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B.S.,Electrical Engineering, Universityof Louisville,KY

B.S.,Computer Science, Universityof Florida

BusinessOrganizationand Management, Sullivan BusinessCollege, Louisville KY

More than 25 years hands on experience in general manufacturing and manufacturing operations management across a broad range of industries.
In depth experience with facility relocation planning,  product and process transfers, integration and integration analysis for consolidation of products, processes and staff into existing and newly constructed integrated and consolidated facilities, development of Standard Operating Procedures for newly integrated operations.
Experience includes  operations management consulting, process and product development,  development and implementation of manufacturing automation, facility modernization, selected automated materials handling, automated and robotic paint cells, automated precision machining centers, complex mechanical assemblies, and safety and environmental controls for products and processes for aerospace products, major appliance products, precision electro-mechanical assemblies, battery assembly, and composite assembly and repair. Distribution center design and layout, microelectronics fabrication, multi-level clean room process applications, aerospace, aircraft fabrication and assembly, computer and associated peripheral manufacturing, general electronic manufacturing and design.
Certified Senior Manufacturing Robotics and Automation Engineer.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates – Indianapolis, IN
Providing expertise in operations management and manufacturing automation to a wide variety of clients.
Kentucky Department of Highways – Louisville, KY
Four year Co-op Civil Engineering training program, during the design and construction of Interstate Highway I-64. Participated in lengthy surveying elements, ‘in-office’ design teams and development of various specifications for Bridge, culvert and land fill subcontractors.
Assigned to Right-of-Way division as ‘Title and Deed’ verification and validation Engineer for appropriated land and properties during primary negotiations with land owners that were affected by the project.
General Electric Co. Appliance Div. – Louisville, KY
Participant in General Electric Manufacturing Management Training Program. Multiple and various management and technical assignments during this program.  Selected the Louisville Appliance Park location as home location upon completion of the program.
Initially assigned to Household Refrigeration and Window Air Condition department as Electrical Engineer for the Semiconductor Controls group where the family of solid state thermostats and manufacturing process controllers were developed.  Transferred to Quality and Processing Equipment Development Department as Group Leader during the Automation program for Appliance Park. 
This program entailed very large scale Automated machine and manufacturing cells, systems, automated machine controls and set-ups, process controls, quality data collection systems, A.G.V’s, and A.S.R.S. storage systems. At the level of automation that G.E. was pursuing there was no commercial software available, consequently the Automation teams developed their own integrated software from scratch, and G.E. later marketed these programs and systematic approaches developed from this extensive research and development activities.  Upon completion of this program, was assigned as Assistant Manager to the ‘Site-X’ group out of Louisville during the design, construction and start-up of multiple manufacturing facilities and the relocation of manufacturing operations to these new locations. 
Accepted the position of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Manager for the Battery Division in Gainesville, FL and was the technical lead for the technology transfer between G.E. and Sanyo Ltd. of Owagie, Japan for the introduction of lithium battery manufacturing into the US.  Managed the facility, layout, equipment specification development and the installation and startup of the lithium manufacturing and research center at the Gainesville, FL location.
Mgr. Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Magnetic Media Div.,Control Data Corp. – Omaha NE and Minneapolis, MN
Project Manager during the full automation and expansion program of multiple domestic and international locations for Control Data Corp. This program entailed the development and implementation of multiple robotic and highly computerized manufacturing cells and lines. Developed and implemented non-contact laser quality evaluation instrumentation, and centralized process control and quality control data collection systems and networks.  
Mgr. Advance Manufacturing Technology, Data Point Computer Corp. – San Antonio, TX
This position included the management of the Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Facilities Support Groups. Principal products were industrial and commercial business computer systems and software management systems. 
Dir. Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Missile Systems Div. – Orlando, FL
Responsible for the management of multiple high tech process and product development during  the company’s development of the ‘Star Wars’ program, multiple classified missile and weapons programs, F-16 guidance and weapon systems, Apache Helicopter counter defensive and weapons programs,  Design and  reconfiguration of   various naval ships into missile frigates. Managed the technical group and personally participated with the Russian missile site manufacturing inspection teams.
Manager of Manufacturing Operations Engineering, Dell computer Corp. – Austin, TX
This initial position managed the Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Support and Facilities Engineering functions. Initially the company was PC Unlimited. Developed and implemented the much touted ‘Dell Manufacturing System’ and developed the basis for the growth of the company. 
Vice President, Manufacturing                                                                                       
Promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing upon completion of the transfer from PC Unlimited to the Dell Computer Corp. Helped grow the company further with multiple domestic and international locations. 
Selected Experience:
Haier Refrigeration, LTD.  – Camden, SC (Chinese client)
On site Project manager for installation of all refrigeration assembly and testing equipment, automated material handling systems and installation and start-up of facility. Designed and provided operations manuals and Quality documentation for operating of facility in the U.S. market environment. Provided day-to-day management of five international equipment supplier crews during the installation and startup of the equipment and production lines they were supplying.
Chester Wood Products – Chester, SC                                
General Operations Management analysis of 400K sq. ft. plywood manufacturing process facility for new owners. This facility is a vertically integrated wood processing plant that had been recently purchased by a larger investment conglomerate.  The site processes raw products, ‘stems’ from recently cut pulp wood trees, to final package and shipping of plywood products and sheeting.
Thompson Industries – Scranton, PA
Material handling engineer for selected sections of major television tube plant relocation to Mexico. Provided task management, prepared and issued equipment specifications for complex overhead conveyor systems and material handling aids.  Managed the bidding process to completion. Generated and issued disassembly instructions to sub-contractors removing equipment and devices from facility.
BritishPlasterBoardCorp .-Clearwater, FL            
Provided technical leadership during the design and facility layout of a 750K sq. ft. gypsum board manufacturing and warehousing facility. Designed balanced flow process lines that manufactured gypsum board at the rate of over 500 ft. per minute.  Developed and issued for bid full list of processing equipment, and acted as liaison between customer and potential equipment suppliers during the bidding process.
United States Treasury Department – Multiple locations              
Served as technical led for four individual projects for as many locations during the modernization process and programs for the Coin Manufacturing facilities of the U.S. Mint.  Supported the initial series of Lean Seminars for senior management and staff at each facility. Finalized and implemented the designs of state of the art process material handling and storage systems that were developed by the Mint staff during the Lean Seminars.
Developed and issued equipment, system specifications, and bid packages and managed the full bidding and equipment vendor selection process. 
Millenium Computer and Memory Corp.                     
Assigned initially as Project Mgr. to develop business plan and new facility layout for start-up and growing firm. Upon completion of this successful activity, was selected by board of investors to serve as technical director to the board of investors for the first year of operation to ensure that the company followed the initial business plan and met the quality and production levels set forth by the initial operations plans.
Bose Electronic Corp. – Greenville, SC
Developed initial production and distribution facility layout and equipment list.  This included the integration of woodworking, unique plastic injection molding, clean looking electronic assembly areas and vertically integrated warehousing and distribution applications.
Plano School District Warehouse – Plano, TX
12,000 sq. ft. School District Warehouse analysis, layout, and modernization.  This project included material handling device selection/implementation, system integration, facility modification, installation of cold storage chamber, and employee training.
Atlantic Steel Corp. – Atlanta, GA
Program Manager for multiple improvement projects for medium size steel manufacturer.  Provided management interface between Lockwood Greene and client’s multiple sites.  Reviewed project progress, staffing needs, met with client management, Lockwood Greene department heads and provided written and verbal reporting structure that resulted in long-term business relationship between client and Lockwood Greene.
3M Company, E/CM Mis Production Facility – Columbia, MO
Performed facility and process analysis of current electronic production operation.  Reviewed proposed expansion plans, layouts, and material handling needs.  Developed consolidation plans for common processes, storage and shipping operations.  Developed process improvement plans.
3M Company, E/CM Group Headquarters – Austin, TX
Design consolidation plan for growing operations into a single site.  Relocated injection molding pilot operations into larger facility.  Provided strategic planning for overall division growth and long-range modernization plan.
H Power Corporation (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturer) – Monroe, NC
Project Manager and technical lead for facility design, manufacturing process development from laboratory processes for hydrogen fuel cell products manufacturing.  Developed finance models for manufacturing operations for two product lines. Designed staffing organization charts and job responsibilities for all new positions within new facility.  Provided day to day on site subcontractor scheduling and management for facility owner. Acted as ‘Owner Agent’ for H Power Corp. during implementation and startup of facility.  Designed assembly processes and required environments for critical component assembly and test.
Maytag Corp. – Jefferson, TN
Operations analysis for a one hundred year old appliance manufacturing facility. Developed and implemented modernization transition plan. Designed and implemented new product prototype integration facility.  Presented and supported the Lean Manufacturing “Pathway to the future” seminar to senior staff members.
PPG Industries, Aircraft Division – Huntsville, AL
Ballistic facility modernization.  During this project, performed operations analysis, process flow evaluation, material handling upgrades, equipment specifications and implementation, developed operations manuals, presented management and employee training classes.
Developed facility/site five-year Master Plan.  Project required interface and coordination with corporate executives, division management, and plant management.
Performed Facility and Process analysis, developed Facility Master Plan for modernization of a 285,000 sq. ft. multiple process facility.  This operation included precision machining, clean room operations, composite fabrication, general assembly, warehouse operations, and final pack and ship.
Performed detailed analysis of 40,000 sq. ft. Class 1000 clean assembly room.  Developed upgrades, modifications, and improve area layouts, material flow devices and HVAC improvements.  Developed facility operations manuals and provided the training programs for 136 clean room employees in new operations and procedures
PPG Industries, Automotive Division – Berea, KY
Provided current facility analysis, and developed modernization and upgrade plan for existing 15,000 sq. ft. clean room operation. Provided basic clean room management and operational training for plant management and process staff.
Precision Industries – Casa Grande, AZ
Precision machining and mechanical manufacturing operations.  Performed general operational analysis of client operations, manufacturing methods, process and production efficiencies, material handling approach and methodology review, and employee skill association with station-by-station assignments.  Resulted in an overall re-layout of facility and process flow and improvement in efficiencies in excess of 30%.  Reviewed proposed site facility expansion and modernization strategic plan.
Saudi Wire and Cable Corp. – Saudi Arabia
Developed flexible assembly, test and distribution for electronic product operations for this international client.  Performed facility operational plan review.  Designed flexible PCB shop layout, warehouse rack out, material handling equipment specification and review, provided production equipment specifications, bench marking data, operational cost estimates, and overall site layouts.
Transition Optical Corp. – Clearwater, FL
Performed facility and operations analysis of a start-up joint venture between PPG and a French optical firm Esselor Corp.  This new company developed and manufactured the first of its kind optical product.  Analysis resulted in multiple projects including redesign and upgrade of multiple class 100 clean rooms, process improvements, material handling enhancements, improved warehouse layouts and overall production efficiency enhancements.  Systems integration projects that included finite scheduling software selection and implementation.  Developed and presented training classes on Clean Room procedures and management for more than 250 staff and production employees.
3M Company, Telcom Division – Austin, TX
Project engineer for the design, equipment specification development, layout for production and material flow and storage integration for Commercial Electronic products at international location.  Initial analysis involved the analysis of five operating sites for use as models of consolidation operations.  Facility design incorporated automated production leveling based on predictable order receipt and filling.
Intel Corp.  – Chandler, AZ
Project technical lead for the design and implementation of three international site manufacturing and distribution centers. Developed material handling and manufacturing systems for each facility. Managed the installation, training and commissioning of facility. Directed the activities of sub-contractors during the implementation of these systems.
Provided technical leadership for development and design of high- volume electronic product assembly and testing.  Facility layout and design included material handling methodology, for raw materials, WIP, and finished goods management for minimal on- hand materials.  Project was performed utilizing fast track methodology, and resulted in a 30% reduction of applied labor.
Lucent Technologies – Mt. Olive, NJ
Presented Lockwood Greene  ‘Lean Manufacturing Seminar’. Provided new product introduction facility analysis of existing facility. Developed and presented top-level management seminar for ‘Operations Alignment’ to meet market and customer requirements.
Phillips/Driscol Pipe Corp. – Brownwood, TX
Performed multiple site analysis and incorporated reflected balanced design into new injection molding facility layout.  Developed specialized material handling methods for large products.  Designed warehouse and storage methods for JIT production of a wide range of products.
American Airlines – Dallas, TX
Provided technical guidance for the selection, installation and commissioning of a highly automated, quick turnaround Aircraft Engine Repair Center.  This project included the project management of multiple subcontractors, review of construction drawings, pilot test run operations of all areas of the facility, daily interface, and coordination of all elements of the project team.
Boeing Corp. – Long Beach, CA
Project Engineer for design and facilitation of new assembly lines and processes during the development stages of the C-17 Cargo Aircraft. Provided material handling, facility reconfiguration layouts to improve the utilization of manpower, space and time that resulted in a 25% reduction in forecasted manpower requirements.  Provided multiple site evaluation databases and assisted in the final selection of fleet distribution center design and locations. Developed and issued process assembly procedures and assisted in the development of training manuals for aircraft assembly.
E-Systems Corp. – Greenville, TX
Project Engineer for the design and construction of Orion P-3 refurbishment facility.  Provided operations analysis of current process, which resulted in improvements incorporated in new facility design.  Designed material handling methods, fixtures, and incorporation of scheduling systems for balancing of operations during wide process requirement variations.
United States Air Force – Hill Air Force Base, UT
Project element team leader for Machining, Plating, and Welding operations for re-manufacturing of landing gear for Hill Air Force Base primary F-16 fighter aircraft repair center. Provided team element technical management during the initial evaluation of the facility capabilities to meet the existing and forecasted technical and schedule remanufacturing requirements.
Performed detail process technical capability analysis, material flow and staffing skill set evaluations relative to projected needs and requirements. Met with Governmental selected suppliers and technical organizations to organize schedules and equipment selections and installations with minimal production schedule interruptions.  
Norfolk Naval Base – Norfolk, VA
Rockwell International, Material handling and process flow analysis during highly confidential pier design and layout for the construction of the USS J.F. Kennedy Aircraft Carrier. 
The Coca-Cola Company – Ballina, Ireland
Commissioning Manager for large concentrate manufacturing facility. Developed overall implementation and commissioning schedule and plan. Provided technical leadership for the development of training programs for new employees.
Devon Industries, Ltd. – Chatsworth, CA
Performed facility and operations analysis for this privately held firm that was rebuilding from a major earthquake.  Assisted with the modernization and rebuilding of this young company.  Reviewed material handling, material flow analysis, process efficiency analysis and improvements, assisted with fast track product JIT system for distribution nationwide.  Provided site and proposed facility analysis and review for potential new site in South Carolina for fast growth, fast track approach to reclaim company’s loss of market share during the crisis from earthquake closure of the firm’s major facility.
Syntc Pharmaceutical Corporation – Puerto Rico
Construction and commissioning manager for a high volume OTC drug manufacturing and distribution facility.  This project included the application and integration of AS/RS, AGVs robotics, computer control and management systems.  Rack design and storage systems were specified and integrated into the overall design.
National Pharmaceutical Co. – Baltimore, MD
This general Pharmaceutical Company produced General Health and Beauty Products, as well as O.T.C. and non-prescription products.  Responsibilities included the evaluation of existing Warehouse and Material Handling methodologies and modernization where appropriate. Performed overall layout review, and generated new concept layout that resulted in an efficiency improvement of more than 35% in order filling accuracy and direct labor required to complete an order. Reduced touch labor for order processing by 40%.
Cosmos Contract Filling Corp. – Farmington, MO
Cosmos is a contract filling company providing process and material handling equipment and packaging facilities for minor O.T.C. and cosmetic products for a wide range of domestic clients. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to,  review of overall operations for potential improvements in (a) throughput, (b) overall efficiencies, (c) adherence to clean room concepts and practices, (d) use of state of the art manufacturing and packaging technologies and (e) general safety practices.
Prepared new clean room process documents for four major process areas.
Modified material handling methodologies being applied to finished goods areas that improved operating cost and improved general safety.
Developed and implemented lean principals for all operational areas.
Millennium Semiconductor Corp.  – Long Beach, CA
Employee on Loan to as ‘Operations Director’ on Board of Directors and primary investors. This assignment led to the role of Technical and Operations Director on the management board of directors for a newly purchased semiconductor development and manufacturing firm. The responsibilities included guidance in the formation of the general manufacturing operations staffing and organization. Principal consultant to the staffing and personnel departments regarding the skill set selection of the employees being selected for critical positions for this start-up company.
Edge Flooring – Dalton, GA
Employee on Loan to the Managing Board of Investors for this start-up company in the role of Vice President of Operations. Assumed primary management role of restructuring and staffing this newly formed company. The responsibilities included technical management of new and innovative flooring products, the selection and development of the equipment required to produce the products, and traveling to primary customer locations for regular meetings. Interfaced daily with global suppliers, met with the Board of Investors on a monthly schedule and oversaw the day to day operations of the manufacturing facility.

  • Three years specialized military surveillance and electronic training, Military Intelligence Schools, Octagon facility, Red Bank, NJ, Arlington Hall, VA
  • Manufacturing Management Training Program, General Electric
  • Product Manufacturing Training Program, Martin Marietta Aerospace
  • Certificate, Leica School of Photography, Heidelberg, Germany
  • OSHA safety trained, General Manufacturing

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