Radio Technology, Telecommunications Analysis Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of CMT, Sc.D. Consultant

  • FCC
  • Government Regulatory Agencies
  • Radio Technology
  • Satellite Communications
  • Telecommunications

This expert attended M.I.T. for doctoral studies and received a Sc.D. in Electrical Engineering – Computer Science with Operations Research Minor.

This expert also received a S.B. in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T.

Other educational programs attended by this expert include:

Program in Executive Leadership and Management, Federal Executive Institute

National Communications Security Course, National Cryptologic School

Japanese Language, Diplomatic Language Services, Inc.

Japan Area Studies, Foreign Service Institute

Administrative Training Course for Deputy Division Chiefs, National Institute for Public Administration (Japan)

Radio Technology, Telecommunications Analysis Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has experience in telecommunications analysis, telecommunications policy formulation, and technical management in both military and civil sectors. Further experience of this expert includes initiation and direction of pioneering spectrum policy breakthroughs resulting in unlicensed spread spectrum bands used for 802.11 systems (and indirectly commercialization of CDMA cellular technology).

Additional experience of this consultant includes commercialization of millimeterwave frequencies (greater than 57 GHz), interruptible spectrum, Public Safety/Private Partnership.

Extensive capabilities and knowledge regarding radio technology and spectrum policy, time-division switching system design, space-time equivalents in connecting networks, and tactical communications jamming analysis are part of this expert's background. This expert also has experience in developments and regulatory issues related to digital networks, spread spectrum, regulatory and technical considerations related to local radio networks. This expert also has knowledge regarding technical standards for broadband networks, millimeterwave spectrum policy, long term monitoring issues for non-geostationary orbital satellites, and spectrum management reform. This expert also has experience with FCC policies for ultrawideband systems, wireless communications standards and regulations, and more.

This expert's international background includes "hands on" experience in Japanese telecommunications regulatory policy, and service as special advisor to European Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in electrical engineering, radio technology and spectrum policy, telecommunications analysis and policy formulation, FCC spectrum technical consulting, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Director, radio technology and spectrum policy consulting firm

Provided consulting services in radio technology and spectrum policy issues to a variety of clients worldwide. Clients included both the European Commission and private clients in US and other countries.


Senior Adjunct Fellow, The Progress and Freedom Foundation

Associate Chief for Technology, Office of Engineering and Technology, FCC

Initiated a variety of technical policy issues that ultimately made 6.2 GHz of spectrum above 40 GHz available for commercial use for the first time and a pending rulemaking on commercial use of 90 GHz band. Also initiated proposal to make 13 GHz of spectrum in 71-95 GHz available for commercial use. Leader of cognitive radio initiative, proposing several unprecedented applications of "smart radios" to allow more intense use of spectrum and new types of radio services. Senior Technical Advisor and key player in FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force and chair of its working group on Unlicensed Systems and Experimental Licenses resulting in a wide variety of proposals to change spectrum policy. Responsible for technical review of the products of FCC's main technical organization as well as specific policy issues such as millimeterwave technology and cognitive radio technology.


Mike Mansfield Fellow

Selected by the Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs to participate in a Congressionally authorized exchange program with similar agencies in Japan. Spent 1 year in Japanese language and culture studies and then 1 year in Japan working with: Radio Department of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses/ARIB, Telecom Engineering Center/TELEC, and Office of Hon. Naokazu TAKEMOTO, National Diet of Japan.


Desk Officer, Department of State, Japan Desk

On detail from FCC to develop program to explain regulatory transparency to Japanese government and advise on US/Japan telecommunications issues. Also handled a variety of US/Japan issues dealing with science and technology cooperation.


Assistant Chief for Technology, Field Operations Bureau, FCC

Responsible for technical program of 400 member organization dealing with radio enforcement. Proposed and led new development efforts into a variety of radio fingerprinting areas using digital signal processing techniques. Led technical investigations, which successfully located source of first known instances of satellite jamming. Initiated successful satellite industry efforts to develop ground-based technology to locate source of signals illuminating satellites. Responsible for interagency negotiations with Federal Aviation Administration to find mutually acceptable procedures for preventing interference to aeronautical systems from FM broadcasting facilities and break an interagency impasse on FM radio licensing. Responsible for bureau's technical review of pending FCC policy decisions.


Visiting Researcher, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, and Visiting Researcher, Communications Research Laboratory, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Japan)

Under auspices of National Science Foundation's Japan Program studied spectrum management policy in Japan and performed digital signal processing research.


Chief, Technical Analysis Division, Office of Science and Technology, FCC, Washington, DC

Responsible for supervision of 35 engineers and support staff members working in analysis, programming, and experimental areas at two locations forming the bulk of the FCC's in-house analytical capabilities. Initiated FCC proceedings for spread spectrum technology, which were the world’s first regulatory actions for this technology. Also initiated proceedings to examine integrated services digital networks (ISDN) and the changing role of CCITT, and examine the basic foundations of FCC technical regulations and their relationship to technical innovation. Developed proposals to streamline regulatory process to encourage development and introduction of new technology. Represented FCC at a wide variety of domestic and international fora.


Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Developed and taught two courses on communications technology and policy.

Chief, Technical Planning Staff, Office of Engineering and Technology, FCC, Washington, DC

Responsible for the initiation and staffing of a long range planning group. Initiated FCC action to create a regulatory environment for spread spectrum technology. Helped formulate Final Decision of Second Computer Inquiry and initiated Protocol Inquiry as a long term follow-on. Responsible for advising Chief Scientist and Commission on a wide variety of new technology and national security issues.

Professional Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, George Washington University

Developed and taught a course of telecommunications traffic theory. Taught course on group and set theory.

Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses, Arlington, VA

Participated in technical studies to support decision making in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in two areas: communications ECCM and computer networking for the intelligence community. Coauthored three reports analyzing a variety of policy options to counter hostile communications threats ranging from tactics to ECCM hardware to jammer location and destruction. Prepared proposal for integrating various DoD intelligence networks.

Lieutentant, USAF, VELA Seismological Center, Air Force Technical Applications Center, Alexandria, VA

Project Officer for underground nuclear test detection research. Responsible for the communications design of a worldwide digital collection and processing system for seismic data. Technical direction of a variety of R&D contracts in the communications and signal processing areas from concept formulation to contract negotiation to contract monitoring. Early user of ARPANET/Internet.

Consultant, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Consulted on time division switching.

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Holmdel and Murray Hill, NJ

Basic work areas: key telephone system design, data network design, and switching system research. During last two assignments designed and analyzed a new type of switching system for time multiplexed signals and designed a new type of time slot interchanger. Received two patents.

This expert is the author of numerous publications and presentations on topics related to radio technology and spectrum policy, time-division switching system design, space-time equivalents in connecting networks, tactical communications jamming ana

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