Pressure Vessel, Piping, & Nuclear Power Components Expert Consultant Resume
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This expert has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Pressure Vessel, Piping, & Nuclear Power Components Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in the design and construction of pressure vessels, piping, and nuclear power components. Experience includes design, analysis, fabrication, and erection of pressure vessels and piping components for petroleum, chemical, nuclear, fossil fuel, and other industries including development and implementation of applicable quality systems.

This consultant’s background encompasses design and construction of reactor vessels and containment vessels for nuclear power plants, as well as pressure vessels and storage tanks for petroleum, chemical, and other industries. This consultant is an acknowledged expert in the construction of pressure vessels and nuclear components, including nuclear waste transportation casks and storage canisters, meeting the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

This consultant is also an expert in implementation of practical quality control programs for designers, fabricators, installers, and owners or operators of industrial equipment and plants. While employed by Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, this expert was responsible for the code design and analysis of Section VIII pressure vessels, multilayer vessels (up to 16 in. thick), nuclear containment vessels, and nuclear reactor vessels. This consultant has designed hundreds of pressure vessels including some of the first heavy-wall pressure vessels to meet the provisions of the ASME Section VIII, Division 2, Pressure Vessel Code. This expert has been involved in licensing, engineering reviews, welding evaluations, quality program evaluation and implementation, project coordination, and ASME Code training of personnel.

This consultant has testified as an expert witness in litigation and before regulatory groups on topics such as design criteria, engineering analysis, fabrication techniques, material and welding applications, material control, and construction practices. This expert has also provided expert witness testimony for litigation in the areas of quality control/quality assurance, construction practices, design, welding and application of ASME Codes and Standards for many technical litigation proceedings.

This expert has been writing a summary of all changes made to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, and Piping Codes as they are published. This information is maintained in a computer database, which identifies changes to the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the Piping Codes as far back as 1952. In addition, the full text of all ASME Code Interpretations published since 1977 is contained in the searchable database. Also on the database is a history of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code from 1914 (1st edition of the code) to 1952.

This expert has served on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Committees for decades in development of code design, construction, and quality criteria for pressure retaining components. Experience includes extensive service as chairman of the ASME Section III Committee for Nuclear Power Plant Components, and as a member of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Main Committee. This expert was also a member of the ASME Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards, and served on the N626.3 Committee that developed the rules concerning duties and responsibilities of engineers designing ASME Code components for nuclear power plants. This expert was a founding member of the ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Division, which is devoted to the cause of advancing knowledge and techniques for Code design and construction of pressure retaining equipment, and was Chairman of the Division.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in civil engineering, pressure vessel, piping, and nuclear power components, quality assurance, boiler and pressure vessel code and piping code, ASME code, expert witness testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


President, engineering consulting firm

Served as an originator of the Nuclear Construction Issues Group (NCIG). NCIG was formed to resolve issues related to welding, quality assurance, design reconciliation and other construction issues of concern at nuclear power plants. Developed and maintains a database containing all ASME Interpretations and a commentary on all ASME Code revisions as far back as 1950. Consulted with utilities, manufacturers and architect/engineers on fabrication, quality assurance, design, general ASME Code issues, and NRC regulatory issues. Also participated as an expert witness in litigation.


Manager, Special Projects and Chief Consultant, Nuclear Technology, Inc., San Jose, CA

As Manager, Special Projects, was responsible for managing the quality assurance consulting group and monitoring the General Electric Mark I Containment Modification Project. This consultant’s experience and ASME Code expertise was a key element in working with the utilities to define and execute a modification program for 16 nuclear power plants that was acceptable to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. As Chief Consultant, served as ex-officio advisor to all in-house projects and all clients on design, quality, and construction questions concerning application of the ASME Code.


Designer, Staff Engineer, Project Engineer, Design Manager, and Senior Engineer, Chicago Bridge and Iron Co., Oak Brook, IL

Duties included design of pressure vessels and storage tanks, including cryogenic vessels, vacuum chambers, multilayer vessels, environmental chambers, large autoclaves, and high-pressure chambers. Duties required close liaison with shop and field personnel, providing intimate knowledge of practical shop and field construction techniques including the applicable quality requirements and implementation. Led the effort to develop the company’s first Quality Assurance Program for a NASA project. Was responsible for ASME Code design of more than 50 containment vessels and was Design Manager for most of the nuclear vessels fabricated by CBI, including the first field-erected nuclear reactor.


Lt. (j.g.) Civil Engineer Corps, U.S. Navy

Major Litigation Suport Efforts
Expert Testimony For Prudency Hearings
Welds, Design and Fabrication, Process Management Testimony
Quality Assurance Case Studies

This expert has authored numerous publications on topics related to ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, codes and standards for quality engineering, quality assurance, nuclear construction and operations, quality in the nuclear power industry, pip

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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