Meteorologist, Hurricane Expert Consultant, Meteorological Systems Analyst Resume
Resume of BDP Consultant

  • Government
  • Meteorology
  • Hurricane Consulting
  • Military

This expert attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA and received an M.S. in Meteorology.

This expert received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL.

Meteorologist, Hurricane Expert Consultant, Meteorological Systems Analyst Resume

This expert's experience includes extended range hurricane forecasting, seasonal hurricane activity, and monthly activity forecasting. Other areas of expertise for this consultant include landfall strike probability, tropical cyclone season activity prediction, and severe weather forecasting. This consultant's work has involved analysis / verification, seasonal, monthly and landfall probability forecasts.

This associate's primary areas of expertise include hurricane study consulting, forecast of named storms, and storm days and hurricane days. This consultant's work has also been involved in the study of intense hurricanes days, long-term average analysis, extended range statistical forecast procedures, and atmospheric fields analysis.

Additional specialties of this expert include oceanic fields analysis, tropical cyclone development forecast and analysis. Energy-moisture field and momentum field interaction analysis, sea level pressure analysis, and trade wind strength analysis are other areas of expertise for this consultant. This consultant's work has also involved sea surface temperature analysis, statistical forecast predictors, steering current predictor relationships, and forecast theory.

This consultant's forecasting expertise includes Atlantic hurricane seasons, Eastern North Pacific hurricane seasons, trends in track forecasting for tropical cyclones, and tropical cyclone track guidance models. Satellite observations of trochoidal motion, statistical tropical cyclone prediction models, and statistical-dynamical prediction of tropical cyclone motion are other areas of expertise for this consultant.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing meteorology consulting, hurricane consulting, meteorological systems analysis, forensic analysis and investigation consulting and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Meteorological Hurricane Consultant

Specialized in hurricane consulting.

Hurricane Specialist, National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service, Miami, FL

Meteorological Systems Analyst, IBM Corp., Rockville, MD

Weather Officer, U.S. Air Force, Plattsburgh AFB, NY

This expert has authored and co-authored numerous articles published in refereed journals of the American Meteorological Society on topics including reports on many Atlantic Hurricane Seasons, Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Sea

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