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Resume of POL Lead Consultant

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronics Circuits & Systems
  • Electronics
  • Commercial Temperature Measurement
  • Small Business
  • Engineering Efficiency
  • International Design Teams
  • Thermal Optics
  • Commercial Measurement Systems
  • Intellectual Property and Patents

B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ.

A.S. in Electrical Technology from the Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY.

This expert has experience in product lifecycle management, from concept through market launch, including managing product development. His expertise also includes market analysis, product requirements and specification, program and product risk analysis, and technology development. This person is involved in basic and applied research, engineering and design, product verification, and validation. Far East manufacturing, manufacturing support and commercialization, and acquisition are specialty areas of this consultant. Additional expertise areas of this expert include reliability (HALT/HASS), as well as management of Intellectual Property, and patent program establishment. This expert is involved in innovation leadership, patent submission and prosecution.

This consultant offers specific expertise in cost effective electronics products, audio electronics, and analog and digital circuits. OEM customer interaction and management of technology development are areas of expertise for this consultant. Additional capabilities of this expert include senior engineering management and program management in multidisciplinary and international development teams. This consultant is skilled in strategic planning, advanced engineering, and technology consulting to senior management.

Other areas of emphasis for this expert include microprocessor-based audio products and microcontroller-based temperature measurement and control. This expert is also involved with embedded firmware development, analysis and testing of electronic products, and systems development. Management and improvement of product development processes, new electronic product design and development, and music electronics are other areas of expertise for this consultant.

Additional experience of this expert includes quality engineering and quality assurance, sustaining engineering, and component failure analysis. This consultant's experience also includes fostering innovation, corporate R&D, strategic issue resolution, and alternate design solutions for new and innovative products. This consultant has extensive knowledge of design and development of electronic products for OEM and retail customers. This expert has broad experience with commercial and consumer products and industries, mechanical and electrical troubleshooting, and incorporation of human factors into product designs. This expert has experience with failure analysis on capacitors, diodes and coils, speaker drivers, and integrated circuits. Other areas of expertise for this consultant involving failure analysis are connectors, inductors, transformers, and potentiometers. CD mechanisms, switches, thermocouples, uControllers and code, and mechanically induced failures are other areas of specialty for this expert.

Additional areas of related expertise for this consultant include design recommendations encompassing hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical analysis. Additionally this expert is experienced with acoustic and usability analysis. This consultant has had extensive involvement and experience in areas including technical interviewing and candidate selection and new staff recruitment and development.

This consultant has experience in volunteer emergency response services, Local Emergency Planning Commission, firefighting, and vehicle extrication.

Lead Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in electrical engineering, engineering management, technical consulting, patent consulting, intellectual property management, product design and development, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


President and Founder, Consulting Firm

Ran consulting business that helped small- to medium-sized companies improve execution, especially in the area of product development. Provided technical and management expertise, as well as product enhancement and improvement. Is a Registered Patent Agent.


Senior Director, Advanced Concept Engineering, Altec Lansing Technologies, Milford, PA

Led department with mission to explore technology and create concept products for audio and other consumer electronics. Identified and drove development of key technologies including developed proprietary Class D amplifier technology. Provided technical expertise to business development activities. Established, executed, and maintained Intellectual Property Program.


Director of Engineering, Altec Lansing Technologies, Milford, PA

Worked with other senior managers on corporate objectives and strategic planning. Led cross-functional department of 30+, comprising Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustic, Regulatory, Program Management, and Sustaining functions for product development from concept to manufacturing. Established department goals and priorities, including development and change initiatives. Coordination with Far East Engineering and Manufacturing in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Maintained Intellectual Property Portfolio. Invented new portable audio product (patents issued and pending), which significantly improved company revenue and bottom line. Product technologies included analog circuits, digital circuits, speaker design/specification, acoustic enclosure design, linear power supplies, plastic injection molding, active and passive crossover design, ultrasonic welding, linear amplifiers, preamps, mixers, filter/EQ design, power supply filtering/isolation, audio over powerline, RF wireless audio, IR wireless, class D and switching amplifiers, bluetooth audio, A/D and D/A conversion, audio signal processing, digital audio interfacing (SPDIF), PIC uC code (assembler and C), LED displays, user interface design, and light pipes.


Electrical Department Manager, Altec Lansing Technologies, Milford, PA

Established controlled design practices. Instituted document control. Established Sustaining Engineering function. Wrote component derating guidelines. Led electrical department of 6 engineers and 3 technicians.


Acting Director of Quality, Altec Lansing Technologies, Milford, PA

Reorganized quality control efforts with emphasis on root cause failure analysis, data collection, corrective actions, process improvement, and customer focused quality efforts. Primary responsibility was interfacing with a major OEM customer to resolve quality issues and establish procedures to prevent recurrance. The quality improvement initiatives implemented were heavily structured around 3 areas: prevention (including reliabilty testing); detection (including manufacturing tests such as burn-in and production line testing); and root cause analysis for field failures. After establishing the Quality practices, this consultant returned to the Engineering department as Electrical Department Manager and set up a Sustaining Engineering team to oversee all engineering aspects of the Quality initiatives including Reliability engineering, component derating and qualification testing, System reliability testing including factory burn-in testing, long term reliability testing, HALT testing, Root cause analysis (to component level) on all failures generated during reliability tests, manufacturing tests, and field failures, and ECO/ECN system management for corrective actions.


Electrical Team Leader, Altec Lansing Technologies, Milford, PA

Led development of project team for new powered speaker development. Wrote Assembly language code for embedded microprocessor. Worked with OEM customers to develop microdrivers for embedded applications.


Project Engineer, Audio Product Development, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Indianapolis, IN

Involved with program planning, segment budget, and resource loading, as well as development process improvement. Was responsible for overall system design and product development for personal and portable CD products. Worked directly with marketing counterpart to define strategy for portable and personal audio product roadmaps and launches. Proposed and designed an audio system for PC applications incorporating: audio preamplifier/mixer, power amplifiers, active crossover, tone control, SRS surround sound, power supply and MIDI wavetable. Project won a “Design and Innovation Award” at 1997 Winter CES. Led design of CD player using a new CD chipset, resulting in significant cost savings across the portable and audio systems businesses. Designed a high-end CD boombox including PLL AM/FM tuner, drawer load CD player, cassette player, power amplifiers, power supply, active EQ, custom LCD display with backlighting, rubber keypad, audio processing, user interface design.


Project Engineer, Mikron Instrument Company, Wyckoff, NJ

Worked with and designed equipment for industrial and laboratory temperature measurement. Proposed, designed, and coded (in Microsoft C) a product simulator for an infrared thermometer. Wrote embedded code for 8051 microprocessor-based infrared thermometers. Designed new analog front-end for signal conditioning and A/D. Increased A/D conversion (V to F) from 13+ to 15+ bits resolution through code optimization. Designed optical and electro-optical systems for IR thermometers. Coordinated efforts of cross-functional team to develop new models and move designs into production. Directed production start-up efforts. Designed production test fixtures. Wrote procedures for production and quality personnel. Technologies employed included microprocessors, LCD displays (custom and alphanumeric), visible optics, infrared optics, LCD backlighting, thermocouples, RTDs, programmable logic controllers, black body calibration sources, tungsten filament calibration sources, NIST traceability, low noise analog circuits, digital circuits, battery charging, digital communications (RS-232, 422, 485), analog control signals (4-20mA, scaled voltage, mv/degree), injection molding, investment and sand casting, machining operations.


Assembly Technician, RSI World Communications, Sloatsburg, NY

Assembled and installed data communications equipment and enclosures. Supervised on-site equipment installations.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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