Environmental, Research and Technical Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of PUL, Ph.D., P.E. Consultant

  • Environmental
  • Energy Production
  • Metallurgical
  • Utilities

This expert has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Drexel University.

This expert has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Environmental, Research and Technical Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is experienced in management, marketing, demand management, and forecasting. This associate is also experienced with environmental, mechanical, and electrical engineering design services.

This consultant also specializes in cost of service studies, high voltage transmission lines, electrical substation management, and state and federal utility commissions. Further specialization includes environmental assessment of industrial sites and marginal pricing.

This associate’s experience includes economic assessment of energy alternatives, co-generation analysis, customer markets assessment, and customer complaints. Additional experience includes rate design, tariff administration, customer service policies, and training seminars. Additionally, this associate offers expertise related to heating and air conditioning, electrical design, energy efficient residential unit design, and three piece heat pump design. This expert’s capabilities include solar collector design, building construction innovations, electric restructuring, and electrical interlock design.

Other areas of specialty include computer programming, analysis of market research surveys, telephone, and mail and mail intercepts. Additional specialization includes energy heat loss and gain, electric distribution, and cost of service accounting techniques.

This expert is highly experienced in areas including legal and regulatory activities, non-utility generation matters, expert witness on rate matters, and utility based studies and assessment. This expert has conducted numerous studies in areas including energy estimating, computerized lighting calculations, and solar assisted cascaded heat pump. Additional areas of study include residential energy optimization and solar and wind energy.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing mechanical engineering consulting, environmental engineering, expert testimony, rates management, research, technical consulting, failure analysis, forensic engineering and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Consultant/Environmental Management & Engineering Services

Provided management, marketing, demand management, forecasting and environmental services and mechanical and electrical engineering design services to utilities, industry, government and universities. Testified as an expert witness on utility related matters at the FERC and state commissions; provides environmental engineering services to financial institutions. Provided engineering management and design revision on mechanical systems for the library building being constructed by the Borough of Ephrata, including cost of service studies to the Boroughs of Perkasie, Catawissa, Lehighton, Ephrata, provided engineering design services to the Borough of Perkasie. Project Manager of newly constructed 138/12 KV substation. Testified at State PUC. Provided engineering services to the Boroughs of Catawissa and Lehighton. Conducted a review of Pennsylvania Utilities’ Demand Side Management Programs for the Office of Small Business Advocate, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Provided testimony as Expert Witness at Public Utility Commission generic hearings, and as expert witness for municipal utilities in proceeding at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Provided testimony as Expert Witness for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation on proposed construction of high voltage transmission line to be built by Duquesne Electric and General Public Utilities. Prepared rate case filing for the Wellsboro Electric Company for submission to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Conducted a study and prepared a report for the Ephrata Area Joint Authority on the feasibility of forming an area-wide Authority to provide water and sewage services. Conducted a review of filing documents and prepared testimony as Expert Witness for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Small Business Advocate on rate increase submitted by the Dauphin Consolidated Water Supply Company. Provided for the Borough of Tarentum expert testimony to the State PUC on the remunicipaliztion of the electric distribution system. Provided environmental study assessment for bank for property transfer financing of an industrial site, and expert testimony for Pennsylvania’s Small Business Advocate in Mechanicsburg Water Company and City of Bethlehem rate cases. Routinely provided consulting engineering services to major steel manufacturers, and to the Wellsboro Electric Company. Filed complete cost of service rate case at State PUC. Provided consulting and electrical design services to the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute. Provided market research consulting services to major manufacturer and PA utility, and expert testimony for OSBA in City of Bethlehem Rate Proceeding.


Pennsylvania Power & Light Company

Manager/Rates Was responsible for rate filings with state and federal utility commissions, administration of company’s tariff and rules for service. Directed the analysis of rates and design of rates to properly reflect utility costs to serve and revenue requirement. Conducted specific studies on various subjects such as marginal pricing, economic assessment of energy alternatives, co-generation analysis, pricing of alternative energy purchases, assessment of major customer markets. Expert witness on rates and customer complaints before the public utility commission. Provided marketing intelligence and analysis and negotiated contract rates for large industrial customers with specialized operations. Developed transmission wheeling rates as required. Participated in studies involving utility environmental matters. Conducted teaching seminars for company personnel in the subject areas of rate design and application of customer service policy. Managed and directed the work projects of eleven professional employees. Supervisor-Research & Technical Services Directed energy and demand side management research programs, provided technical assistance to company employees and consulting engineers, and conducted training programs for company employees and customers in heating and air conditioning and electrical design. Research projects included planning, design and construction of energy efficient residential unit, design of three piece heat pump, design of solar collectors, building construction innovations, design of electrical interlock Provided consulting services to variety of clients including federally funded programs including the Mitre Corporation, Franklin Research Center, Carrier Air Conditioning Company, Lennox Air Conditioning Company, Electric Power Research Institute, Drexel University, Lehigh University, National Academy of Science, Armstrong World Industries. Extensive computer programming. Prepared and conducted numerous training programs in engineering design and utility economics. Worked extensively with Pennsylvania State Agencies on energy matters. Supervisor-Market Research esponsible for and directed all of the Company’s market research activities, forecasted company sales on near and long term basis, provided technical assistance to cost of service analysis and sales programming. Directed market research surveys, telephone, mail and mail intercepts, and provided analysis and reports. Validated sales goals of marketing department. Technical Consultant Assisted company personnel in detailed engineering studies and prepared engineering use studies. Wrote computer programs to calculate heat loss and gain energy requirements. Prepared computer program to determine energy input into cogeneration plants, and wrote a computer program to determine both indoor and outdoor illumination requirements. Provided engineering assistance on heating and cooling to consulting engineers, and training courses on electrical distribution, plumbing techniques, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and economic evaluation of alternatives. Conducted process heating studies. Worked extensively on resolving operational problems of heating and cooling systems. Designed heating, cooling and electrical distribution systems and consulted with architects and consulting engineers on building mechanical systems. Industrial Sales Representative Responsible for service and marketing needs for approximately 300 company industrial customers. Provided interface with consulting engineers, electrical distribution and heating and cooling design assistance to customers and marketed electrical energy applications when appropriate. Resolved billing problems; provided formal training programs to customers. Customer businesses included textile, glass melting, steel fabrication, printing, hospitals, foundries, electronics, coal mining, light metals.

Numerous publications on topics related to energy estimating, computerized lighting calculations, a solar assisted cascaded heat pump, residential energy optimization, solar and wind energy, and more.

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