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This expert has a M.A. from the Department of Meteorology at UCLA.

This expert has a B.A. from the Department of Meteorology and Oceanography at New York University.

Meteorologist, Air Pollution Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is experienced in identification of relevant weather issues for litigation including rain and wind, temperature, icing, and sun. Further experience includes analysis of marine and coastal, urban, mountain and desert, and local conditions. This associate’s capabilities include reconstruction of weather and sea conditions for accidents and personal injury investigations and determining when weather or sea conditions impact aviation, boating, auto, and building construction issues.

This associate is an expert in areas including storm and wave conditions, comparisons of observed to normal conditions, determining if observed conditions were foreseeable, and estimating degrees of unusualness. Further areas of specialty include selection, acquisition and evaluation of data that is representative of conditions at the time and place of interest, atmospheric effects on systems, and operations and planning. Additional areas of expertise include air pollution transport and meteorological considerations for Homeland Security and counter-terrorism.

This expert is highly experienced in areas including trial testimony, depositions, reports and analyses, and analyzing weather factors in marketing and industry. Additional experience includes weather and climate considerations for planning travel and TV and film productions, determining impact on aviation and operations at sea, and technical and administrative leadership.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in meteorology, weather analysis and reconstruction, weather-related expert testimony, climatic and emergency response planning, forensic investigation and analysis and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Expert Witness and Consultant, Meteorology Consulting firm

Provided technical support, consultation and expert witness services, analysis and reconstruction of weather, rain, wind, sea and visibility conditions. Specialized in testimony for law firms, insurance companies and engineers regarding floods, construction damage, slope failures, personal injury, aviation, boating, and auto and motorcycle accidents, and to local government agencies on air pollution transport. Consultant and climatic planning for international investment. Advertisements for real estate development. Consultant to television network station.


Subject-Matter-Expert (SME) on weather for Los Angeles Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEW) and TEW Exercise participant

Coordinated meteorological data and knowledge for emergency response planning.


Research Leader, Battelle Memorial Institute, Camarillo Office

Provided technical support, consultation and documentation to U.S. Navy on air pollution transport mechanisms, satellite data applications, effects of meteorological conditions on systems and operations, and homeland security/counter-terrorism applications of meteorological data.


Geophysics Division/Branch Head, and Associate Head, Naval Air Systems Weapons Division, Point Mugu, CA

Provided technical and administrative leadership of multi-disciplinary organization of scientists, engineers, technicians, military and contractor personnel to provide all weather and ocean support for Navy’s Sea and Land Ranges, and airfields. Was responsible for observing, measuring, instrumenting, forecasting, testing and evaluating weather and air-ocean conditions, determining impact on aviation and operations at sea, was Support lead for ‘Purple’, ‘Orange’, and ‘Blue’ meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) cells for Third Fleet counter-terrorism exercise and experiment, development and demonstration of new prediction and analysis techniques, Quality control, Technical documentation, established Air Pollution/Contamination Transport Response Team for the Navy to provide independent METOC modeling and evaluation support to address environmental encroachment and regulatory issues.


Head, Special Programs Branch, Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC)

Provided technical and administrative leadership of project managers, task managers, operation conductors and Range Operations supervisors for the planning, operational support and post-op assessments of high visibility programs on the Range, including Trident, Tomahawk, Harpoon and Japanese Defense Force. Reviewed and approved program documentation, provided and scheduled Range Operations support personnel, conducted operations in Tracking & Control rooms.


Assistant Program Manager, SYSCOM Oceanography Office, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Washington DC

Assisted the Program Manager in the identification of emerging and follow-on METOC support requirements within Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Sea Systems Command and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, documented environmental sensitivities associated with high visibility systems, drafted Tri-Syscom instructions to coordinate Navy METOC support, developed technical and programmatic documentation.


Instructor, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Provided instruction in meteorology relative to aviation.

Issue: Weather Foreseeabilty
Issue: Wind vs. Rain Damage
Issue: Sports Stadium Corrosion

This expert has authored over 100 technical reports, presentations, articles on subjects of weather forecasting, satellite data techniques and interpretation, meteorological data accuracies, radio/radar propagation, air pollution transport, effects

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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