Wireless, Electronics, and Aerospace Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of ATJ, P.E. Consultant

  • Wireless
  • Avionics and Aerospace
  • Systems Engineering
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This expert has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, IL.

Wireless, Electronics, and Aerospace Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has a successful record of technical systems design, improving productivity, quality and profitability across a broad array of industries including avionics, consumer electronics, semiconductors, and wireless. Expertise includes systems and requirements, FPGAs, DSP, embedded SW, product validation, customer field trials, manufacturing operations, and product compliance. Experience extends into business development, marketing, and applications engineering. This expert is also a commercial pilot and instructor pilot. This expert is a Patent Agent, and a named inventor on twenty issued U.S. utility patents covering cellular, secure land-mobile radio, and cordless technologies.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.

Provides expertise in the wireless, electronics, and aerospace industries.


Staff Engineer, technologies company, Rockford, IL

Communications architect and process engineer for Electric Power Generation Systems on the MRJ.


Engineering Consultant

Offering engineering consulting , piloting and flight instruction, and intellectual property services. Expertise in Systems Engineering for phones, wireless infrastructure, public safety, consumer, and aerospace. FPGAs and ASICs (Verilog, VHDL, Xilinx, Altera, Quartus, Verilog-XL, Synopsys), General- Purpose DSP (DSP563xx & DSP560xx), Cadence SPW, MATLAB, highly embedded SW development (C & assembly, MC68xx, MC68xxx, ARM), 3GPP1, 3GPP2, WiMax, WiFi, SATCOM, CDMA, GSM, VoIP, SEI & CMMI SW development practices, public safety land-mobile radio, DO-178b, DOORS, manufacturing introduction, Spice, continuous time filter synthesis, and Product Design, Mentor Graphics, unix, linux, ClearCase. Expert Testimony, IP portfolio development, and contract patent prosecution. Recent assignments include: Public Safety Access Point contract for a VoIP/SIP architecture, MIL-1397C Xilinx Virtex-5 VHDL timing analysis for an NTDS (Naval Tactical Data System), Flight Instruction, and Expert Testimony.


Principal Systems Engineer, Rockwell-Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA

Multi-disciplinary avionics solutions provider, practicing most EE/CS disciplines. For the Inmarsat SATCOM Swift Broadband rollout, reverse engineered the reference points and programming interfaces for a vendor-supplied ?/4 QPSK and 16-QAM modem. Internally published the HST Programmer’s and Developer’s Guide. In lab exercises at Rockwell and Boeing, discovered the PR list against standard floating-point modem models and Inmarsat specs. Subject Matter Expert for 3GPP1, ISDN, and communications theory. Perl and java based test tools, MATLAB. Flying test rigs for ProLine Fusion and ProLine 21, typically generated more rigorous significant findings than would systems engineers without that pilot experience. As a 2500 hour commercial pilot + instructor pilot and systems engineer, led the systems engineering effort for the Graphical Flight Planning FMS applications layer overlay for many of the instrument enroute procedures for the Gulfstream G250 and the Bombardier Global. Chaired the DO-178b peer reviews after developing the ConOps and DOORS requirements. Company mentor for inventorship and intellectual property, engineering flight test, and how to become a pilot.


Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Seamless Mobility/Wireless Broadband Groups. Motorola, Schaumburg, IL

Recognized as a Motorola Distinguished Innovator. Production engineering award for the Key Variable Loader. Two defensive publications. Special MEIP award for the Dummy Traffic Generator and statistical modeling and the work with the Norway Security Police in Oslo. 13 Motorola-assigned utility patents, which cover cryptography and secure land-mobile radio, cellular, and cordless systems. As a Patent Agent and member of the Networks patent committee, was the technical reviewer for patent disclosures in many rare physical-layer disciplines for 3GPP1, 3GPP2, IEEE802.11x, and IEEE802.16e. Motorola was concentrating on outsourcing all design capability. Identified many remaining patent disclosures for advanced 3G and 4G systems. Contributed to systems and standards. Presented and evaluated six patent disclosures per month, thereby enabling the company to file patent applications for additional cellular products, and to build out the 3G and 4G IP portfolio at Motorola into a marketable commodity. Spearheaded the group initiative focused on OFDM modem development in 4G Broadband Wireless Systems. Developed the project plans and discovered the optimized design-reuse within MOT. Developed the appropriate business relationships with the tools vendors and attended VTC. For a single-carrier QAM point-to-point trial, provided the S/N, Eb/No, link budget, and packet error rate analysis, began channel sounding, acted as general contractor for antenna installations, and arranged group training for the Cadence (SPW) and Synopsys products and familiarization with the Cablecom router and subscriber products. Drove the evolution of 4G and flat, all-IP multimedia 3G/4G cellular+ Wifi infrastructure at Motorola. Led the team in developing the packet IP-to-legacy T1 BTS protocol converter for early IS-95 CDMA demonstrations at Aerolon Exploratory labs within the Cellular Infrastructure Group. In that capacity, provided reverse engineering of legacy 2G CDMA products, general purpose DSP development (on the DSP56303), and VRTX/C host controller development (on the MC68360), all directed at native packet-switched BTS evolution. The delivered BTS protocol converter was successfully demonstrated at Geneva Telecom. Demonstrated 4G traffic with upbanded 5GHz NII band DOCSIS networks in the early days of WISPs.


Principal Engineer, National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA

As the chief architect for the cordless DECT, PHS, and 900 MHz ISM systems, was issued seven National Semiconductor-assigned utility patents, which covered cordless architecture and systems. Wrote verilog, authored and presented the majority of the wireless training for the sales and the applications engineers. Generated new business for cordless, cellular, SMR/dispatch, and paging systems for North America by adding a major Tier II cellular customer for National’s custom analog product line, and enhancing several standard product portfolios. This was achieved through customer presentations, N.S.U. faculty work, specification/product sheet development and editing, and internal product group negotiations. Outstanding Performance award for business development in FY1996. Introduced communications-level simulation into National’s design flow. Proposed and received a research grant to study and compare IF-sampled vs. quadrature zero-IF digital receiver architectures for IS-95 cellular subscriber units. Conducted the simulation study in Synopsys COSSAP. Presented a formal paper to the Nif/T committee, and chaired an NSU seminar. Nif/T Innovation Award, November 1997. Developed and presented seminars for IS-95A (the CDMA cellular protocol) and communications theory as a National Semiconductor University faculty member, thereby enhancing the corporation’s cumulative system and applications knowledge. Generated new business for National’s DSP effort by supporting PC-centric peripherals and Digital Answering Machines. Authored and presented a series of training seminars in Osaka covering video compression algorithms, including JPEG and MPEG.


Engineer, Senior Staff Engineer, Motorola, Schaumburg, IL

Served as the principal designer for these COMSEC land-mobile radio products and demonstrations: the MX300 and MX300.S portables, the MX300.S scanning portable, the Key Variable Loaders, the Secure phone patch, the subscriber telephone encryption units, the dummy traffic generator, the encrypted ISDN console system, as well as early demonstrations of secure LPC, and frame synchronous encryption with SBC vocoders. Served as the SW architect for the Cordless Phones/Answering Machines in the CT0 cordless and the Cellular Subscriber Group, Acted as DSP, OS, and Structured Methods instructor for an internal BTS emulator, supporting regression test for IS-136 Subscriber Units; the work centered upon the physical layer & channel coding implemented in DSP56001s, hosted by an MC68020 running Xinu. Directed a small team in advanced R&D and product development, as well as performing much of the staffing, patent liason, and unix sys admin work. Delivered and demonstrated the baseband FPGAs, in the PCT-900 cordless group, executed in Xilinx XC3090s, for the ISM-band cordless telephone protocol as well as DECT. Enhanced customer satisfaction by meeting their unique needs with special infrastructure products, and greatly increased standard product secure sales as a member of the International marketing team for Secure dispatch and trunked land-mobile radio systems. Managed new business development, system design, on site customer support, special product requirements capture, design and development, technical sales support, and applications engineering for many DoD and MoD customers, stateside and worldwide. Secret clearance, US citizen.


Engineering Intern, Zenith Radio Corporation, Chicago, IL

Commercial Pilot and Instructor Pilot for Airplane Single and MultiEngine Land and Instrument Airplane. 2500 hours total time. Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor. Served as President, CFO, CMO, Vice-President, Director, and Chief Flight Instructor for a series of aircraft holding corporations. Duties included maintenance and upgrades, financial management, insurance and recurrency compliance, board meetings, and general corporate governance. Angel Flight and Lifeline volunteer pilot. Regularly provide both pilot training and systems work for avionics in the areas of WAAS GPS, radar, and FMS.

A Comparison of IF-Sampled vs. Quadrature IF Receivers for CDMA Cellular Subscriber Units. October 1998.

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