Wireless Telecommunications & Consumer Devices Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of YRI Consultant

  • Consumer Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Legal – Technical Support Services
  • Cellular Telecommunications Handsets and Accessories
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Quality Systems and ISO
  • Product Safety, Regulatory, Environmental Compliance Requirements
  • Closed Loop Product Safety and Compliance Controls
  • Business Process Improvement and Product Risk Assessments
  • Global Design Engineering Management and Turn-around Strategies
  • Global Regulatory and Customer Issue Management
  • Service and Repair Operations

This expert attended Northern Illinois University for Electrical EngineeringTechnology and received a Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) – 30 hrs above Masters, as well as an M.S. and B.S.

Wireless Telecommunications & Consumer Devices Expert Consultant Resume

This expert is a proven international solution provider with expertise on helping industry to eliminate product and process risks, with a special emphasis on cellular telecommunications, wireless and consumer products. As a strategic thinker with industry experience in a multi-national Fortune 500 company this consultant lead global engineering and system organizations while establishing the direction and vision leading to successful product launches spanning >100,000 hardware and software products, inclusive of building most of these organizations from inception. This expert brings a change agent mentality and big picture view that balances corporate responsibility and brand protection while addressing complex technical, product, organizational and/or process risks that pose a business threat. With strong technical and program management assets this consultant brings a talent portfolio as the cornerstone in resolving customer, process, component, or product issues which may have challenged design engineering, quality, manufacturing, and supply chain operations. This expert has significant experience in partnering with legal teams in managing and identifying solutions to regulatory, product, customer or process related issues as well as the development of programs in the design, supply chain and consumer facing organizations as part of the corrective action. The expert has robust communication and analytical skills as well as the experience, sensitivity, and awareness to effectively operate in multi-national arenas as well as high pressure situations.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expert consulting services to a wide variety of clients in cellular telecommunications and related consumer product fields.


President, consulting firm

Business focus is the delivery of management tools and solutions that lead by example and allow change agent solutions to problematic issues facing engineering, supply chain and/or the customer. Services include organizational optimization and enhancement, product and process risk assessments, regulatory and customer issue management, and business process improvement. Cellular and consumer product safety, regulatory, environmental, and compliance requirements and consulting. Providing assistance to legal firms by bridging technical information and process complexities into concise information upon which decisions can be made while embedding recommendations in the product life cycle and improving client understanding.


Director Product Environmental and Regulatory Compliance, Motorola Inc., Libertyville, IL

Directed a global staff responsible for product and component environmental compliance, as set by regulations, standards, or customer requirements that allowed consistent determination of compliance for handheld cellular products, accessories, components, and sub-assemblies prior to shipment. Developed multi-tiered criteria that ensured compliance for >100,000 components and suppliers, product change notices and new product and component types. Corporate product environmental document was streamlined with crisp requirements for all cellular products. Separate requirements were documented and released to all component suppliers on auditing and reporting criteria established via a six sigma black belt program. Established leadership position across the corporation by developing a roadmap covering global product environmental requirements (i.e. RoHS, BFR (brominated flame retardant), Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, specific and unique labeling requirements on a country or region basis, etc.) and target dates, each balanced against business philosophy and product plans. The roadmap was embedded into all product life cycle requirements from prototype to end of life. Embedded system based controls in company-wide systems (i.e. Oracle) permitting rapid approval and tracking of product or component ship approval status while eliminating manual operations. As part of the solution a go/no go decision matrix compared the product shipped to the intended region/country which simplified supply chain operations. Global staff automatically received notification of potential non compliances and interfaced with the supply chain to resolve. Partnered with industry and governmental agencies controlling PRC CMM and Korea RoHS to achieve common standards and measurement principles while recommending updates/improvements to clarify unclear regulatory documents.


Director Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Motorola Inc., Libertyville, IL

Managed a team of global engineering and technology specialists that ensured cellular product and accessories were compliant with global regulatory requirements and safety standards, from birth to death, including the management and resolution of all customer reported incidents. Documented processes and requirements, based on industry standards and lessons learned, which streamlined ship approvals, data collection, and provided consistent evaluation methods for new cellular product ship approvals and product changes. Subjects included; energy systems/charging criteria, thermal/heat rise, battery/accessory, risk assessment to identify potential safety issues (i.e. Underwriters Labs), global regulatory requirements/testing protocol (i.e. FCC, HAC, SAR,EMC, GCF,PTCRB, EU, Australia, PRC MII, etc.), environmental robustness, hazardous materials/banned substances, glass/plastic breakage, internal/external circuit anomalies to identify potential hazard occurrence, overall risk assessment approach for development engineering, and change control at the product or component level. Implemented a cultural change that embedded the fundamental compliance understanding and perspective, encouraged feedback and communications, and actively engaged management awareness and approval in the design and manufacturing phases. This was a global initiative and embraced all design and manufacturing/distributions operations. Established global subject matter experts’ team that performed 2nd level reviews of all product shipment decisions while reducing overall approval time. The backbone of this approach was an on-line data review and reporting system allowing anyone in the compliance team who was qualified to do so to perform a second review of data. Designed and implemented 24 hour ISO17025 global lab operation that tested and approved product for regulatory and applicable industry standard requirements globally (i.e. FCC, SAR, EMC, FCC Sect 255/HAC, R&TTE, GCF, PTCRB, etc.) while reducing total costs and improving cycle time. Three laboratories existed in Europe, USA, and Asia each of which was synchronized via a lab management system and round robin testing for correlation. Launched the global customer satisfaction process that tracked and resolved all customers reported product defects on a global basis while reducing closure times. Trained and monitored work partners (i.e. call centers) for effective time utilization, accuracy of reporting, common metrics, and excellent customer satisfaction communication. Sponsored the Six Sigma mentality across the organization and obtained certification of black belt and green belt members that addressed key departmental challenges on an ongoing basis. Established a business process improvement team- “eBusiness” – that reduced overall compliance processes by utilizing and customizing the Savioon software tool. Most of the compliance process was digitized into this work flow automation system that contained all data, scheduling, and staff comments. This system streamlined communications which were critical considering the global nature of the business. Developed the operational governance model, determined engagement rules, and provided leadership that enhanced industry positions and drove commonality of standards and regulations with non governmental agencies on FCC HAC, French Acoustics, and environmental compliance. This included partnership with the internal governmental regulatory affairs office and legal teams to develop an effective strategy, communication, and follow-up plan. Established enhanced partnerships with the legal team resulting in improved communications and processes to address customer issues. Escalation process eliminated inefficient processes and improved accuracy of reporting. Provided cross corporation leadership leading to the establishment of company policies and directives for product safety, environmental compliance, and supplier performance requirements common to all businesses. Policies included product environmental reporting (not EHS), SAR (specific absorption ratio), and FCC HAC.


Director Global Software Quality, Motorola Inc. Personal Communications Sector, Libertyville, IL

Architected and led the Software Quality Excellence Center responsible for improved software maturity of the engineering community and enhanced robustness of all cellular product released code. Set the vision and developed an overarching software quality process in the product design cycle which resulted in the reduction of released software defects in a 12 month time period as measured by carrier customers. Software quality experts were embedded into the design teams whose direct reporting was to the software quality department. These team members used a standardized protocol and rules of engagement based on the software quality process and educated the design teams. As a result of this the team elevated the software maturity of the development team to SEI Level 3 bolstered by standardized metrics, training, embedded subject matter experts, and quality controls. Designed and implemented hardware/software validation test laboratory that approved all software releases by utilizing customized test systems, AMPS/CDMA/GSM commercial RF infrastructure and EMX Switch systems, and suites of test cases. The laboratory operated 24/7, tested simultaneous multiple technologies and products, and offered on-line real time reporting to engineering. Specialized test engineers were recruited to determine and write testing plans for the equipment to use. The products tested simultaneously ranged anywhere from a few to over a hundred depending on the testing criteria. Lead and managed the Year 2000 (Y2K) crossover initiative covering all products with no shipments impacted.


Director Global Field Service Operations, Motorola Inc. Cellular Subscriber Sector, Libertyville, IL

Developed and managed the European and Asia cellular field service repair operations and customer satisfaction teams in 22 countries and/or regions while reducing repair times and improving customer satisfaction on a broad scale. Established common methodology and processes and implemented repair tracking and reporting systems globally shared across the regional sites. Outlined warranty and non-warranty programs with customization as needed for specific carrier requirements. Forward facing customer satisfaction and call center organizations were built with improvement in overall customer satisfaction as measured by independent surveys. Launched “express exchange” 30 minute customer swap program resulting in improved carrier relationships and increased revenues.


Engineering Manager & Engineer, Motorola Inc. Libertyville, IL

UHF/VHF/marine two way radio design, AMPS/ETACS mobile and transportable, clock oscillators, Timex watch module, voltage controlled oscillators, crystals

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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