Computer Science, Software Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Expert Consultant Resume
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  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering

• Ph.D. in Computer Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI
• M.S. in Computer Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI
• B.E. (Hones) in Instrumentation & Control Engineering from Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India

This expert has instructed and developed courses in different aspects of software engineering and technology at multiple universities. He has established research programs and been invited to speak internationally. This consultant has also helped develop new technology. This expert has been invited as a speaker to conferences all over the United States and throughout the world.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Led software development projects for a variety of clients, assisted in data mining, networking, and design projects, as well as other software specific opportunities .
Associate Professor, a university, Rochester, MI
• Developed and taught a graduate-level course about discovery and data mining that involved students being given methods to formulate new solutions of existing problems using intelligent algorithms
• Developed and co-instructed a course about software engineering practices and software management practices
• Designed lab course about computer forensics
• Updated course about software development
• Created and mentored senior student projects
• Developed research partnerships for university
• Member involvement in many committees that shaped curricula and
university information technology resources
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI
• Revised undergraduate and graduate software engineering curricula including regrouping electives to establish specialization tracks such as analysis and design, game development, database, networking, embedded system, and information system; redesigning core Software Engineering course to emphasis Object Oriented (00) methodologies, team based development practices, emphasis on standards and automation, and use of software metrics in a team environment; and restructuring undergraduate curricula to meet ABET program requirements. Introduced, designed, and developed two new SE core courses: (1) Software Engineering Tools and (2)
Software Architecture & Design Patterns
• Mentor and advisor
• Established research program in autoMobile and Multimedia Computing
Software Engineer Manager/ Chief Architect, Visteon Corporation (Ford Motor Co.), Allen Park, MI
• Played key role in transforming auto industry by engineering advanced electronics to control traditional automotive features
• Managed a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic group of 74 engineers around the globe, including 16 resources in U.S, 20 in India, 8 in California, and 30 in outsourced camp
• Awarded and managed over $10M worth of software development work over 2 years
• Successfully led the development of first complex automotive embedded system, by planning the development features, task dependency analysis, cost and resource estimation, risk management, work assignments, technology evaluation, outsource component management, preparing training plans, performance reviews, and budget management
• Played instrumental role in leading the transformation, first at Ford Motors and later at Visteon, via institutionalizing OO practices, analyzing and adopting software process changes, training the employees, and architecting the new embedded platform oriented architecture for the first voice controlled dashboard features of Jaguar in 1998 and launch of first Information and Communication (Telematics) platform in 2000
• Performed responsibility as Software architect, reviewer, mentor, and software RFQ developer to help team climb steep learning curve while adapting the emerging technologies
• Represented Visteon as customer interface to understand their changing requirements, new feature requests and educate them of the associated risks. The cross functional nature of the business included support to business planning, finance, mechanical, HMI, electrical, QA and manufacturing teams synchronizing the timing, dependencies and cost implications
• Proposed the structure of new Multimedia Business Unit organization to implement a pipelined platform and product development strategy, bonding the technology, platform, product, after market, and software, to quickly deploy scalable products
• Led the Multimedia Business Unit's efforts implementing a process compliant software organization, which imposes a flow and structure for quality software development
• Supported Visteon's global marketing organization in their sales activities by reviewing
• Software architectures and processes with the customers during quote
• Developed the architecture of Visteon's first generation in vehicle computing platform – ICES. This was the first embedded automotive system designed using a layered architecture, abstracting the OS services, networking and device control logic from its business logic and user interface
• Developed platform has won Smithsonian nomination, best HMI award at CES and Multi-million dollar automotive business
• Successfully negotiated multi-million dollars software contracts (Development & Quality Assurance) and licensing agreements. Managed the sub-contracts through the life of the projects and delivered the end solutions
• Selected and rewarded for the best employees stock option plan by Ford
Senior Scientist/ Consultant (Ford Motors), Mandala Sciences Inc., Orchard Lake, MI
Ford Motors
• Led the effort of real-time OS selection by researching the capabilities of various Operating Systems for the first Telematics platform at the Ford Motors Co. Analyzed key operating systems such as vxWorks, pSOS, Embedded Linux, and Windows CE for their latencies, memory performances, scheduling algorithms, cost, learning curve, unit cost, development cost, third party support, development environment, simulators and debuggers for the target platform
• Designed and developed a complete speech recognition performance validation system for Visteon's Advanced Speech Technology group. Developed various algorithms to validate speech system in numerous simulated environments. Wrote software layers to access the database, established a network logger for dumping the analysis results, and developed a state synchronization algorithm for aligning recognizer's internal dialog state with the playback state of externally injected audio
• Assumed a system integrator responsibility on the Ford Motor Co's Mobile Office project. Analyzed, designed and developed software integration components to connect Mainframe server to a Solaris System. Designed and implemented messaging protocol between client and server to cope with dropped mobile connections in a connection oriented networking session
• Supported a small subnet of Solaris workstations by taking on the System Administrator's role. Responsible for designing automated system backups, user management, system security, and new client machine stating
Mandala Sciences Inc.
Written proposal to win and later developed LIPSINC for U.S. Telefactor (Chicago, IL) -an interactive telephony voice recognition system that authenticated the user based on his/her speech print. For LIPSINC selected the telephony hardware, software libraries and development of complete system. Architected, designed and developed the complete solution with an innovative technique that practically zeroed the false positive detection and maintained high verification accuracy
Lecturer/ Consultant for Mandala Sciences Inc. at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Taught courses on Unix Operating System, C and C++ Programming, Computer Architecture, Image Processing and Neural Networks. Served as a member of Undergraduate Program Committee
Mandala Sciences Inc.
Engineered a Child Skeletal Age Prediction System on the Solaris platform using XWindow manager for child specialists to help analyze a child's hand x-rays. System involved development of various image processing algorithms to extract prediction parameters from the noise. Code was developed using physician's diagnosis data to train various supervised algorithms. A feedback mechanism was introduced to retrain various algorithms based on new diagnosis data
Research Associate, Kresge Eye Institute, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
• Development of COMAS (Computerized Ocular Motor Analysis System): o Led the development effort of a joint venture between Neuroophthalmology Laboratory and Computer Vision Laboratory of Wayne State University to develop COMAS, a state of the art non-invasive ocular motor function analysis system. COMAS included helmet mounted high resolution cameras, a video acquisition system, a highly accurate off line video processing system, and statistical modules to measure ocular motion under various body movements
• Development of VIVIM:
o Developed a video database system called VIVIM (Video Indexing for Visual Information Management). The system was architected in four major software components: Visual Content Browser, QDDB Database Engine, TCL Interface API, and MPEG video/audio processing library. Extensible architecture of VIVIM provided a clear separation of browsing elements from core video and audio processing algorithms and database access layer. The pattern of this software architecture has helped development of other independent video processing and indexing schemes
• Development of Real-time tracking system:
o Developed for tracking system for U.S. Naval Warfare Research Center. The real-time video processing system was used to track the moving targets in the water. Real-time temporal smoothing, segmentation and object moment computation algorithms were developed on the Data cube max-video-20 hardware
• Miscellaneous Algorithm Development:
o Landmark based image registration and computation of ocular torsion.
o Correspondence and optimization using Simulated Annealing and Neural Network
o Pipeline algorithm on a SIMD (MASPAR) machine for token correspondence
o New algorithm for measurement of optic flow using bivariate transformation
o Multi-user network conference system (peer-to-peer) using TCP/IP, UDP protocols
Systems Engineer, Indian Petrochemical Company Ltd., Bombay, India
Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of digital control system of the Gas Cracker Unit of IPCL at Nagothane, India. Assumed responsibility of procurement, and installation, and testing of OSBL unit's control system. Managed more than 30 resources for the maintenance and update of the plan instrumentation

At current university

• Part of the Undergraduate Committee
• Member of UGCC
• Member of ACC
• Chaired CIT Program Committee
• Editorial board member of the International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management
• Editorial board member of the Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms
• Program committee member of IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval
• NIH review committee member
• Program committee member of Perception Algorithms and Systems for Autonomous Driving offered in conjunction with IEEE world congress on computational intelligence in Barcelona, Spain
• Organized special session on Intelligent Healthcare Information Management in conjunction with KES-IIMSS in Baltimore, MD
• Member of Program Committee, IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval
• Reviewer, ACM International Multimedia Modeling Conference, Singapore
• Member of Program Committee, SPIE Photonics East/Electronic Imaging, Boston, Massachusetts
• Member, Program Committee, IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Content-Based Analysis and Retrieval
• Member, Program Committee, SPIE Photonics East/Electronic Imaging, Boston, Massachusetts
• Reviewer, ACM Conference on Multimedia
• Reviewer, ACM Multimedia Systems Journal
• Reviewer, IEEE Multimedia
• Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
• Reviewer, Pattern Recognition Letters
• Member IEEE
• Member ACM
While at the Univeristy of Michigan
• Assisted US Department of Defense in Iraq rebuild recruiting efforts by interviewing over 20 local candidates in the field of Information Technology.
• Served on Graduate Admission and Program Committee.
• Served as Department Academic Secretary for two years.
• Served as a member of department's Faculty Search Committee.
• Served as journals and conference reviewer in capacity of committee member or reviewer.

This expert holds many patents.

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