Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Meteorology Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of XDT Consultant

  • Communications
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  • ITA
  • Network Systems
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This expert has an M.B.A. and attended the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA.

This expert has a B.S. from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Communications and Network Technology Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in overseeing and managing large operational revenue generating projects with profit and loss responsibility, engineering project management, management of both commercial and government contracts with extensive experience in the management, and installation. Further expertise includes systems integration, facilities management and engineering of network systems infrastructure.

This expert is highly experienced in areas including business coaching, leadership, behavioral development concepts, operational and financial management, strategic planning, and coordination of resources between projects.

Other areas of emphasis include recruiting and development of organization and staff, monitoring contract performance, negotiations with vendors and subcontractors, and policy / procedural changes.

Specialization includes design, integration, and installation of fiber optic networks, budgetary, fiscal, revenue and strategic targets. Further specialization includes employee and public relations, administration and quality assurance, electronic thermograph (Infrared), and vibration analysis.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in senior executive management and new business development, communications and network technology, strategic planning, organizational mentoring and business coaching, engineering project management, commercial and government contract management, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Executive Vice President, Organizational Development Consulting Firm

Was responsible for new business development as well as selected trainings and motivational speaking opportunities. Was also responsible for business coaching for new business start-up and Special Projects such as new product development. Was previously the Principal Consultant and primarily responsible for the firm’s expansion into the state of Colorado where within two years the firm received the Denver Business Journals NAWBO Businesswoman of the Year Award and Outstanding Woman-Owned Business. Was responsible for marketing of the firms successful Spice of Life Diversity Training Card and Expanded Facilitator’s Guide Product.


President/CEO, Consulting and Training Firm

Was a Certified Professional Speaker and Independent Consultant for Monster. Com., acted as an Independent Contractor and Principal Consultant. Specialized in the areas of project management, strategic planning, business coaching, leadership, personal and project financial management, behavioral development concepts. Was a Certified Professional Speaker and has spoken to over 16,000 high school audiences throughout country in support of National Programs.


Western Division Vice President , Adesta Communications, Inc., formerly MFS Network Technologies, Inc., Omaha, NE

Reported directly to the President/Chief Executive Officer. Was responsible for company’s projects throughout the Western United States. Was responsible for overall operational and financial management of projects including profit and loss and strategic planning, coordination of resources between projects, recruiting and development of organization and staff, monitoring contract performance, negotiations with vendors and subcontractors, and general problem resolution assistance to Project Managers and Directors. Also provided assistance and advice on potential future projects, as well as company policy/procedural changes. Had four Director level direct reports. Oversaw the two largest Third Party/ROW projects in the company’s history. Oversaw the infrastructure installation design portion of the company’s first Fiber To The Curb (FTTC) entrepreneurial endeavor for the City of Longmont. The Western Division had over 300 team members and a budget in excess of $200 million.


Director of Eastern Division- New Jersey Consortium Project- Fiber Portion, MFS Network Technologies, Inc. Rahway, NJ

Was responsible for the overall management and administration of fiber optic installation and system design for multiple projects on the Eastern Seaboard, including the New Jersey Consortium-Fiber Portion, NYSTA- Williams, NYSTA- Maintenance, Norlight, Detroit Overbuild, CTS Operations, and MFN Boston Projects. The New Jersey Consortium Project was touted as the largest contract award of its kind at the time within the ITA industry. This fiber optic network supports the EZ Pass Toll Collection system in the States of New York, New Jersey and Delaware.


Project Manager New Jersey Consortium Project- Fiber Optic Portion, MFS Network Technologies, Inc. Rahway, NJ

Was responsible for the design, integration, installation and Project Management of over 400 miles of newly buried, multiduct infrastructure and fiber optic network throughout roadways supporting the New Jersey Consortium EZ Pass Toll Collection System. Consortium agencies consisted of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New Jersey Highway Authority, New Jersey Turnpike Authority, South Jersey Highway Authority and Delaware Department of Transportation. As Project Manager was responsible for coordinating all activities with these agencies as well as the financial and operational management of the project.


Project Manager (Los Angeles Project Office), MFS Network Technologies, Inc., Orange, CA

Was responsible for the operational and financial management, design, integration, installation and overall Project Management of fiber optic network installations throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. The Los Angeles Project office was responsible for executing over $20 million in active projects including both WorldCom and Third Party projects. Projects included the Los Angeles Phase I Overbuild, Los Angeles Fiber Cable and Sonet System for the City of Los Angeles. Other responsibilities included management of budgetary, fiscal, revenue and strategic targets, employee and public relations, administration and quality assurance.


Assistant Vice President, Deputy Area Operations Manager, Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. (ISA), San Diego, CA

Responsibilities included engineering, facilities, personnel management and the execution of all programmatic and contractual activities fulfilling United States Government and commercial contract requirements for the San Diego Regional Office. Managed all fiscal/budgetary processes related to the management of Firm-Fixed Price, Level of Effort and Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts for both Government and Commercial customers. Was responsible for all negotiations for the San Diego Regional Office, which was responsible for certain Western Pacific customers. Was recruited as the Program Manager responsible for Electronic Thermography (Infrared) and Vibration Analysis projects for the United States Navy. Promoted to Operations Center Manager and eventually Assistant Vice President for Contracts and Deputy Area Operations Manager for all operational activities in the San Diego Regional Office.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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