Women’s Health, HIV, AIDS, STDs Prevention, Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of HFQ, Ph.D., M.P.H. Consultant

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This expert has a Ph.D. in Public Health with a specialization in Community Health Promotion and Education, earned through the Walden University, School of Health Sciences.

This expert has a M.P.H. in Public Health, also earned through the Walden University, School of Health Sciences.

This consultant also has an M.S. (Higher Education Administration) from St. Cloud State University, School of Graduate Studies, College of Education, Higher Education Practicum: concentration on Executive Leadership/Accreditation.

This expert has a B. A. in Ethnic Studies and Human Services Training and Developing, earned through the Metropolitan State University.

This expert has an Associate in Arts degree in Business Management and Administration, earned through the Inver Hills Community College.

This expert has a Certificate in Medical/Dental Administration, earned through the Apollo College of Medical and Dental Careers.

Women's Health, HIV, AIDS, STDs Prevention, Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has extended knowledge in breast and cervical cancer, woman's health, psychosocial factors, and health disparities. This expert's work history includes breast and cervical screening education and prevention among the underserved population and African American women. HIV/AIDS and STDs prevention among adolescents and young adults are areas of interest this consultant has. This expert has been involved in the implementation and evaluation of health promotion programs, health behavior and health education theoretical stages of change.

Other areas of interest of this expert include ethnic studies, cultural awareness, social history, and culturally specific health programs. This expert also has experience in cultural issues, vulnerable populations, and adolescent health and women and children services.

This consultant's experience includes quantitative and qualitative design, field/participant observation, survey research, and focus group analysis. Social and behavioral dimensions of health, policy development, educational training, and planning culturally specific educational events are other areas of expertise this consultant has.

In addition, this consultant specializes in areas related to origin, missions, and developments of Ethnic Studies. This expert also specializes in processing claims, negotiating contract agreements, grant contracts, and community needs assessments. New health education programs, disease prevention, new community health initiatives, and survey instruments and tools are other areas of interest this expert has. This expert also has experience in research interviews, focus groups, data-gathering, and research efforts. Health education material for diverse individuals, problem identification, conflict resolution, time-management, and project management are other areas of expertise this consultant has

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in community health education, research, women’s health, health program evaluation, HIV / AIDS and STDs prevention, health initiative consulting, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Sr. Quality Improvement Specialist/Administrator , county health plan

Plan, implement, budget, and manage collaborative quality improvement dental and health care projects, outreach initiatives, and focus studies (e.g., breast and cervical cancer, fetal alcohol syndrome, Human Papillomavirus [HPV], diabetes, dental and health care utilization services, and non-care seekers). Provide internal directions for the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) audits relating to the quality management programs. Represent MHP quality management department in meetings with other health plans, quality groups, MDH, and internal work teams. Foster teamwork through facilitation, mentoring, and teaching. Participate in ensuring that appropriate measurement and data analysis occurs for quality improvement programs so that processes and programs comply with regulatory and accreditation requirements. Lead community health assessments and collaborative health and educational projects with external partners. Supervise, train, and mentor new employees. Editor of the employee audit newsletter, annual work plan, program evaluation, review accreditation guidelines and contractual regulations, and develop educational health materials and community health guides. Provides leadership and management services; oversees core public health functions toward community health improvement goals; assures cultural competency of services; and oversees the development and administration of quality assurance programs based on state regulations; and present outcome findings to the county board.

Associate Professor, major university

Teach undergraduate and graduate community health, health care administration, leadership, and management courses, also familiar with adult learning theory and best practices of online and hybrid teaching; serve as a doctoral mentor, dissertation committee chair, and academic program advisor; develop academic new programs and curricula; and proficient in the use of hardware and software tools associated with online learning. Serve as an Academic Quality Improvement Program Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission working to improve college and university systems. Courses: Introduction to Public Health / Application of Health Care Management Principles / Health Law & Ethics/ Health Care Business Administration & Leadership for the Health Care Bachelor’s in Administration program. Role: Work collaboratively with a cross-functional team of academic leaders/professionals, staff, course developers, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) to plan and develop courses for new programs and review existing courses. As a SME, my role entails reviewing existing courses to ensure that the information is updated, collecting feedback and refine materials; working collaboratively to write new course materials and communicating action items and development status. Prioritize and maintain work flow in order to meet the development deadline and ensure that courses meet the quality standards set forth by the university, taxonomy principles, and accreditation

Adjunct Professor, Globe University Minnesota School of Business

Taught undergraduate health courses (i.e., Introduction to Public Health & Health care Law and Ethics); advised students in course work, and assisted in developing a centered based public health course. In 2008, was appointed to serve on the Program Advisory Committee of the Minnesota School of Business to review their Health Care Management Program (committee member, 2008-2011). Courses: Introduction to Public Health/Health Care Law and Ethics for the Health Care Management Bachelor’s Degree program. Role: Responsibilities included working independently to design and develop a centered based public health course, health care law and ethics course, the weekly materials, grading rubrics, and building technology-based curricula for each class.

Associate Health Professor, North Hennepin Community College

Taught undergraduate health courses; advised students in course work; assisted with academic planning, and participated in clinical research and administrative projects. Provided expertise for the development of pedagogically sound and effective instructional modules and educational programs. Worked collegially with administrators, faculty, staff, and external constituents to support student retention and success.

Public Health Program Advisor, American Cancer Society

Assisted in developing, implementing, budgeting, and monitoring a statewide Cancer Community Mobilization Initiative (CCMI) to promote health and wellness at a communal level and increase breast, cervical, and prostate cancer screening. Provided individual patient education services on topics including women’s health preventive screening, nutrition and weight control, and provided pedagogical social services and resources to furnish holistic care.

Sr. Community Health Work, Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department

Employed to assist with the mandated law (i.e., Olmstead Law v. L. C., 119 S. Ct. 2176 [1999]), to enable individuals with disabilities to live in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs. Worked with departmental employees, grassroots community leaders, and government agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to obtain information regarding available community services and acquire data regarding processes and protocols to help the State comply with the law. Developed request for proposals to establish new county contracts to increase services rendered to minority groups.

Public Health Educator, Women’s Cancer Resource Center

Worked to develop a health preventive and educational program to encourage screening and increase breast cancer awareness. Provided group education presentations; collected qualitative and quantitative data; crafted research material; and conducted process evaluations of the program to monitor the efficacy of services rendered to the community. Developed program budgets and supervised staff members involved in the program

Adolescent Health Intern, the Urban Coalition, St. Paul, MN

Cultural Diversity Representative, Metropolitan State University / Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA), St. Paul, MN

Using Social Marketing to Increase Breast Cancer Screening Among African American Women
An Arduous Social Change Program: The Harlem Mothers Stop Another Violent Event (S.A.V.E.)
An Analysis of the Relationship of Fear and Fatalism with Breast Cancer Screening

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