Alternative Energy, Technical Due Diligence, Expert Consultant Resume
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  • Alternative Energy
  • Hybrid Solar Technology
  • Technical Due Diligence
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This expert has a Master in Business Administration from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering was awarded to this expert by Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

Alternative Energy, Technical Due Diligence, Expert Consultant Resume

This expert originated Goldman Sachs solar development strategy including public and private land filings, and led technical evaluation for Goldman Sachs Alternative Energy Group.

This expert’s experience includes development of solar strategies, and identification and hiring of key solar development staff. This consultant played a key role in shaping hybrid solar technology strategies, identifying key partners, technical consultants and vendors for solar.

This expert participated in acquisition of SEGS 1 and 2 and a subsequent redevelopment plan and led the acquisition for Kramer Junction SEGS 3 – 7 and redevelopment plan. Another notable achievemen of this expert is leading a quality improvement program for FPL’s wind business.

For several years, this expert served as senior development officer for FPL Energy M & A efforts. This expert also started two utility subsidiaries including the industry’s first. The extensive experience of this expert within the utility industry includes development, construction and financing of over 30 power projects.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates

Providing expertise in alternative energy, solar development, wind, energy storage, renewable energy, technical due diligence, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Director/VP Development, Goldman Sachs/Cogentrix

Was part of the Alternative Energy Group within the SSG group of Goldman Sachs responsible for technical due diligence. The group investigated clean technology and energy sectors looking for investment opportunities in early stage technologies with sustainable competitive advantages. Was responsible for establishing the solar development strategy including screening for suitable solar sites, filing for 24 Bureau of Land Management sites, perfecting applications securing applications, hiring consultants, selecting technologies and forming internal joint venture with another Goldman company, Cogentrix. Led technical evaluations for Alternative Energy Group investments including Smart Grid, Alternative Energy and Clean Technologies. Supported investment in energy storage company, solar supply chain and renewable energy projects. Developed Goldman’s solar land screening process and directed BLM land filings, and developed Goldman’s solar supply chain strategic view. Implemented internal solar Joint Venture between Alternative Energy and Cogentrix. Joined Cogentrix Solar Services to build solar development group. Hired key employees and transferred GS BLM land filings. Identified key consultants and partners to support marketing efforts. Participated in acquisition of SEGS 1 and 2 and subsequent redevelopment plan. Shaped Cogentrix bidding strategy and hybrid technology approach.


VP Development, FPL Energy

Joined FPL Energy as VP Development with responsibility for all Greenfield and M&A projects in the Northeast. Was the senior developer for several major acquisition bids including the sale of El Paso, Aquila and Reliant’s generation assets. Responsibilities included development, enhancing corporate reporting, improving processes and working relationships within the company. Developed 520 MW combined cycle unit in Rhode Island including responsibility for negotiating and supervising all contracts through commercial operation. Developed two 50 MW simple cycle peaking units in NYC including responsibility for negotiating and supervising all contracts through commercial operation. Successfully bid the acquisition of several wind partnerships adding 80 MW to the wind portfolio. Led the development effort to win a 140MW offshore wind RFP and provided ongoing senior development support for the project including out reach, permitting support, equipment and contracting strategy. Successfully bid a hostile buyout of a 150MW solar CSP project including subsequent take out financing. Provided ongoing development support for repowering, site substantially enhancing performance and supporting Canadian Income Trust evaluation. Led the technical evaluation, negotiating the supply contract and short term financing package. Finalized recommendation to repower FPL Energy’s other 160MW CSP site including the items for the site referenced above. Led a five-man internal team in a two-and-one-half year Quality Improvement Program (QIP). The task was to focus on wind projects underperformance, determining the root causes, identifying possible remedies, developing practices and procedures and insuring full implementation. Project was completed and resulted in significant improvements in developing, engineering and performance of new wind farms.


President & CEO, Consolidated Edison Development, Inc., New York, NY

Was responsible for starting the company including regulatory approval, hiring all staff, establishing company procedures and strategy for CED. Reported to an independent Con Ed BOD and invested $100 million in various international and domestic projects. Con Ed Development provided engineering services in Asia, invested in a diesel project in Central America, several combined cycle plants in USA plus two leverage leases in Netherlands.


Senior Officer, Hydra-Co Enterprises, Inc., Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., Syracuse, NY

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., Hydra-Co was founded to pursue independent power projects. The company developed small power and cogeneration projects in nine states and Jamaica. The company was sold through a competitive bid process to CMS Energy. At the time of the sale, HYDRA-CO had ownership interests in 25 operating small power and cogeneration facilities. These 25 facilities included 17 hydroelectric, four biomass, four gas-fired, two wind farms and one coal-powered plant. The company started construction of a 60 MW diesel project in Kingston, Jamaica. This diesel project was the first Work Bank private project to successfully complete financing. The above 25 projects represent 877 MW of capacity and an investment of more that $1.2 billion. Was one of the original founders of Hydra-Co and had senior officer experience as head of development, asset management and project management. Was instrumental in all aspects of the company including green field development, negotiating of all revenue, expense and construction contracts, and had direct responsibility for the successful completion of six construction projects, established business management function, restructured numerous projects and actively supported all financing efforts.


Line Supervision, Generation Planner, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. Syracuse, NY

Experience included both line supervision responsibility for transmission and distribution as well as several years as a generation planner.

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Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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