Construction, FEMA Disaster, Inspection Expert Consultant Resumes
Resume of XVS Consultant

  • Construction
  • General Contracting
  • Real Estate Development : Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Institutional, Entertainment, Educational, Recreational, Health and Specialty Markets

This expert has a B.S. in Architecture, received from the Southern University School of Architecture.

This expert has a FEMA Disaster Housing Inspection, OPS I and II certificate.

Construction, FEMA Disaster, Inspection Expert Consultant Resumes

This expert specializes in all architectural and construction phases of real estate developments in the areas of industrial, commercial, retail, and institutions. Entertainment, educational, recreational, health and specialty markets are other areas of real estate development this consultant has architectural/construction expertise.

Specialization of this expert includes management / leadership skills in organizing and directing multi-discipline construction, bidding cum negotiation, and completion or completing projects within goals, objective or performance criteria.

This consultant has proven experience in complex design-build and fast-track conditions. This expert has initiated and prepared bid packages for design cum construction phases and as a general contractor (business owner) estimated all construction disciplines. This consultant’s work experience includes managing and leading design and construction teams in meeting or interfacing with owners, and communicating professionally with building departments, code officials (government agencies) cum other design and construction professionals (including architects and engineers). This consultant’s work experience also includes dealing effectively with general contractors and sub-contractors, including negotiation of pricing for contract agreements.

This expert is experienced at conducting “value engineering” feasibility and constructability analysis during design phases. This expert has initiated, promoted and implemented project safety awareness and compliance. This consultant has headed and directed multiple project activity from programming, design, budgeting, scheduling through construction, occupancy and post occupancy evaluation. This expert is proficient in computer including speed estimating, Microsoft project, spreadsheet, auto cad, lotus, Dbase, excel, works, words, expedition.

This expert’s experience includes project planning and reporting procedures, expanding profit potential and improving client and customer relations, monitoring expenditures and construction costs including validation of added or deleted work scopes.

This consultant has managed design and construction projects from estimating, bidding and negotiation through all the aspects or details or benchmarks or milestones of the delivery process to the complete construction projects with other general cum sub-contractors and as a general contractor.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in design, construction project consulting, architectural and construction consulting, senior construction project management, FEMA disaster professional consulting, construction inspection, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.



Discussed or deliberated zoning / planning and disaster issues before the board as a member of Nazareth Area Council of Governments Planning / Zoning Appeals Board and advisor on disaster.


Consultant, Architectural, Construction Consulting and Inspection Service

Provided disaster preparedness, response and management. Construction management, Inspections of existing conditions or homes, new construction, draw schedule, loss prevention and control and commercial line insurance inspections. Furnished architectural, or engineering services including everything from programming to final construction phase. Represented owners, monitored or observed works for compliance. Put together bid or request for proposal and estimation package for contractors. Carried out roofing, pointing and waterproofing. Retail or merchandising experience includes: new store set-ups, merchandising, existing store remodels, sets, re-sets, and interior build outs in home centers. Designed, managed and directed the construction of 1, 2 and multi-family residential homes or houses. Packaged and prepared bids and secured contracts for general contractors. Completed $2 million dollar projects as a general contractor and provided architectural, construction consulting and inspection services to general contractors, realtors and insurance companies (including commercial lines or loss prevention and control).


Senior Construction Project Manager

Led and managed team of construction professionals on commercial and retail projects totaling $60 million including take-offs, estimating, and project management.


FEMA Disaster Professional, Parson Brinkerhoff

Inspected, evaluated, assessed disaster damages and prepared detailed estimates in Florida; Mississippi and Louisiana/New Orleans.


Construction Project Manager, Inspector, Savin Engineers / Port Authority of NY & NJ

Supervised or headed or managed contractors, subcontractors and their crews or workmen on the transportation or shipment or hauling of fallen 9-11-2001 world trade center metal structural members awarded to various bidders and resolved or reconciled differences stemming from the bidding/negotiation and award including cutting and loading of the cut members or small pieces into ships to Korea, India, China and etc. for recycling.


Asst. Architect, General Supervisor of Building Maintenance, General Superintendent of Construction, Construction Project Manager, New York City Housing Authority

Prepared construction documents and directed construction of 2 million square feet roofing replacement, pointing, waterproofing and asbestos abatement. Directed or managed the design-build projects that included new homes or houses, renovation and upgrade including change order negotiation of $10. 5 million apartment units for handicap accessibility. Managed or supervised $2 million contract package that included handicap ramps, electrical lighting, entrance lobby glass storefront and electronic systems. Prepared and field-inspected 500 kitchens renovation or replacement of $7. 5 million plus. Provided direction, instruction, and mentored field inspectors on monitoring, evaluation, review and estimation of construction projects for compliance and payments.


Designer, Asst. Project Manager, Project Manager / Architect,, Ernest D. Davis / F. L Turner Architects

Headed and directed the development of the client program requirements cum preparation of presentations, including other various project activity from design through construction on $3 million Walker Memorial church (including school addition or classes and the related for 350 students), Bronx, New York. Developed and prepared conceptual estimate, construction documents, bids, negotiation cum award of sub-contracts and supervision from design through punch-out of $40 million high-rise office building and retail spaces in Manhattan New York. Directed various project activities from design through construction and occupancy including but not limited to total profit or loss responsibility or accountability for assigned design-build or plan-spec projects that included $15 million residential apartments, houses or homes.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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