Industrial Construction, Fabrication, Troubleshooting Expert Consultant Resume
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This expert attended the West Virginia University and received a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

Industrial Construction, Fabrication, Troubleshooting Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has knowledge of steel fabrication, heat straightening, welding engineering, general quality assurance, and project management. This consultant’s background includes having had the responsibility for review of drawings and specifications for the fabrication and erection of new work, shop and field welding and repair of steel structures including fracture critical bridges.  This expert is experienced in the development of specialized welding and heat straightening procedures and development and implementation of the in-house quality assurance programs, as well as on-site project management .

This consultant has decades of experience as a Welding Engineer for American Bridge Division USX Corporation’s field projects and plant operations throughout the United States. This included responsibility for flow of material and product through fabricating plants and construction sites.

This expert has extensive project management experience with bottom-line responsibilities that include overall administrative, and managerial and technical direction. This expert has experience in establishment of project objectives, budgets and policies; maintains customer liaison and monitors construction and financial activities through administrative direction of site construction staff. This expert has overseen development of construction means and methods procedures, negotiated and issued subcontracts and major supply agreements.

This consultant has over 35 years of experience specific to welding, construction and operational problems that require special attention and expertise as a heat straightening, welding and troubleshooting expert.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in civil engineering, welding consulting engineering, management of technical services, construction management for industrial construction projects, welding, fabrication and construction, troubleshooting, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Project Manager / Project Engineer, welding, fabrication and construction projects

Managed major construction projects and participated in all phases of these projects from pre-construction planning through facility start up. Was responsible for change orders, claims, extras, back charges, pay requests and bottom line profitability. A partial project list includes: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH Marine Midland Center, Buffalo, NY Pittsburgh Plate Glass Office Complex, Pittsburgh, PA General Motors Stamping Plant, Kalamazoo, MI 300 Ton BOP Vessel – Continuous Caster, Weirton, WV Blast furnace 13 USX – Gary Works, Gary, IN Allegheny Power System, Huff, PA Ship Coal Loading Facility, Pier 124, Philadelphia, PA


Supervisor, Field Work, various State Highway Departments and the Federal Highway Administration

Developed the various codes and specifications for use by the regulatory agencies. Was also responsible for the fabrication and erection of structures to these specifications throughout the United States. Some examples of major erection/repair projects include: Wyman Gordon, Wooster MA – 50,000 Ton Forge Press Girder Repair Removed, repair welded and replaced a 14 ft. deep x 11in. thick plate girder. Girder fractured full depth. Illinois Dept. of Trans. Pekin, IL – Orthotropic Bridge Erected and field welded orthotropic bridge deck to AASHTO Fracture Control Plan. Dept. of Navy, Annapolis, MD – 1200 ft. Radio Transmission Tower Weld repair guy pull off gusset lugs and interior supports after tower was in service. Florida Dept. of Transportation, Clearwater, FL – Double Leaf Bascule Bridge Heat straightened and cambered bascule leaf bridge main girders. New York Dept. of Transportation, Newburg, N.Y. – Newburg Beacon Bridge Retrofitted main bridge members with reinforcing plates. Line bored bridge hangers and replaced pins. New Orleans Superdome, New Orleans, LA – New Orleans Superdome Field stress relieved Superdome tension ring shop and field welded electroslag joints. North Carolina DOT, Hendersonville, NC – Green River Bridge Reinforced bottom flange of Green River Girder Span Bridge. Four girders 1000 ft. long each. Amtrak Railroad, Grotton, CT – Bascule Lift Bridge Retrofitted main bridge superstructure. Line bored and replaced main trunnion pins in field. One Mellon Center, Pittsburgh, PA – 55 Story Office Building Society Tower, Cleveland, OH – 63 Story Office Building Federal Office Building, Buffalo, NY – 23 Story Office Building Marine Midland Center, Buffalo, NY – 40 Story Office Building Oxford Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA – 45 Story Office Building IBM Building, New York City, NY – 65 Story Building South East Financial Ctr., Miami, FL – 50 Story Office Building New York City Dept. of Transportation – Williamsburg Suspension Bridge Bridge was retrofitted with an orthotropic deck that was field welded. New York City Dept. of Transportation – TriBorough Bridge Approaches Bridge approaches were retrofitted with an orthotropic deck that was field welded. New York City Dept. of Transportation – Bronx Queens Expressway Fabricated and erected approximately 31 bridges in New York City. New York City Dept. of Transportation – Manhattan Bridge Bridge was retrofitted and upgraded. California Department of Transportation – Carquinez Bridge A new 3000 ft. long suspension bridge with an orthotropic deck that is field welded. IHI – Japanese Fabricator. 15,000 Tons. California Department of Transportation – San Rafael – Richmond Bridge Bridge will be retrofitted and upgraded for future seismic event. Bridge is 4.2 miles long. 15,000 Tons California Department of Transportation – Oakland Bay Bridge Skyway Project A new bridge is being constructed from Oakland, CA to San Francisco that includes a Truss Structure and Suspension Bridge with an Orthotropic Deck that will be field welded. Washington Department of Transportation – Tacoma Narrows Bridge A new bridge with an Orthotropic Deck that will be field welded. New York Transit Authority – Whitestone Bridge The existing bridge is being totally redecked with an Orthotropic Bridge. 11,000 Tons. USIMINAS Mechanica – Brazil Fabricator California Department of Transportation – Self Anchorage Suspension Bridge A new bridge is being constructed from Oakland, CA to the Skyway Bridge that includes a Steel Tower and Orthotropic Deck that will be field welded. The bridge consists of two decks that are 1830 ft. long and 85 feet wide. 45,000 Tons.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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