Wireless Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing Expert Consultant Resume
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This expert has a Ph. D. from the Polytechnic University of New York.

This expert has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Florida Atlantic University.

This expert' also earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York.

Wireless Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in system design and implementation (hardware and firmware) of wireless digital communications and digital signal processing, and consumer electronic market analysis for wireless product and services entry.

As a subject matter expert, this consultant is able to investigate an area to create essential and influential patents, work with patent attorneys in providing disclosure summary material, review existing patents in responding to USPTO and litigation, and differentiate patent claims for comparative and competitive study.

Additional areas of expertise and specialization include technical leadership, WCDMA & HSPA chipset architecture, HSDPA system design, smart antenna technology for 3rd generation cellular, next generation infrastructure baseband architecture and signal processing implementation.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in system design and implementation (hardware and firmware) of wireless digital communications and digital signal processing, consumer electronic market analysis for wireless product and services entry, systems architecture consulting, patent investigation expertise, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Principal Scientist, wireless communication firm

Provided technical leadership to WCDMA & HSPA chipset architecture. Was responsible for HSDPA system design. Performance tradeoffs: Space-Time Equalization, RF, 16QAM, functionality partitioning, MIMO and EDGE. Published Standards Direction to Management and CTO as well as provided guidance to business development and strategic marketing. Provided direction to the chipset architecture road maps. Was responsible for HSDPA system releases and interface to ASIC team. Supported Protocol team (Layer 2 & 3) in field and lab trials. Layer 1 & Vocoder code for ARM7/9/11 based products using an RTOS. Investigating Mobile TV DVB-H, VoIP, Broadcast Technologies (MBMS) and OFDM Waveforms (LTE & WiMax).


Director of East Coast Design Center, Morphics (Infineon Technology), Inc., Melville, NY

Was responsible for complete operation of the East Coast Design Center. Coordinated efforts from multi-discipline teams between NY, CA and abroad. Have excellent ability to manage people and projects in different geographical locations (Europe and Asia Pacific). Provided recommendations to the future direction of the company. Market study including WLAN IEEE802.11b, GPS and PAN Bluetooth applications. Contributed to the creation of the company’s business plan (NodeB and UE products), objectives and presentation material to the Board of Directors.


Instructor, Besser Associates, Inc., Mountain View, CA

Provided instruction in comprehensive presentation of detection techniques used in wireless receivers. Wideband CDMA Communications course, covering the European 3G WCDMA (HSDPA) and North American IS-2000 (EV/DO) standards. Adaptive Antenna Arrays: Fundamentals for Wireless Communications course. Covers Smart Antenna Technology for 3rd Generation cellular. Overview of Next Generation Wireless Terminals course. It predicts the technology and market trends and analyses 3G products. Taught at onsite as well as offsite locations. Companies included Lucent, Nokia, Motorola, Ericcson, Philips, Agilent (Hewlet Packard), National Semiconductor, etc. This involved international training as well.


Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY

Created a Wireless Digital Cellular Communications Graduate course.


Senior Systems Architect, Morphics (Infineon Technology), Inc., Secure Mobile Systems (SMS) Department, Iselin, NJ

Provided technical leadership to the next generation infrastructure baseband architecture and signal processing implementation. Defined the Layer 1 SW architecture and control using a RTOS. Programming embedded DSP processors. Architectures with emphasis on channel card capacity, data rates, system cost and advanced receivers (i.e. Beamforming, Interference Cancellation). Conducted laboratory experiments from topics of performance exploration (patentable ideas, performance improvement) to performance evaluation (standard, competition and theoretical comparisons) and finally customer support (problem duplication, solution provider). Signal processing architectures for an OFDM waveform with beamforming.


Systems Architecture Technical Manager, Morphics Technology, Inc., East Coast Design Center, Systems Architecture Department, Melville, NY

Provided technical leadership to the East Coast Design Center (ECDC) team. Technology transfer to base station (NodeB) customers. Responsible for presenting architectural details to various customers. National & International trips were taken during this endeavor. Created the Uplink and Downlink Beam Forming Architecture. Proposed a matrix co-processor to offload the instruction cycles. Guidance to the terminal architecture and infrastructure products. Contributed to identifying potential partnerships in completing the entire UE terminal reference design (RF, Protocol Stack, BB, etc.). Design of 3G packet data services: HSDPA and 1xEV-DV/1xEV-DO.


Senior Member of Technical Staff, Morphics Technology, Inc., East Coast Design Center, Systems Architecture Department, Melville, NY

Was responsible for the Terminal Baseband Architecture of a 3G WCDMA Engine for a multi-standard application. Implementation of WCDMA, IS-95, IS-2000, and 802.11b. Created an terminal architecture (BB+RF) that had potential path for integration to GSM/GPRS, PAN Bluetooth and GPS. Design of IP core architecture such as: Searcher, RAKE, Analog Front End interface, Transmitter, and Channel Codec interface, Host processor & DSP functionality, peripheral devices, DMA, memory interfaces. Designed and simulated various signal processing algorithms such as: Channel Estimation, Power Control, RAKE finger management, AGC, AFC and DC offset, Interference Cancellation, Rx Spatial Diversity, Transmit Diversity. Created the functionality partitioning between hardware/software.


Senior Services Technical Manager, Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Wireless/Multimedia Department, Red Bank, NJ

Designed a Cable modem (set-top box) for a two way communication system with game application (both voice and data). Project Manager/Technical Lead for a satellite uplink. Investigation of FEC techniques and spectral re-growth of QPSK, OQPSK and Pi/4-QPSK. Designed power line communication (CEBus) system. Provided consultation to IEEE802.11 WLAN manufacturer. Contributed to IS-95 CDMA WLL with simulations and link budget analysis. Contributed to the design of a FLEX paging system and IC design. Project manager and Technical Lead for 3G WCDMA system design. Design algorithms for NodeB and UE: Handoff, Multipath Searcher, SIR, Cell search, Space-Time Signal Processing and Finger Management algorithms. Technical Lead for a 3G WCDMA WLL system. Complete UL and DL system simulations with FEC, channel estimation, SIR power control, antenna diversity, RAKE, PN Time tracking, Cell Search, etc. Contributed to the verification system for a terrestrial Digital Radio. Remote meter reading application for satellite communications. System technical lead for a proprietary TDMA terminal design. Guidance to team members about all signal processing algorithms. Familiar with Bluetooth, EDGE and GPRS physical layer requirements.


Member of Technical Staff, A.T.&T. Bell Labs, Wireless Communications Lab, Holmdel, NJ (Lucent Technologies)

Built simulations for IS-136 (TDMA) and IS-95 (CDMA) cellular systems. Algorithm development, simulation and DSP assembly. Proposed, designed, implemented and integrated our AFC, AGC, CQE, Detection & Estimation, STR and MLSE/DFE Equalization techniques. RF and BB integration of TDMA terminals and field trials. The TDMA terminal passed certification & was sold to a major cellular service provider. Investigated RF Issues. TDMA & CDMA Chipset competitive analysis. CDMA terminal architecture chipset definition and functionality partitioning. Investigated Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD), GSM Chipsets and proposed mulit-standard detection algorithms (DECT, IS-136, GSM, PACS). Personal Base Station (PBS) system specification (home based nano cell).

Electrical Engineer, Motorola Inc., Applied Research, Boynton Beach, FL

Channel characterization for indoor and outdoor delay spread. Simulated FEC and Soft Decision decoding algorithms for the Paging Products Division.

Performed Modulation Systems evaluations for Second Generation Cordless Telephone (CT-2), DECT and Japan’s Cordless Telephone (JCT).

Provided DECT demonstration to management.

Provided guidance to the product groups related to High Speed Paging Systems (2-Level and 4-Level FM) and to Nippon Motorola Ltd.

Performed System Analysis of future Two Way Messaging Systems.

Contributing member of Zero IF committee.

Engineer, Eaton Corporation, RF Engineering Dept., Long Island, NY

Provided testing of B1 Bomber tail warning system and electronic countermeasures.

This consultant has numerous patents pending and holds more than 15 patents.

This expert has authored numerous publications on topics related to signal processing for wireless communications, performance evaluation of nonlinear transmit power

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