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This expert earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with Distinction, from the Iowa State University in Ames, IA.

This expert has an Engineer in Training Certification, with the Nebraska State Board of Examiners for Professional Engineers and Architects.

Circuit Design, Power Systems Architecture Expert Consultant

This expert has experience in circuit design engineering and power systems architecture. This consultant is experienced in circuit board development of schematics and layout, and system engineering with electronic instrumentation installations on existing equipment.

This consultant has experience as an Engineering Manager and as leader of electrical and instrument maintenance shops. This expert has had extensive hardware experience with control systems in real-time applications. Areas of this consultant's expertise include video signal processing, telemetry, machine motion control, and electronic analog instrumentation. This expert has extensive knowledge in industrial process controls utilizing programmable logic controllers and a variety of other equipment. Software experience of this expert includes computer aided design programs for printed circuit board development, programming for microcontroller operations in both assembly and 'c' languages, and firmware applications using field programmable gate arrays and programmable logic devices (mainly Xilinx and Altera designs).

Capabilities of this expert include aeronautic/avionic engineering, and electrical/electronics engineering. This expert's background includes knowledge in manufacturing / production / operations, operations / plant management, production / operations, and scientific / technical production.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in circuit design engineering and power systems architecture, circuit board development of schematics and layout, system engineering with electronic instrumentation, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Sr. Electronics Engineer, Las Vegas, NV

Responsibilities included electronic circuit design and development, system power distribution, and embedded control software.


Principal Engineer, JT3 - LLC, Las Vegas, NV

Responsibilities included system instrumentation and signal characterization engineering, electronic circuit design and development, and programming for embedded controls and for circuit testing, system testing.


Engineering Specialist / Senior Electronics Engineer, EG&G Special Projects, Las Vegas, NV

Areas of responsibility included electronic design of circuit boards and systems using field programmable gate arrays, digital signal processors, microprocessors, and microcontroller products. Other areas of responsibility included product development schematic circuit design using 'Orcad' and/or 'Pads-Logic' programs. Experience includes programmable logic families: 'Xilinx', 'Altera', and 'Lattice Semiconductor' products. Programming and design experience includes utilization of 'Texas Instruments' Digital Signal Processors. Software programming experience included 'c' and 'c++' with Borland Builder for data collection and control.


Senior Electrical Engineer, Photonic Systems Inc., Melbourne, FL

Areas of responsibility included Research and Development operations for optical signal processing and other photonics related projects, including foreign technology imaging detector arrays. Programmed and further enhanced electronic hardware for a multichannel acousto-optic spectrometer. This instrument utilized a four-channel Bragg-Cell modulator, along with imaging optics and a high-speed CCD detector for accumulating spectral distribution of high-band RF emissions in real-time. Designed, built and tested the electronic elements for an Optical Vector Matrix Processor. Multi-channel laser modulation with a multi-element detector array provides for cross-matrix mathematical operations at optical speeds. Intended product use by NASA for neural network computations on structural elements within the future space station. Designed a Flexible Detection and Postprocessing Module for optical signal processing. This unit allowed photodetectors such as CCDs or Photodiode arrays to be used in a variety of adaptations. Data collection is flexible to select only the necessary elements used for imaging, thus increasing the overall video throughput of the detectors. Provided electronic support for the design of a multi-spectral camera system. Twelve CCD arrays are interconnected and operated in tandem with four acousto-optic tunable filters to produce simultaneous images with very narrow color spectrum selections. Provided electronic component design for an imaging radar correlator. Radar return data is optically correlated with the transmitted spread-spectrum pulses to provide a real-time moving-object imaging system by means of dual channel doppler signal processing and optical interferometer techniques. Managed an engineering group to develop the 'Adam-720' alarm monitor package for the telephone industry. This device provided serial data transmission of equipment alarms within a central office environment. Designed and built various circuit cards for wet or dry contact sensing, modem communications, serial data transmission, redundant CPU operation and non-volatile memory storage of configuration data. Designed and developed a low power pressure transducer. This device monitored the operating pressures of a natural gas pipeline and transmitted the results to a proprietary monitor at the customer sites. The transducer is battery operated and runs for two years on a 'double-d cell' Lithium battery pack.


Electronics Consultant, Anent Systems Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Provided contract engineering services for the design of various components within the 'Adam-720' alarm monitor package used in the telephone industry. This device provided serial data transmission of equipment alarms in a central office operation. Provided the initial design work for a low power pressure transducer. Collaborated on the design of an ultra-low air flow sensor, but the device was never constructed.


Senior Electronics Engineer, Lincoln Laser Company, Phoenix, AZ

Was responsible for the design of the 'Hole Counter'. This machine is used within the printed circuit board industry to provide an actual count of the drilled holes on a circuit panel. Utilized video processing to determine accurate hole counts from a laser scanning the entire 18 inch panel width. Developed the machine motion control to synchronize the panel movement with the beginning of each laser scan track for a raster image. Implemented electronic algorithms to extract the data regarding hole count. Entire circuit panel length of 24 inches was scanned in 6 seconds, with the count being maintained in real time. Other facets of Automated Optical Inspection ( AOI ) included design of the 'Inspector' and 'Verifier' Products. The 'Inspector' performed high resolution circuit board inspection of bare circuit panels. An etched 18 x 24 inch panel was laser scanned with pixel resolution of 1000 points per inch ( 1 million per square inch ) and a variety of algorithms were used to determine features detected. Overall signal processing exceeded 192 Billion operations per second, utilizing massively parallel 'neural-net' style signal routing. Shorted circuit traces and broken lines were detected in real-time allowing inspection of the entire panel in less than 20 seconds. The 'Verifier' used the fault data from the 'Inspector' to provide a live video display of the actual circuit board along with the pixel image from the scanner. Specialized motion control circuitry was designed and built to keep the mechanical operations in step with the laser scan and video processing operations.


Project Engineer, Durkin Equipment Company, St. Louis, MO

Developed and designed complete process control loops and operating systems. These systems typically included a central operator panel with various interconnected field-mounted devices. Provided in-house and on-site customer training in the operation, installation, and programming for a variety of process control equipment.


Project Engineer, Midwest Instrument Service, Inc., Tabor, IA

Negotiated sales, installation, and service of process control equipment to the world's largest ethanol production facility. Installed the measurement devices, monitoring equipment, data recorders, alarms, and actuators to integrate process systems with an industrial control computer. Documented the control system schematics and wiring diagrams. Provided system design, project startup and calibration of new controls and panel mounted equipment consisting of: measurement sensors, operator panel controls, and process control instrumentation.


Project Engineer, Enron Corporation, Omaha, NE

Responsible for the design of new control systems for the Hydrocarbon Transportation liquid fuel pipeline. Various items of measurement, control, and telemetry equipment were designed into the central monitoring stations. Design responsibility included control system conceptualization, preparation of requests for capital expenditure, and specification of equipment with respect to operating system parameters.

Electrical Engineer, Allied Chemical Corporation, Omaha, NE

Redesigned and replaced pneumatic instrumentation systems with electronic controls. Directed the maintenance and repair of existing plant electrical and instrument hardware. Managed both the electrical maintenance shop, and the instrumentation shop. Was directly responsible for the electrical power distribution, motor control, facility lighting and all process instrumentation.

DOD Security Clearance: Active TS-SSBI Clearance

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