Electronic Engineering, Business Administration, New Product Design Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of IKS

City University, Hong Kong - Master of Business Administration(with Credit)
City Polytechnic, Hong Kong - Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies
University of Essex, UK - B.Sc. in Electronic Systems Engineering (First Class Honor)
Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong - High Certificate in Electronic Engineering (with Distinction)
Kwai Chung Technical Institute, Hong Kong - Certificate in Electronic Engineering

This expert has over 30 years’ experience in the consumer electronics and manufacturing fields, 20 of which involved managerial positions.The work performance of this consultant has proven to be efficient, well-organized, with a strong analytical mind-set, and possessing excellent communication skills to all levels with cross- cultural awareness.
Previous work experience includes several senior positions, such as Senior VP, VP of Engineering/Quality/Program Management (Far East Operation), Operation Director, and Engineering Director. These positions providedsolid experience in product design, program management, cost reduction program, strategic sourcing, quality assurance, manufacturing and factory operation.
Several aspects of this expert’s experience include:
1. Product design/development – wide scope of solid experience in new product concept design, product definition, engineering development, and trial run. Also includes mass production; leveraging a wide range of expertise in converting technologies concepts ideas into successful consumer’s electronic products.
2. Program management – over 20 years’ experience in program management for product road map, project schedule, production pilot run, and mass production. In addition, solid experience in product costing, cost reduction programs, and Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP).
3. Technical/ Engineering
  • Failure analysis – Assist clients to identify the problem/symptom and determine the root cause. Provide the most cost effective solution for both short and long term.
  • Assist clients in the review of the product design at different stages, such as engineering sample development and pilot run stage.
  • Establish an effective communication channel between clients and sub-contractor (EMS provider) in various engineering/ quality aspect. This ensures that they understand each other’s requirements thoroughly.
  • Provide assessment on product launch risk level

4. Manufacturing ( production and quality aspect).

  • Production process – over 25 years’ experience in consumer electronic production line. Assist clients to audit their sub-contractor’s production line processes, working instruction (WI) or SOP, production/testing, jig/fixture, etc. Provide a full audit reports and corrective action plans.
  • Experienced in auditing sub-contractor’s IQC, PQC, FQA processes.
  • Assist clients to assess their sub-contractor’s engineering R&D capabilities.
  • Assist clients to make final quality judgments on their outgoing Finished Products

5. Tooling

  • Assist clients to determine if new tooling design can be MP or not.
  • Review tooling fabrication processes / tooling modifications on site.
  • Assist clients to assess the impact of tooling life after tooling modifications.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Providing expertise in electronics and manufacturing to a wide variety of clients.
Owner, an engineering consulting firm
A consulting company offering 25 years’ of experience in product development, engineering and mass production, leveraging a wide range of expertise in converting technology concepts ideas into successful consumer’s electronic products.
  • Turnkey programs, product definition/support documentation, product design and qualifications.
  • Mass Production support including production files and cost reduction programs.
EngineeringDirector, Nagi Kwong Industrial Co., Ltd
Responsible for electrical appliance product design, fine-tune engineering system and daily engineering, and production issues. At strategic level, ensured company met growth targets while leading a sizable team across Hong Kong and China. In addition, was responsible for defining the entire company’s future product roadmap and business strategy.
Operations Director, Crown Million Industries ( Int’l) Ltd – Shinhint Group
Responsible for the day to day operations as well as the corporate development and growth of the group. At operational level, responsible for product development (automotive), quality control, production planning, logistics, shipping, warehouse and inventory management, accounts and costing, as well as vendor management activities. At strategic level 1, oversaw the P&L and ensured that aggressive growth targets were achieved, while leading a sizable team across Hong Kong and China.
During this period, was also responsible for moving the old factory to a new factory location with triple production capacity. In addition, was responsible for defining the entire company’s future product roadmap and business strategy.
General Manager, Sr. V.P., Compupal (Group) Corporation
Reporting to the CEOon the development of multi-media, headphone/headset, and home theatre speaker systems, with major responsibilities for production, SCM, R &D, sales and marketing departments. In addition, helped to define the entire company’s future product roadmap and business strategy.
One key achievement was establishing a R&D and sales sub-branch in Shenzhen to support our ODM customers. Overall, there were more than 50 different new product samples developed in 18 months and 10 products were selected by our customers as their ODM products.
VP of Engineering & Quality (Far East), Altec Lansing Hong Kong, Ltd. (Engineering, QA, Program Mgt Dept.)
Reported to the Senior VP of Engineering of this USD 200 million American company on the development of multi-media and home theatre speaker systems. Major responsibility required taking charge of its Far East operation on engineering, quality assurance, and program management departments.
Key achievements included setting up the Hong Kong engineering and program management teams with ten highly calibrated directors and managers who are responsible for new product realization, plus establishing the local China engineering and quality assurance teams. These teams involved more than one hundred professional engineers accountable for daily New Product Development, product cost reduction program, manufacturing facility’s sustainability and sub-contractor’s technical support for both OEM and ODM products. Furthermore, set up the quality assurance function in this Far East quality organization to extend its scope from quality control by proactive system approach to ensure product quality to the market.
This position also required supply chain decisions, such as product cost approval and sub-contractor management.
Engineering Manager, Vtech Communications Ltd.
(Engineering, QA, Program Management Dept.)
This USD 120 million Hong Kong publicly listed company was involved with telecommunication related products, such as high speed modems, RF databank, medical ultrasonic PCBA, satellite receiver, etc. Responsible for setting up its China engineering department of two hundred associates, including program management, Project Engineering, development engineering, industrial engineering, production engineering, and documentation control functions.
Responsibilities included liaison with OEM / ODM customers from product conceptualization stage to mass production, plus engineering support for pre-sales, costing, and marketing and production functions.

Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

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