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This expert has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering-Structural Mechanics (Airframe Joint Behavior) from the University of California in Irvine, CA.

This expert received a M.S.M.E. and B.S.M.E. from California State University in Fullerton, CA.

Aerospace and Industrial Fastener Expert Resume

This expert specializes in aerospace fastener and aircraft interiors industries, as well as litigation consulting in the areas of mechanisms, latches and fasteners.

This consultant's extensive experience includes specialization in fasteners, latching mechanisms, accident reconstruction, and aircraft rapid decompression. Other experience includes structural engineering, failure analysis, kinematics analysis, mechanisms, products liability, and wind load analysis.

This consultant offers specific expertise relative to secure cockpit door latches, engine nacelle latching systems, industry and government standards compliance, and product qualifications. Other specialties include applications testing, conventional threaded screws, bolts and nuts, AN, MS, SAE, blind fasteners, rivets and bolts, and expandable bushing fasteners.

Specialization of this expert includes aircraft latching mechanisms, engine nacelles, access panels, and door handles. Furthermore, this expert specializes in stow bin latches, aircraft decompression mechanisms, secure cockpit door latches and mechanisms, in-line skate and running shoe hardware, axles, and cleats.

Recent litigation consulting projects have included aircraft engine cylinder head bolt failure analysis, aircraft hanger wind-induced anchorage loss, and motor home retractable bunk mechanism analysis.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in aerospace and industrial fasteners, aerospace product development, research and development, expert testimony, failure analysis, forensic investigation and analysis, patent infringement, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Principal, litigation consulting, deposition and trial testimony, expert reports and failure analysis firm

Has maintained relationships with local laboratories for in-depth mechanical testing and metallurgical analysis. Offers litigation consulting and expert witness services in the following areas: Fasteners and mechanically-fastened joint failures. Latching mechanisms and latched joint failures, particularly aircraft structural latches. Wind-induced building damage. Aircraft rapid decompression. Mechanism kinematics and failure analysis. Metal forming (hot and cold forging) and processing (heat treatment, finishing).


Vice President, Engineering, Hartwell Corporation, Placentia, CA

Managed the new product development and R&D functions. Was responsible for all engineering-related activities including product development, R&D, intellectual property, technical publications, and products liability. Co-inventor of a line of secure cockpit door latches. Led the post-9/11 development and commercialization for secure cockpit door latches, as well as engine nacelle latching systems for A318, A380, A340, B-787 and ARJ21, among others.


Vice President, Research and Development, Textron Aerospace Fasteners (Cherry Textron), Santa Ana, CA

Oversaw the product development of aerospace and industrial fasteners. Managed the R&D department, intellectual property, products liability and CADD /document control activities. Active in license and joint venture negotiations. Founded Textron Sports Technology and acted as General Manager of that business until it was transferred to Textron’s Camcar division. Initiated collaborative projects with local universities. Served as primary interface with the FAA and NTSB.


Engineering Manager, Monogram Aerospace Fasteners Inc., Commerce, CA

Managed the new product development and product engineering activities as well as cad drafting/document control and intellectual property. Was company liaison for industry and government standards organizations (MIL-HDBK-5, NASC, AMFRG, FTDG, FEOPS, and ISO). Was responsible for all product qualifications, applications testing and development of joint allowables. Reported to general manager. Invented and led the development of Composi-Lok (I and II) and Visu-Lok II blind bolts, among others.


Sr. Project Engineer, R&D, Olympic Fastening Systems, Downey, CA

Held various engineering positions in Manufacturing Engineering and R&D since beginning as a draftsman. Responsibilities included sustaining engineering, progressive header tool design, installation tool development and development of fastener allowables for inclusion in MIL-HDBK-5.

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