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This expert has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Florida Technological University (now University of Central Florida).

Civil Engineering and Manufacturing Processes Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in engineering management, total quality management, strategic planning, manufacturing processes and procedures.

Additional experience and specialization includes satellite imagery processing, hazardous materials / toxic wastes, aircraft crash investigation, and underwater photography. Further experience includes safety and environmental compliances, lightning research, underwater acoustics, and magnetic resonance imaging.

This associate offers expertise specific to clean room management, audio/visual communications, material and chemical analysis, and hypergolic propellant maintenance. This expert also offers knowledge in logistics tracking and engineering, fluid systems, fuel cell system maintenance, project engineering, systems engineering, and design engineering.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing engineering management consulting, total quality management, strategic planning and manufacturing consulting, NASA shuttle operations and facility management consulting, forensic analysis, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Business Development Manager, NASA

Encouraged businesses to locate at Kennedy Space Center. Assisted customers associated with universities, other government organizations and private industry in acquiring available facilities, equipment and technologies. Led businesses through legal, environmental and safety requirements. Established a sound working relationship with Florida Space Authority, Florida Space Research Institute, Port Canaveral and local chambers of commerce. Established an extension of the Brevard County Foreign Trade Zone to develop a KSC industrial park.


Spaceport Manager, NASA

Was liaison for new spaceport customers. Lead through myriad NASA and Air Force requirements, budget management, safety and environmental compliances. These customers spanned from lightning research teams to underwater acoustics principal investigators who applied research to Homeland Security and Biological projects. Research customers were from various NASA centers, the Navy Underwater Warfare Center, NOAA, Florida Space Authority and universities.


Life Sciences Facility Manager, NASA

Managed a facility that processes living experiments for space flight regarding small mammals, plants and aquatic species. Lab is equipped with autoclaves, DI-ionized water systems, centrifuges, unique biological barrier for mammal area. Was responsible for ensuring requirements were met to obtain medical data/baselines from returning astronauts often using magnetic resonance imaging. Supervised logistics for labs of diverse experiments by international scientists. Was part of a team that developed and activated the new Life Sciences Facility (100,000 square-feet). Worked with state of Florida, universities and the scientific community to create a unique shared resource.


Operations & Checkout (O&C Building) Facility Manager, NASA

Managed Shuttle horizontal payload processing such as Spacelab. Was responsible for more than 3 million square-feet of a strict clean room environment and staff offices for more than1200 people. Responsible for off-line clean room labs, audio/visual communications center, material and chemical analysis labs, computer network control center and the astronaut crew quarters.


Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) Facility Manager, NASA

Was responsible for facilitating the shuttle’s final launch assembly. Major hazardous operations included ordnance and extreme heavy lifting activities.


Hypergolic Maintenance (HMF) Facility Manager, NASA

Managed events to ensure the progress/success of the shuttle’s maneuvering system’s maintenance and repair. Oversaw copious volumes of hypergolic propellants with high potential for explosion, injuries, damage or environmental incidents.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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