Electronics, Wireless Systems, Product Design, Technology, Electronic Engineering Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of RET, P.E. Consultant

    • Electronics
    • Engineering
    • Technology
    • Product Design
    • Intellectual Property

  • M.S.E.E, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
  • Completed Courses in M.S.E.E., University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • B.S.E.E. with Honors, Trine University (was Tri-State University), Angola, IN

Experienced Systems Engineer in customer & product requirements, design & validation, customer field trials, and product compliance. Background includes basic & applied technical research, research lifecycle management, Product Design & development, and System Simulation/Modeling. An analytical and innovative technologist who is adept at practical problem-solving and who leads from the front and utilizes direct communication and action, both as a team-player and as an individual contributor. Successful record of technical innovation, design, quality and profitability across a number of industries, including consumer electronics, and wireless. Named inventor on thirteen (13) issued US utility patents covering Trunking, Land Mobile Radio and Intelligent Network technologies. Creation of software programs for Koyo Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's). Closed Loop Control Systems, AC & DC motors, actuators, sensors, controllers, basic electricity, signal conditioning, factory automation, process controls, Relay and Ladder Logic Diagrams.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.
Provides expertise in wireless systems and electronic engineering as well as embedded software and intellectual property to a wide variety of clients.
A major university system, Chicago, IL (2010 to present)
Five colleges, all centered on career success. Degree programs are designed to meet the needs of today's fastest-growing industries and to prepare students for careers in business, engineering, healthcare, technology, media arts, and education.
Adjunct Professor, a major University, Chicago, IL (2010- present)
Teach courses including: "Mechatronics". Instruct in the creation of software programs for Koyo Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's). Lecture on Closed Loop Control Systems including: AC & DC motors, actuators, sensors, controllers, basic electricity, signal conditioning, factory automation, process controls, Relay and Ladder Logic Diagrams. Experienced in preparing courses and developing lab materials.
Consulting Engineer, a consulting firm, West Dundee, IL
Consulting Engineering and Intellectual Property Services Expertise in Systems Engineering , embedded SW development (C & assembly, MC68xx), Context-Aware computing & Location-based services, DOORS, ConOps, mfg. introduction, CAE tools (SPICE, BONeS, OPNET, COMNET II.5), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), QFD, 6-Sigma tools, product design, IP portfolio development, TRIZ, Patent Infringement, reliability analyses, FCC type acceptance (conducted and radiated emissions), EMC, and EMI Susceptibility.
Research and Development, Motorola, Schaumburg, IL
A leader in R&D and in the design & manufacture of high technology, wireless communication products for industrial, commercial and consumer markets.
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Networks Research Lab, Schaumburg, IL
Performed basic & applied research in Multimedia, Edge Networking, Autonomic Networking, Peer-Peer, 4G Wireless Internet and IP Multimedia Subsystems. Created & socialized Technology Roadmaps for research planning and alignment with Motorola business unit needs. Researched & prepared a detailed presentation outlining research project opportunities for Multimedia in 700 MHz spectrum, to position Motorola as a leader in future Public Safety markets. Wrote a DARPA RFI Response advocating Cognitive Radio research in Autonomic Networking, Policy-based Network Management, reasoning and ontologies to address the “September 11” interoperability problem of reliably-connecting multiple analog, digital, trunked & conventional radio systems as well as IP networks, over-the-network encryption and firewall services to provide an appropriate level of security, and the elimination of central points of failure. Influenced Motorola technical direction to significantly enhance future cell phone capabilities by writing and internally socializing a white paper for “Peer Group Formation” to encourage the development of peer gaming features as now found on the Motorola RAZR V3i. Created the most comprehensive, detailed and broad scope roadmaps in Motorola Research history by synthesizing, organizing, delegating and managing technology roadmaps for research planning and business alignment using product lifecycle management process, PLM, and by leveraging the Sopheon Vision Strategist roadmap tool. Analyzed & summarized the overall research capabilities of Mobile Internet technologies to Motorola businesses for incorporation into Mobile Device product roadmaps. Key contributor to strategic initiative for Cellular 4G Wireless Internet by creating requirements, use cases and selection criteria, and identifing research differentiators, & critical success factors. Enabled easy cellular point-of-sale transactions by solving the technical issue of how to allow multiple trust levels for members of Wireless Internet Peer-Peer communities by researching and writing a document for Single Sign-On Techniques. Wrote a White Paper that identified the key architectural functions in Real-time Services over IP, SIP and IMS focus areas that were included as elements of Motorola’s Architecture.
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Applications Research Lab, Schaumburg, IL
Advanced Motorola’s competitive position by writing an Edge Networking White Paper, which recommended functional architectures and technologies by which Motorola could be a significant player in the value chain. Co-architected a solution for Emergency Alert notification via cell phones (could have been used at Virginia Tech) by leveraging existing and modified cell phone and location server technology. Created a prototype of Multimedia (video & imaging) presentation techniques for CGISS Public Safety dispatcher & mobile end-system applications by leading a technical team of technologists & ethnographers, researching & providing architecture recommendations.
Team leader, Architect & Researcher, research team in Context-Aware Computing
Requirements for a generic Software Toolkit. Manage technical requirements & architecture efforts. Context-Aware requirements, constraints, etc. to be placed on a generic Software Toolkit. Manage the CA technical requirements and software architecture efforts. Technical requirements formulation for generic Telematics Communications Unit. Lead Architect for Telematics Informations Systems group in 1998; a team of 8 engineers. 3 patent filings. Familiar with In-vehicle Data Bus, IDB. Liaise with General Motors Corporation, AMIC standardization activity (2001) and Consortium. Intellectual Property Portfolio: co-manage the initial portfolio and develop ad-hoc processes for IP generation for Early Stage Accelerators and Growth Engine stakeholders. Patent committee chairman for the Government and Public Safety Center of Excellence Manage a Motorola-University Partnership in Research (UPR) project (2001-present) with Carnegie-Mellon University for Context-Aware Computing; mentor a PhD candidate.
Principal Staff Engineer, System Architecture Group, Schaumburg, IL
Authored a Circuit Data Standard for APCO Project 25 to allow public safety companies to build standardized, interoperable data solutions. Determined the long-range direction & migration of LMPS Systems Architectures to Intelligent Networks, including the role of Rapid Service Creation Environment. Led 2 teams making recommendations for a Services Processing Architecture and formal requirements capture method using SDL-based (Z.100 standard) methodology; later became part of DOORS tool. Charter member of LMPS Systems Architecture Group, tasked with determining long range direction & migration of system architectures and components toward Intelligent Network functionality. Focus was to determine relevant role of Rapid Service Creation Environment in LMPS Private Systems. In 1994, led a team that made recommendations for a Services Processing Architecture. Led another cross-functional team to recommend a formal requirements capture method for telecommunications services. Gave a technical presentation and have a good working knowledge of Specification & Description Language (SDL). Led a team which authored a book on a comprehensive methodology for the decomposition of applications & services as part of the “Q2” effort. This was published in April 1993 and is still in use as a "how-to" reference. In conjunction with this effort, I gave a technical presentation on the first comprehensive documentation of LMPS services. This has been used subsequently in LMPS commonalization efforts. This methodology is also currently being applied within the Telematics Informations Systems project during 1998. Co-Chief Architect for the Healthcare Communications Solutions (HCS) group within the Commercial Government, Industrial Sector. HCS’ role: to research, develop, and implement a new triage communications solution for the healthcare industry. Active initial participant in Project Spectrum – a Motorola, BJC (Barnes Jewish Christian Hospital), IBM, SBC and Kodak technology consortium, which resulted in the opportunity for Motorola to perform a clinical notification trial with BJC and the Washington University School of Medicine. Worked with the market research firm of Ernst & Young to develop the primary research approach (physician focus groups) for extracting customer needs for both advanced clinical notification product concept. Responsible for initial gathering of customer requirements through group observation and transcript analysis and QFD.
Senior Staff Engineer, Trunked Systems Engineering, Schaumburg, IL
System architect for a nationwide WAN of Motorola Trunked Radio Systems providing two-way text & data messaging. Design the high-level network topology, radio air-interface specifications & protocols, and specifications for LORAN-C vehicle location subsystem. Simulation modeling & performance evaluations; analyzed packet data traffic using CAE tools (BONeS, OPNET, CACI "COMNET II.5); optimize network topology & operation. Queueing models. SLOTTED ALOHA-based signaling protocol designer/ implementor for Motorola TYPE II Trunking, 900 MHz. Software architect & coder for Central Site Controller (multiple M6809-based uP). Directed 3 software designers. C-language & Structured Architecture & Design of software & hardware. Test customer beta-site systems: Determine cause of in-band EMC interference at California mountain-top Trunked Radio sites (later determined to be US Navy shipboard radar operating while in Pacific coastal waters). Initial units shipped exhibited a high receiver “false-unsquelch” rate. The 12.5 kHz, 900 MHz channels (vs. 25 kHz at 800 MHz) were found to have less available noise power due to narrower bandwidth. Redesigned Inbound Recovery Board, High-Pass Filter squelch circuitry. Determined that site grounding was inadequate (no halo or rod system) to get conductivity < 5 ohms. Solely-responsible for operating software, MC6803-based for 800 MHz mobile phone. Develop hardware & analog circuit controller interfaces & dual-modulus VHF PLL frequency synthesizer. Target uP programming, system emulation. Recognized expert and internal consultant for 800 MHz microstrip RF power amplifier design. Develop prototype of LCD Display handset/keypad & a Motorola "Hands-Free" interface to allow duplex radio operation. Familiar with RCA COSMAC 1802 series uP programming & hardware interfacing. Project management: two direct report engineers. Evaluate competitive radio equipment for two legal cases. Disassemble source operating program software & analysis for purposes of determining patent infringement. Analyze software algorithm implementations relative to current Motorola signaling & data encoding patents.
Staff Engineer, Base Station Engineering, Schaumburg, IL
Responsible for design of microstrip-based, broad band, fixed-tuned receiver injection multiplier having a 960 MHz output. Performed receiver spurious emission and performance testing per FCC std’s. Responsible for design of two, multi-stage 850 MHz microstrip RF amplifiers for 30 Watt & 70 Watt applications. Performed pre-compliance FCC testing for radiated and conducted spurious and harmonic emissions at test range. Designed & tested a 15 Watt RF Intermediate PA for driving a paging base station tube amplifier at 900 MHz. Performed pre-compliance FCC testing for radiated, conducted spurious and harmonic emissions at test range. Design/build ATE equipment & write FORTRAN test software. Technical direction for 3 junior engineers.
Senior Design Engineer, Secure Communications Dept., Schaumburg, IL
Design secure version (12 kbps CVSD) of 150 & 450 MHz tactical, portable NarrowBand FM voice channel repeaters for Federal government agencies. Performed static discharge testing on completed units Performed pre-compliance FCC Transmitter type acceptance testing for both VHF & UHF models, analyzed results, made necessary design changes and submitted filings. Design audio filter & shaping circuits. Responsible for feasibility design of a Motorola custom CMOS digital gate array IC. Circuitry included digital data detector & CVSD codec.
Engineer 1, Applied Technology Dept., Schaumburg, IL
Design/develop 150 & 450 MHz tactical, portable Narrowband FM voice channel repeaters for Federal government agencies. Design calculations, implementation, test and release (from initial concept through prototype & customer acceptance) of: audio & control circuits (CMOS), High power RF amplifiers (40 Watt, VHF; 30 Watt, UHF) Tested, analyzed and identified that EMI from Switch-mode Power Supply (SMPS) was cause of ( approx. 20 – 28 dB) receiver desensitization. Determined that SMPS was both radiating and conducting EMI via its case and via its AC input leads. Improved case shielding and feedthrough capacitors added to AC inputs were required to solve EMI problem. RF duplexer filters & transmitter RF harmonic filters Performed pre-compliance FCC Transmitter type acceptance testing for both VHF & UHF models, analyze results, make necessary design changes, re-test, and submit filings. Create End-User manuals.
Design Engineer, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
Lab design, engineering specification formulation, and field test of deluxe automobile radios, including: AM/FM/Stereo plus 2/4-channel 8-track (QUAD) tape radio, AM/FM/Stereo plus 8-track tape radio, and first Ford Citizens Band radio chassis Design, perform and supervise EMI susceptibility testing (Ignition Noise, Alternator Whine, Load Dump, etc). Part of team to implement cost-effective fixes for vehicle noise suppression. Evaluate effectiveness of fixes via in-vehicle testing. Design, perform & supervise EMI susceptibility testing of above radios to out-of-band emissions from 2-way radios at VHF & UHF. Perform reliability analyses, FMEAs & track warranty performance of released designs.

Radio Communications Systems (including transmitters, receivers, antennas, and controllers), IP Networks (TCP/IP, UDP, and other), Video processing systems (including encode and decode CODEC applications), Motorola Trunked Systems, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) & Converged Services Framework (CSF), Encryption Systems; Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), CAE tools (Code Warrior IDE, BONeS, OPNET, CACI "COMNET II.5); FMEA; DOORS, SDL, UML, QFD, ConOps, 6-Sigma “Green Belt”, tools & methods; Sopheon “Vision Strategist” Roadmap tool; C+, Freescale HCS12, MC68xx assembly, SPICE, FORTRAN, FCC type acceptance, EMC, EMI Susceptibility, IP portfolio development, TRIZ. Koyo Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's); DirectSOFT programming tool. Closed Loop Control Systems, AC & DC motors, actuators, sensors, controllers, basic electricity, signal conditioning, factory automation, process controls, Relay and Ladder Logic Diagrams.

Non-Registered Radio System User
“I’m Not (knowingly) Re-Programming My EEPROM, So Who or What Is?”
“9-11-2001: Are There Any Persons Trapped in the World Trade Center Parking Garages?”

Motorola Inc., Personal Communications Sector: “Patent of the Year”
Motorola Inc., Distinguished Innovator Award (for 10 U.S. patents issued)
Motorola Inc., CGISS Worldwide Employee Recognition Award (for APCO25 standards)
SABA: Motorola Science & Advisory Board Associate (top 1% of all engineers)
Motorola Inc., Land Mobile Products Sector: “Regional Patent of the Year”
ETA KAPPA NU (National Electrical Engineering Honorary Society)

Holds numerous patents.

  • FAA, Federal Aviation Administration:
    • Instrument-rated Private Pilot for Airplane Single Engine Land. 250 hours total time.
    • Basic Ground Instructor, Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot
    • Instrument Ground Instructor, Private Pilot and Recreational
  • FCC: Advanced Class Amateur License (WB8BHN)
  • P.E.: Licensed in Illinois (062-054874) and in Michigan (6201051872)

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