Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Renewable Energy Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of YXY

  • Automotive
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Ph.D. Thesis: A Novel Wind Power Train: Permanent-Magnet Generator with Flux Weakening Feeding a Controlled Real/Reactive Power Inverter.
M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Master’s Thesis: Simulation of Inverter-Motor System for Hybrid Vehicles Using SPICE.
B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Houston, University Park in Houston, TX

This expert’s main interests are AC drives, DC-DC power supplies for renewable energy applications.  This consultant has been involved with high frequency power supply design & RF Tuner Analysis and has worked on Electrical Power Steering.  This expert also developed a new system approach for EPS that was adopted globally by a large automotive systems manufacturer.  The associate’s main research area has been with energy efficient systems.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Providing electrical engineering and power electronics and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.
Associate Professor, a major university
Senior Technical Staff Engineer, TRW Automotive, Chassis Division,Sterling Heights, MI
Staff Engineer, TRW Automotive, Electronics Division, Farmington, Hills, MI
Senior Project Engineer, GM/ (Delphi Division), Saginaw Steering Systems World Headquarters, Saginaw, MI
Design Engineer, Advanced Energy Inc., Fort Collins, CO

Industrial Projects
  • Technical Manager for GENII EPS Column Drive EPS for Renault platform
  • System architecture for EPS Rack Drive system (1st Rack Drive system to be in Production)
  • Fault tree analysis for EPS Rack Drive System
  • Developed boundary block diagram for belt drive EPS for fault analysis and diagnostics.
  • Technical Manager for EPS Column Drive launched in Korea
  • Technical Lead for GM 42V Prototype Rack Drive EPS
  • Algorithm and hardware design to use EPS as anti-theft device
  • Methodology to track requirements vs. capability for EPS system
  • System sizing approach for EPS system that was used globally by TRW
  • Developed system specification for1st rack drive EPS system to be in production.
  • Algorithm for thermal sensing fault detection
  • Motor torque ripple and noise reduction
  • Involved at different capacities with projects for Ford, GM, Renault and Hyundai (Mobis).
  • Team Design Leader for Sinusoidal Electrical Power Steering Controller
  • Algorithms for diagnostics for EPS system and subsystems (sensors, controller,.etc.)
  • Design and development of a PWM controller for Electrical Power Steering System.
  • Analysis and algorithm for sizzle noise in EPS system.
  • Motor Control algorithm to compensate for temperature change on motor parameters
  • Algorithm, design and system constraints to decrease Electro Magnetic interference in a vehicle by EPS system.
  • Development of a look-up table control strategy for a sinusoidal Electrical Power Steering System (EPS).
  • Torque-ripple minimization for AC drive in EPS system.
 Advanced Energy
  • Design and implementation of new Tuner algorithm for load matching.
  • Design for high power factor correction (PFC) AC/DC supply.
  • High frequency magnetic design.
  • Algorithm, design, analysis and development of wide bandwidth power measurement circuit with 1% accuracy for SMPS.
 Teaching, Mentoring, and Advising
Advisor to Undergraduates: Research Direction
Senior Students Graduation Projects
  • “Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Safari Camps in UAE”
  • “Energy Harvesting from water tap flow”
  • “Development of a small-size soccer robot: dribbling and shooting mechanisms and control”, Interdisciplinary Project
  • “Design a wheeled Soccer Robot”, Interdisciplinary Project
  • “UPS Design for Tele-communication office Application”
  • “ Replacement of Mechanical Relays by Electrical switch”
  • “Design and construction of an overhead crane”
  • “Design of DC_AC inverter/Drive using Solar array as power source”
Chancellor Undergraduate Research Award (CURA)Projects
  • Fault monitoring Circuit for Five Phases AC Motor
  • Using LED Strips as Lighting Source 
  • Advisor for three MS students
  • Advisor of one PhD student
  • Co-industrial Advisor for PhD student (completed)

  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Shainin Red X Apprentice Foundation
  • 3-Day High Performance Driving Course, Bondurant
  • Sensor-less Control for AC Drives
  • Vehicle Dynamics for Passenger Cars & Light Trucks
  • Value-Analysis Value Engineering
  • System Design (Voice of the Customer)
  • Noise Reduction Techniques in Electric Systems
  • Advanced EMC Printed Circuit Board Techniques
  • Electronic Design Techniques & Analysis Required to Meet Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements
    • Global Development Process
    • Electro-Static Discharge, November
    • Valuing Diversity, September

College of Engineering Community service Certificate
Awards Given for Research and/or Teaching achievements 
  • Supervised 3st place Student Poster Winner at ISSE’11 Sharjah, Research title “Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Safari Camps in UAE”.
  • Supervised 1st place Student Poster Winner at ISMA 10, Sharjah, Research title “Design of a Wheeled Soccer Robot”.
  • Supervised 1st place Co-Winners of Chancellors Undergraduate Research Award (CURA) titled, “A Fault Monitoring Circuit for Five Phase AC Motor”.
  • Senior IEEE Member
  • TRW distinguished patent Application Award
  • The HARIRI Foundation Distinguished Graduate Award

This consultant holds numerous patents and invention disclosures.

Offices and committee memberships held in professional organizations 
  • Guest Editor Elsevier Journal on Renewable energy, Special Issue
  • Industrial Drives Committee for IEEE IAS society
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), member
  • Chaired Power Electronics session at IEEE MWCAS 51th annual meeting, Montreal
  • Chaired Industrial Drives session at IEEE IAS annual conference, Hong Kong
  • Organized Industrial Drives session at IEEE IAS annual conference, Hong Kong
  • Lebanese Engineering Association 
Other non-University committees, commissions, panels, etc.
  • Member on the Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology.
  • IEEE Member
  • Senior IEEE member 
Offices and committee memberships held on Campus
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Assessment Committee 
  • Coordinator of Renewable Energy group
  • Member of Robotic club
  • Member of Power & Automation group 
  • Chaired Organizing committee for International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation & Application
  • Chaired Renewable Energy Seminar RES08, Abu-Dhabi

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