsiung) joint venture.
  • Developed process model for new Shell detergent alcohol facility in Geismar, LA.
  • Instructor for several Aspen physical property and simulation training courses at various Shell locations.
  • Updated safeguarding memorandum/relief system evaluation for Shell epichlorohydrin plant.
  • Led or participated in various plant and project Process Hazard Analyses and Plant Startup Safety Reviews.
  • Led retrofit project of Shell hazardous waste incinerator, including process modeling.
  • Developed process models or provided modeling support for many existing Shell chemical processes.

Staff Engineer, Shell Westhollow Technology Center

  • Responsible for manufacturing technical support and process improvement of several oxygenated solvents and chlorinated intermediate manufacturing facilities while promoting and providing training for process simulation throughout Shell Chemical Company.
  • Designed process and Aspen simulation flowsheet for new acetone derivative solvent; patent granted.
  • Developed optimization technique for allyl chloride/epichlorohydrin process.
  • Designed coke removal facility for allyl chloride process.
  • Designed and conducted Aspen physical properties and simulation training for several manufacturing locations.
  • Developed process to feed low grade feed stock to isopropyl alcohol plant.

Shell Deer Park Complex

Senior Process Engineer

  • Responsible for support to isopropyl alcohol and acetone derivatives plants as a Process Engineering Coordinator/Process Specialist. Project leadership and group leadership for corrective action teams emphasized.
  • Led a project to expand a portion of the acetone derivatives plant, requiring permitting with the Texas Air Control Board.
  • Organized a corrective action team that determined the root cause for a recurring problem in the isopropyl alcohol plant's sulfuric acid system.
  • Modeled the six step isopropyl alcohol finishing process on Aspen process simulator.
  • Conducted process hazards analysis (HAZOP) for propylene/propane/elastomers storage facility, isopropyl alcohol unit, and epichlorohydrin finishing unit.

Process Engineer

  • Responsible for technical support to plant operations for isopropyl alcohol plant. Project leader for several capital projects and lead process engineer for several major non-capital process revisions. Emphasis on separation and reaction processes.


  • Responsible for technical support to plant operations for epoxy resins plant. Project leader for capital projects and lead engineer for scaling up prototype epoxy resin formulations from research to plant scale. Emphasis on batch operations.

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