Natural Resource, Forestry and Silviculturist Expert Consultant Resumes
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This expert attended the State University College of Forestry in Syracuse, NY and received a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from that institution.

Natural Resource, Forestry and Silviculturist Expert Consultant Resumes

This expert has experience in timber sales, marketing timber products, and timber property evaluations. This consultant also has expertise in timber taxes and timber harvesting operations.

This consultant offers expertise in natural resource management, environmental assessment, and has experience in natural resource litigation issues. This expert also has experience as chain of custody auditor for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood products.

This expert is highly experienced in areas including management of recreation, fire control, oil, gas and minerals. Use of permits, wildlife, watershed and timber programs are also areas of this consultant's expertise. Other areas of experience of this expert include reforestation, TSI, herbicide and fertilization programs. Deed searches and surveying techniques are included in this consultant's experience. Landslide restoration and road assessments, reforestation, and water quality monitoring are areas of specialty for this expert. This consultant is experienced in international forest management and policy.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in natural resource management, silvicultural alternatives, resource and forestry consulting, environmental assessment, natural resource litigation consulting, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Natural Resource and Forestry Consultant

Worked with various clients in the management of their timber properties. Specialized in timber sales, marketing timber products, timber property evaluations, timber taxes, natural resource litigation issues, chain of custody auditor for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) wood products, and developing management plans under the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program.


Operations-Forester Team Leade, Northwest Pennsylvania

Was responsible for managing the implementation of 250,000-acre District recreation, fire control, oil, gas, minerals, use permits, wildlife, watershed and timber programs. Managed a complex Million-dollar program budget and $13.5 million in timber contracts. Forest Type consisted of Alleghany, Northern and Oak hardwoods. Major species worked with are back cherry, red maple, sugar maple, birch, beech, and red pine. As a Certified Silviculturist, was responsible for the District's reforestation, TSI, herbicide and fertilization programs. Developed the first commercial hardwood plantations in western Pennsylvania. Represented the District in contacts with the general public and Federal, State and local governmental agencies. Utilized consensus building and negotiating skills amongst team members, the general public, contractors and Forest users. Provided technical environmental advice to the District's Design Team during the development of District Environmental Assessment projects. Supervised a staff of 12 employees.


Owner-Forester of 350 acres of Hardwood Forest in western Pennsylvania

Developed management and harvest plans. Worked with various independent operators in plan implementation. Worked with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry's tree farming and Forest Stewardship programs to private landowners. Developed a major timber sale utilizing helicopter logging in order to minimize the environmental impacts to the land due to steep slopes and watershed concerns.


Owner/ operator of 848 acres of mineral rights

Entered into negotiations with oil and gas companies in the development of these rights. Worked with deed searches and surveying techniques. Interpreted available geological data in the analysis of a property's mineral potential. This mineral ownership was in the Marcellus gas shale.


Owner/ operator of 230 acres of Indigenous Old Growth Pine Forest, Honduras, C.A.

Managed the Property for timber production. Dealt with the local legal system in land tenure issues. Worked with Honduran Forest Service, local sawmills and reality firms in the management of this tract.



Worked in developing fuels reduction prescriptions on 6,000-acre parcel in Montana. Various ecosystems were encountered from low elevation open ponderosa pine to high elevation spruce douglas fir forest. Worked in old growth and young regeneration stands.


Forester, Technical Advisor in Colombia, South America

Developed a chain of custody proposal for timber harvesting operations for the US Agency for International Development (USAID)/MIDAS project. Evaluated project needs for AID, including added value/forestry value chains and developed recommendations to improve efficiencies and increase financial returns to local communities that participated within the project’s scope.


ID Team Leader/ Silviculturist

Was ID Team leader on a 14,000-acre watershed environmental assessment in cooperation with the US Department of Energy (DOE) on the Savanna River District Site. Developed silvicultural alternatives and prescriptions for southern pine (slash, longleaf) and hardwood stands. Worked cooperatively with agency biologist in order to develop prescriptions that improved habitat for the federally endangered Red Cockaded Wood Pecker. Worked with University of South Carolina specialist in archeology and ecology as well as USFS agency specialist in developing a final assessment report that was jointly reviewed and approved by DOE and USFS. Developed recommendations for improving efficiencies in development of future on-site projects.


Instructor, Namibia, Africa

As part of a multi-national cadre of instructors, developed and instructed a two week training course on sustainable forestry, and forest and wildlife inventory methodologies. Instructed a multi-national group of professionals and key community members from Botswana, Namibia, Angola and Zambia that were associated with the Okavango Integrated River Basin Management Project funded by the US Agency for International Development (AID). Coordinated with the Namibian Forest Service research branch to develop a partnership with the Angolan Institute of Forestry Development and IP whereby the skills of the Namibian Forest Service could be leveraged to cost effectively assist the Angolans in developing a national inventory system. Over 40 participants were reached and headway made in helping to develop skills to assist in the Okavango Integrated River Basin Management Project implementation.

Environmental Assessment Team – Nicaragua
Tree Identification, Vegetation Assessment, and Wildlife Monitoring, Namibia, Africa
Technical Advisor to the Dominican Republic
Technical Silviculturist Advisor to the Dominican Republic
US Project Leader – Honduras Watershed Restoration Project
Honduras Watershed Restoration Project – Coffee

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