Air Pollution & Chronic Disease Epidemiology Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of LXB, Ph.D. Consultant

  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental
  • Public Health
  • Research

This expert received a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Public Health.

This expert received an M.P.H. in Environmental Health from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health.

This expert received a B.A. in Biology from Grinnell College.

Air Pollution & Chronic Disease Epidemiology Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is an expert in environmental epidemiology, environmental hazard risk assessment, strategic risk communication, and risk assessment for environmental health standards with related expertise in water quality and health.

Additional areas of specialty include epidemiology studies of drinking water organic contaminants and cancer, colon cancer risks and drinking water chlorination, asbestos in drinking water and cancer incidence, and chemoprevention. Further specializations include levels of affluence, toxic waste and cancer mortality in residential areas, epidemiological studies on ingested mineral fibres, and gastric and other cancers. Additional areas of study include epidemiologic study of drinking water chlorination, drinking water treatment and risk of cancer death, and assessment of carcinogens in drinking water.

This consultant offers specific expertise relative to risk, susceptibility and the epidemiology of proliferative neoplastic disease. Further expertise includes formaldehyde concentrations in mobile homes, exposure to nitrogen dioxide, osteosarcoma, seasonality and environmental factors. This consultant’s expertise includes childhood lead poisoning, endometrial cancer incidence in relation to electric blanket use, and occupational cardiovascular risks.

This consultant has conducted numerous studies in areas including sport fish consumption, body burden levels of dioxin, furans and pcbs among frequent consumers of great lakes sport fish, and fish consumption and reproductive outcomes. Related studies include fish consumption patterns and blood mercury levels.

This associate is highly experienced in areas including health and productivity benefits of improved indoor air quality, health impacts of indoor air pollution, indoor air quality, and weatherization for energy conservation. Further topics of expertise include residential indoor air quality, structural leakage, and occupant activities.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in epidemiology, epidemiologic methodology, environmental health, air pollution and human health, chronic disease epidemiology, health research, environmental hazard risk assessment, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Professor, Major University, Department of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health

Vice Chair Department of Population Health Sciences and Director of Graduate Program in Population Health

Health Research Specialist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Served at Epidemiology Branch, Health Effects Division, Office of Research and Development, Washington, D.C., and Epidemiology Branch, Field Studies Division, Health Effects Research Laboratory, Cincinnati, Ohio (stationed at University of California, Berkeley)

Teaching Assistant, University of California, Berkeley, Epidemiology Department, School of Public Health

Project Coordinator, University of California, Berkeley, Asbestos Project

Pre-Doctoral Trainee, California Tumor Registry, Bay Area Resource for Cancer Epidemiology, California State Department of Public Health, Berkeley, CA

Mathematics Teacher, Glaydin High School, Leesburg, VA

Testimony on the Possible Health Effects on a Proposed Power Plant
Benzene and Leukemia
Fire Epidemiology and Toxicology

Numerous publications, presentations, technical papers, book chapters, and other writing on topics related to and including asbestos in drinking water and cancer incidence, chrysotile asbestos in drinking water from asbestos-cement pipe, source and

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