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This expert has a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Kennedy-Western University.

This expert has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Environmental Safety and Regulatory Compliance Expert Consultant

This associate’s background includes managing environmental, health, and safety groups and analyzing regulatory weaknesses. Further experience includes developing corrective action plans and management systems, regulatory compliance, and driving environmental performance improvement.

Specialization includes risk determination and management, hazardous waste management, air and water permitting. Further specialization includes permitting and compliance auditing for: CERCLA, SARA, SPCC, LDAR, CAA, NESHAP, and NPDES.

This consultant's experience includes environmental engineering, accident / incident investigation, managing groundwater investigation and remediation projects, and wastewater treatment. Further experience includes environmental training, developing and implementing environmental management systems, and developing and implementing database applications for environmental data tracking.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, certified process safety management system auditing, environmental safety, expert witness testimony, risk determination and management, groundwater investigation and remediation, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Environmental Engineer, Environmental consulting firm

Provided environmental consulting for industrial and municipal customers. Developed and ran CWA pretreatment programs for cities in several states, developed local limits for cities in Utah, Idaho, and New Mexico. Developed numerous Operation and Maintenance Manuals for wastewater treatment plants. Developed Risk Management Plans and Process Safety Management (PSM) programs for several locations. Performed several RMP/PSM Compliance Audits. Developed RCRA Closure Plans for Deseret Chemical Depot. Consulting Project Experience: Designed piping and lift station for two housing developments; Developed Storm Water Pollution Prevention/Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan for landfill, Hydrogeological Evaluation; Developed Title V Air Permit Application; Developed Groundwater Pollution Protection Plan; Developed WWTP O&M Manual; Pretreatment Program Advisor, Developed Annual Pretreatment Report, Developed Industrial Permit for Dairy, Developed Local Pretreatment Limits; Developed Pretreatment Program and Local Limits for WWTP; Developed EPCRA Tier II Report for plant, Environmental permitting and consulting; Developed Compliance Plan; Assisted NEWAYS in surfactant discharge reduction and pretreatment permit negotiations; Performed Plant Environmental Compliance Audit, Developed New Materials Acceptance Procedure, Developed Environmental Incident Investigation Procedure, Developed Containerized Waste Procedure, Developed Environmental Incident Reporting Procedure, Developed Document Control Procedure, Developed Environmental Sampling Procedure, Developed Environmental Management Procedure, Conducted Heat Transfer evaluation for wastewater disposal, Evaluated Wastewater Disposal Alternatives, Bi-Annual RCRA Hazardous Waste Report; Served as Expert Witness concerning a Pretreatment issue under the Clean Water Act; RMP/PSM Audit of Chlorine Process, Pretreatment Program Advisor, Evaluated Digester heat load problems, Developed Industrial Permit for SIU, Developed Annual Pretreatment Report, Odor Evaluation and Odor Abatement Equipment Design, Risk Management Plan Audit and Plan and program Update; Developed Riparian Report for new water source; Revised Pretreatment Program for submittal to Utah DWQ; Revised Drinking Well Source Protection Plan, Developed Local Pretreatment Limits, Developed and negotiated Pretreatment Permit for Neways, Developed Confined Space Entry Procedure, Developed Development Procedures, Requirements, and Guidelines; Developed Phase II report for regional waste water treatment facility; O&M Manual Development, Developed Pretreatment Local Limits, Risk Management Plan Audit and Plan and program Update, Developed EPCRA Tier II Report for plant; Risk Management Plan Audit and Plan and program Update, Developed EPCRA Tier II Report for plant Developed Pretreatment Program, Pretreatment Program Advisor, Developed Local Pretreatment Limits, Developed and Implemented Conduct of Operations Procedures at CAMDS chemical destruction plant, Developed Closure Plans for RCRA Closure of CAMDS Plant Developed WWTP O&M Manual, Developed Water Reuse Plan


SHEQ Audit and Systems Manager, Cognis Corporation (formerly Henkel Corporation Chemicals Group), Cincinnati, OH

Developed, implemented and managed the corporate compliance auditing program. Was lead auditor for the corporation. Supervised the Corporate Quality Auditor and one clerk. Saved millions of dollars in anticipated and potential liability by identifying audit failures and enacting contract disengagement. Developed Corporate Internal/External Safety, Health and Environmental Audit Program to insure corporate SH&E regulatory compliance. Conceived and led team which implemented Lotus Notes SH&E Audit database which contains all internal SH&E Audit Reports and tracks corrective action follow-up. Database also maintained attorney-client privilege for the corporation. Led 35 corporate and contract manufacturing site compliance audits.


SH&E Manager, Chemicals Group, Cincinnati, OH

Managed a Plant Support group. Provided SH&E support to all Chemicals Group NA plants and laboratory facilities. Supervised the Group Safety professional and Environmental professional. Worked with facilities to improve Chemicals Group TRIR from 2.5 to 1.5 in three years. Advanced the development of Chemicals Group SH&E Procedures and Standards and led team in development and implementation of a Lotus Notes Incident Investigation database in order to drive performance improvement across Chemicals Group.


Safety and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Kankakee Plant, Kankakee, IL

Managed all safety, health, environmental, and regulatory affairs for one manufacturing location, and three separate research laboratories. Supervised six SH&E professionals. Improved overall environmental performance by training and involving plant management staff along with all other employees in environmental compliance initiatives and driving facilities to improve SH&E performance. Drastically reduced corporate liability. Implemented safety improvement initiatives that reduced TRIR from 8.0 to 1.5 in three years. Workers compensation costs were reduced from $250,000 to $30,000 annually. Managed a ground water investigation project and negotiated settlement with state officials. Avoided non-compliance fines and several million dollars in expenses related to ground water contamination clean up. Led project to bring secondary wastewater treatment facility into regulatory compliance by making physical changes in treatment process plus manufacturing changes and training. Drastically reduced corporate liability.


Senior Environmental Engineer/ Manager, BFGoodrich Corporation, Henry, IL

Managed all environmental activities at a Geon/ Specialty Chemicals manufacturing plant. Supervised three individuals. Managed major groundwater investigation and remediation project. Developed NPDES Stormwater Permit application for the site. Led project to bring tertiary wastewater treatment facility into complete compliance by extensive modifications to operation and personnel training. Negotiated direct discharge NPDES permit for the facility to Illinois River. Developed and negotiated improved vinyl chloride NESHAP permit for PVC plant.


Environmental, Safety and Project Engineer, Eaton Corporation, Laurenburg, NC Golf Pride Division

Developed and managed environmental and safety program at a large manufacturing facility. Managed major groundwater investigation and remediation project including negotiating with state officials. Conducted NSPS investigation of toxic air emissions and negotiated major changes in site air permit. Initiated changes in buffing line to prevent musculoskeletal disorders with factory workforce.


Plant engineer, Borden Chemical Company, Fayetteville, NC

Performed all engineering functions at a formaldehyde, phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde manufacturing facility. Responsibilities included all environmental, health, and safety management; groundwater investigation and remediation project management; managed one million dollar per year capital projects fund; and process improvement projects. Developed and managed projects that made extensive changes to the secondary wastewater treatment facility that brought the effluent into full regulatory compliance for the first time. Managed a groundwater investigation project and negotiated with state agency officials for voluntary remediation.


Process Engineer, Tennessee Chemical Company (Formerly CITGO), Copperhill, TN

Performed process engineering projects in a large copper smelting, sulfuric acid and specialty chemical manufacturing facility. Also supervised the environmental technicians group responsible for performing all air and water sampling and reporting.


Sales Engineer, Bailey Controls Company, Tucker, GA

Designed and sold industrial process control equipment and systems. Serviced all industrial accounts in the state of Georgia including parts of Alabama and Tennessee.

Regulatory Compliance Audits
Chemical Hazard Assessment
Total Recordable Injury Rate Reduction
Manufacturing Facility Compliance Assessment

This expert has authored several publications on topics related to environmental safety management.

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