Wireless, Analog, RF, Microwave Circuitry Design Expert Consultant Resume
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This expert attended the College of Engineering at the Lehigh University and earned both an M.S. and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from that university.

This expert continued with education via taking courses in spread spectrum systems, microwave circuit design, and thick-film hybrid circuit technology.

Wireless, Analog, RF, Microwave Circuitry Design Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has experience in a wide range of engineering services, as well as circuit design and development, circuit board layout, and RF and microwave design. Other areas of this consultant's expertise include receiver design and development, transmitter design and development, digital radio design and development, and analog design and development.

Additional specialties of this consultant include prototype design and development, DSP design, antenna design, development, measurement, and antenna site analysis. FPGA software development using verilog, software development, and VCO & synthesizer design and development are also areas of expertise this consultant has. This expert's experience includes research in the area of nonlinear semiconductor and system modeling, as well as in the area modulation distortion, prediction, and analysis.

This associate is experienced in areas including simulation and analysis, propagation studies, prediction, and analysis. This associate has knowledge in GPS applications, spread spectrum systems, custom circuitry and systems, and embedded software for PLC processors. Capabilities of this expert include training services, technical writing and publication, proposal consulting and writing, literature and data research and retrieval. This expert has access to facilities that include a fully equipped RF and analog laboratory.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing electrical engineering, aerospace electronics consulting, electronics engineering, wireless, analog, RF, and microwave circuitry design and development, engineering failure analysis, forensic investigation and analysis, product liability expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Aerospace Consultant, firm specializing in aerospace design and development

Designed and developed wireless, analog, RF, and microwave circuitry for various clients operating at frequencies ranging from DC to over 18 GHz. Design and development work was heavily based on computer circuit simulation and optimization using the latest linear and non-linear circuit design and analysis tools. Circuitry developed or worked on included high power pulse DME amplifiers, several 900 MHz synthesized transceivers for commercial spread spectrum applications, 225-400 MHz synthesized transmitter, 225-400 MHz 100 watt amplifier, DDS circuits, various lumped and distributed filters, detectors, switching circuitry, lownoise VCO's and synthesizers, low-noise amplifiers, cellular base station receivers, low-power synthesized industrial transmitter, microstrip patch and helical antennas, C and X band transverter, and some unique GPS circuitry. Other work included performing independent design evaluation and production trouble-shooting for several clients, S-Band telemetry transmitter proposal assistance, GP-IB test equipment programming, system control and test software development using Visual Basic, development of Xilinx FPGA’s using Verilog, and embedded microprocessor programming using C, assisting with FCC compliance, RF susceptibility evaluation, low-cost satellite receiver design, as well as double-sided and multi-layer circuit board layout using P/CAD and ACCEL software for many of the design and development programs mentioned above and for various clients. Extensive work was performed as a principal designer for a major military broadband electronic warfare jamming system. Was also a major contributor on a team tasked with putting together a proposal for a major military high capacity digital microwave radio, as well as another team putting together a proposal for a wireless internet system. Also has extensive experience with literature search, research, and retrieval, for various technical and mergers and acquisitions projects, including a study of the state of the art in antenna design, development, and technology. Other work has included extensive design, development, and prototyping of 900 MHz and 2.4 GHZ FCC Part 15 circuits and systems, various GPS-related applications, as well as the evaluation and testing of various low-noise amplifiers for cellular systems and the evaluation of cellular tower coverage. Some recent work has involved working, both for an extended time at a client’s location, as well as a laboratory on designing and developing a new, ultra-miniature telemetry transmitter using FQPSK (Fehrer-patented QPSK), as well as work on a GPS translator. These, and other recent designs featured very low phase noise fractional-n synthesizers. Other recent system and circuit design and development included designing, developing, prototyping, and now cost reducing, the RF and microwave portions of a radar-like body scanning system. This work included all of the frequency generation, upconversion, and downconversion over a frequency range from DC through lower Ka band.


Senior Member, Technical Staff, Agilis Corporation, Digital Radio Division, Langhorne, PA

Provided design and development of amplifiers and T/R switches for a FCC Part 15 spread-spectrum modem. These designs included both receiving and transmitting amplifiers operating in the 900 MHz band, as well as the necessary switches and power level shifting circuitry. Other work included circuit board layout and system integration, as well as initial manufacturing coordination and surface-mount vendor selection.


Senior Electronics Engineer, ICI Americas, Valley Forge, PA

Provided all microwave and RF electronics activities within the Aerospace Division. Activities included design and development of microwave circuits and microstrip antennas, as well as the coordination of outside microwave and hybrid circuitry design and development. Systems developed included transmitters and receivers operating between 800 and 1900 MHz. Circuitry developed included low noise amplifiers, synthesizers, modulators, microstrip filters, and IF sections. Other responsibilities included selection and establishment of an IBM PC based electronic CAD facility, as well as establishing, and training technicians to use, a printed circuit board facility capable of going from computer-generated artwork to printed circuit boards in less than 6 hours. Additional work included the successful identification of an acquisition candidate for ICI Americas.


Senior Engineer, United Technologies Corp., Tele-Dynamics Division, Fort Washington, PA

Responsibilities ranged from leading an engineering team tasked with taking several complex military telemetry transmitters from the development phase into the production phase, to design and development of an S-Band video transmitter. Other activities included research, development, and the writing of technical proposals, as well as the design and development of amplifiers, multipliers, and modulators for telemetry transmitters.


Electronics Engineer, American Electronics Laboratories, Colmar, PA

Provided design, development, production, and testing of RF components that operated at frequencies ranging from 2 to 18 GHz. These components included video detectors, limiter/detectors, and couplers in both microstrip and stripline. Other work included the development of test stations and programs to allow for the automated testing of microwave components through the IEEE-488 bus.

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