Electrical and Electronics in Automotive Applications Expert Consultant Resume
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• Automotive
• Electronics
• Electronic Systems and Circuits
• Hybrid Vehicles

This expert has a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

This consultant is an experienced electrical engineer, with 25 years of experience in the specification, design, assembly, testing, verification, validation, and field support of OEM automotive electronics products. This expert has the ability to work from high-level systems environment to detailed electrical circuit design. Additional experience includes supervisory experience over engineering for motorsports-related electronics products., as well as currently working in electrical systems engineer in advanced engineering for hybrid electric vehicles. Excellent problem-solving and communications skills.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Expert electrical engineering consultant for clients in a variety of industries.

Delphi/Delco Electronics, Kokomo, Indiana
Electrical Systems Engineer in Advanced Engineering for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

– Work with customer to define and document requirements
– Partition functions between modules, and between hardware and software
– Product integration testing and evaluation
– Customer support

Supervisor of Engineering for Motorsports Electronics
– Product forecasting and planning
– Program management
– New project proposals, feasibility studies
– Oversight of product development
– Product sales, invoicing, revenue collection
– Oversight of $1 million development budget
– New customer development
– Manpower allocation
– Continuation of all former responsibilities as systems and electrical engineer, below

Systems and Electrical Hardware Design for Motorsports Electronics
– Requirements documentation
– Systems-level and electrical hardware design
– Software requirements documentation
– System and software verification and validation
– Field support for product introduction and support
– Customer training, user manual creation and support
– Photography, videography, photo and video editing

Software design for General Motors Powertrain Control Modules
– Requirements documentation
– Creation and/or modification of embedded software
– Software verification and validation
– Maintenance of development laboratory equipment
– Support of in-vehicle test and validation

Electrical systems design for General Motors Powertrain Control Modules (PCM)
– Requirements documentation
– Functional and hardware mechanization
– Oversight of electrical hardware design
– Maintenance of development laboratory equipment
– Tracking prototype product builds
– System-level functional test and verification
– Support of in-vehicle test and validation

High Performance Digital CMOS Integrated Circuit Design
– Requirements documentation
– Logic design and simulation
– Circuit/parametric design and simulation
– Layout coordination
– Test verification
– Product validation

This expert has earned several awards in automotive technology arena.

This expert has one patent in microprocessors.

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