Welding, Safety Standards, Code Compliance Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of CNQ Consultant

  • Oil/Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Aerospace
  • Civil/Structural-Construction
  • Heavy Manufacturing

This expert attended the Certified Quality Auditor primer course for the ASQ-CQA Exam at the Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY.

This expert has an Applied Science Certificate in Welding Technology, Welding Processes, Metallurgy, and Inspection from the Corden Porter Technical Career Center.

Welding, Safety Standards, Code Compliance Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is an expert in technical welding, construction management, complex fabrication, and QA/QC. Further expertise includes quality systems and NDT, in the oil/gas, pressure vessel, aerospace, and civil/structural-construction industries. Further industries in which this consultant has knowledge are the nuclear and heavy manufacturing fields. This expert has worked as an inspector, welding engineer, trainer, and consultant in those industries.

This consultant has extensive experience in onshore and offshore fabrication front end engineering-design review (FEED) QA/QC management, specification-ITP review and development, fabrication oversight, and supply chain development of qualified special process vendors and critical welding/NDT procedure qualification and inspection management for sub-sea engineered components. Additional experience includes pipelines, production and replacement riser systems; sub sea plets, and manifolds. This consultant has experience with trees, SCR's for previous and on-going work in the GOM for FMC, BP America, and BHPB and Enbridge pipeline. This associate has extensive sub sea and topsides fabrication experience.

Additional experience in civil construction, erection of structural buildings/bridges, movable and fixed, cable stayed and fracture critical bridge fabrication as well as structural building repairs and retrofits. Knowledge of ICC, IBC BOCA, ICBO OSHA, and AWS. Further expertise includes AISC, ACI, ASTM, and FEMA (350, 353). This consultant has experience with SBC and numerous DOT, AASHTO, NSBA, and SSPC codes and standards. This expert is a current ICC Structural Special Welding Inspector Certified.

This expert provides technical solutions for welding design, Phased Array AUT, API 1104-Appendix A- ECA based criteria, and PWHT of sensitive low alloy steels/forgings for sub sea-ISO/NACE compliant requirements.

This associate offers expert witness and testimony experience involving safety standards and code/project compliance in welding requirements.

This consultant provides manufacturing start-up and training-motivating of welding, fabrication and QC inspection personnel. Additional expertise in QA auditing and vendor evaluations for clients supply chain and assisting with strategic sourcing of vendors to comply as per API Q1, NQA 1, ISO 9000, and A2LA. Further expertise includes AISC, AWS, NSBA, and ASME. The associate provides expertise with NACE, NB, NADCAP, and project quality-technical requirements.

This associate has extensive knowledge regarding development of welding procedures and specifications, with proven experience in the development of manual, semi and automatic welding procedures for carbon low alloy welding using GTAW hot wire, cold wire- (pulsed) SMAW, SAW, FCAW, GMAW-S and pulsed) Tandem pulsed. Further knowledge includes EBW, LBW, RSW, and Plasma transfer alloy powder and FW processes (per ASME IX, API 1104, NACE MR0175-15156-2, B31.1, B31.3, B31.8, ISO 3834, EN 288, AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.4, D1.5, D1.6, D17.1, and NAVSEA-ABS requirements). WPS/PQR development experience is enhanced by excellent communication/negotiation skills with current AWS/ASNT/ACCP-GI/PED 97/23, EC/EN473/TUV, ASQ, and AWS certifications. Further certifications include ASNT and CSWIP to include-CSWIP-NDT45 Automated Ultrasonic-Phased Array and TOFD Interpretation certification. Expert has participated in development of SCR fabrication and LAS corrosion resistant welding specifications and phased array and TOFD AUT specifications and procedures. This associate has experience with A707, F22, 8630 Mod, and 4130. Expert has extensive experience with F6NM, 410SS, and Inconel procedure development experience.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in technical welding, construction management, QA/QC management and NDT consulting, welding, fabrication and QC inspection, safety standards and code compliance expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Principal Consultant, Vice President, welding consulting firm

Provided technical services to major oil companies as Welding Engineer and Quality consultant responsible for shop, sub-vendor welding procedure qualification reviews, welding program audit and establishing liaison for supply chain management and assuring vendor meets customer and end user requirements. ITP and project specification reviews. Served as a primary riser welding engineer to direct vertical access group for API 1004 and BS 7910and ECA based welding qualifications and project requirements based upon based design requirements. Supervised and provided contract inspection/surveillance services to various organizations with typically up to (8) full-time CWI-Specialized Technical Specialists. Provided contract/consulting, training and inspection services to contractors, chemical and oil companies, major structural fabricators, pressure vessel/piping manufacturers and engineering/inspection organizations. Prepared, implemented and monitored Quality Manuals/Systems, ITP's to API, NBIC, AWS, ASME, DNV, EN, ABS, NQA-1, AS 9000/9100 and ISO standards. Conducted vendor surveillance, audits and inspection as per ITP's and customer requirements. Conducted supply chain vendor audits and project consulting to Bp-Technip-/NDE quality systems for welding and NDT critical service sub sea equipment and compliance to API 6A, 17D, 2A, NACE MR-0175-ISO 15156-2 and 3 for deepwater GOM projects. Consultant to new 1 million+ SF manufacturing facility. Set up all AC square wave SAW single and Tandem systems and over 150 miller Access FCAW units and established in-house welder training programs and procedures.


QC/Welding Manager, Stupp Bridge Company, Division Of Stupp Bros. Inc., Bowling Green, KY

Established from the ground breaking of a 400K sq. Ft. fabrication facility, the complete QA/QC, Welding support department complying with AISC, AWS, Ohio DOT 863 and the AASHTO. Developed welder-training programs for structural steel/bridge welding adopted by the Kentucky Department of Education and the Bowling Green Technical College. Established all welding parameters for all single and TANDEM SAW automated Ogden/Lincoln welding gantries and semi-automatic equipment during installation and PQR testing. Supervised and trained all visual and NDE inspection personnel. Coordinated all NDE and pre-fabrication conferences for with departments of transportation and outside auditing, 3rd party inspection agencies for major steel bridge fabrication. Prepare all WPS's and PQR's to include HPS 70W Q&T and TMCP per AWS D1.5, AREMA and AWS D1.1.


Sales/Welding Engineer, A Major Welding Distributor

Managed over 1.8 million in welding equipment and consumable sales in the southeast USA while providing technical support and automatic welding equipment troubleshooting as well as equipment (Miller, Esab, Hobart) recommendations to the Dana Corporation, Rockwell, Tower Automotive, Volvo Heavy Construction, Hayes-Lemmerz, Tenneco Automotive and other QS 9000 manufacturing- OEM facilities.


Sales/Welding Applications Engineer, Cloos Robotic Welding Systems, Schaumburg, IL/Haiger, Germany

Responsible for effectively communicating with client welding engineering/manufacturing engineering departments throughout the southeast U.S. and assisting in the L/O and design of the most economical and productive GMAW and TANDEM robotic arc welding/automated systems for the welding application involved. This included tooling/fixtures and positioner's, cycle time analyses, proposal development and weldment justification review. Worked with John Deere, Caterpillar and Volvo Heavy Construction, Heil Co., Merritor Automotive. Sold and supported Twin-Pulsed Arc GMAW tandem welding systems to Kamatsu, Heil and Volvo-Heavy Construction Equipment division.


Manager-Welding Engineering, Union Tank Car Company, Houston-Sheldon, TX

Established from start-up of a 500K sq. ft. rail tank car manufacturing facility, the complete plant welding engineering department to include automated circumference and longitudinal SAW manipulators and fixtures with seam tracking; FCAW boom packages; plasma system and table layout; PQR's, WPS, WPQR's in PC data base format; R&D for improvement of weld deposition rates/efficiencies while reducing labor cost, improving operational processes; Prepared WPS's for all welding and hard facing, clad/overlay utilizing SMAW, SAW, GMAW on austenitic and martensitic stainless steels; Maintained machine calibrations, drawing logs, engineering specifications, PWHT furnace calibrations, production test plates per AAR Appendix W; to include mechanical/metallurgical testing results and vessel qualification records per AAR and ASME; Supervised and directed welding technicians; Responsible for annual department budget.


Engineering Technician, Corporate CWI/CWE, Modjeski & Masters Consulting Engineers, New Orleans, LA

Prepared structural welding and NDE engineering project specifications and review of contractor procedures per AWS D1.5 & AWS D1.1, D1.4, and D1.2. Presented training seminars in NDE and structural bridge welding to DOT agencies, universities, and in- house EIT's and P.E.'s. Performed in depth shop and field inspection/NDT of both FCM & non-FC- fatigue sensitive details utilizing NDT. Structural bridge inspection NDE team leader for fracture critical structural-cantilever-suspended bridges in the state of Louisiana. Developed procedures and conducted bridge hanger pin UT inspection for LADOTD, NYDOT, and AMTRAK. Supervised cement plant batch mix inspection and QC in field. Verified quantity and quality for all work by GC and reporting to owner.


Project QA Specialist, Under Contract To BP Alliance Refinery, Walk Haydel & Associates, Inc., New Orleans, LA

Responsible for the daily construction/quality control of the vapor recovery station project at the Alliance Refinery, LA; Inspection of piping systems per ANSI B31.3, rotating equipment and related supports; Approved and maintained ASME IX, PQRs, WPSs, WPTRs, Hydro-testing and radiography records for project; Review and submittal of all client engineering change orders and design modifications for compliance with ANSI B31.3; Maintained hours (billable & non-billable) and force account work for general and all sub-contractors assigned to project.

Capital Equipment Recommendations - For large manufacturing and construction projects to improve efficiency/quality. i.e. for plasma cutting equipment, high deposition welding, internal lineup clamps, fixtures, and positioners, advanced NDT equipment and other major fabrication and welding equipment.

QA/ Project Consulting - Experience in ITP/MQPQ (quality-inspection tests plans) development for large structural- jackets, piles manifolds, Y-Plets, on-shore pipelines, sub-sea equipment-PIP, SCR's, Flow lines/, high rise buildings, FC bridges, event-stadiums, power plant walk downs, nuclear ISI, aerospace-NADCAP compliant, petro-chemical, pressure vessel inspection, skid and spool piping fabrication packages. Have worked abroad to include- S.E. Asia-Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, UK, South America, China and Canada. Current passport.

Served as the SCR, Flowline, manifold, Plet Quality consulting-Welding Engineering under contract to FMC Energy (previous) DVA group on multiple projects for the Sub Sea and direct vertical access work groups as well as to Marathon Oil Company. Provide Contract technical welding consulting to various projects and subject matter expert to supply chain group.

Extensive working knowledge of quality systems and quality control programs for deepwater applications with extensive "hands on" welding and NDT applications experience. Proven knowledge of materials, dimensional control, welding and NDE systems of deepwater steel catenary and top tensioned risers and connectors. Pipe supply dimensional control and tolerances, pipe end dimensioning systems and fabrication tolerances, pipe welding systems (particularly those relevant to closed gap narrow joint with GTAW hot wire Inconel), pipeline (manual and automated) UT systems PA and TOFD.

Experienced regarding relationship between joint design, welding and NDT processes, POD and ECA results. Weld procedure and fatigue testing requirements and programs per DNV, API 2Z, ECA's-BS7910, API 1104 Appendix A and API RP2A. Proven knowledge of fabrication codes and standards for sub sea deepwater applications. Extensive experience in management of Contract Quality and SHE requirements to ensure Contractor adherence. Demonstrated experience with corrosion control, thermal insulation, coatings and TSA. Bundle, DJ, Quad and Connector fabrication experience. Proven experience in installation of pipelines and risers. Site inspection leadership capability for civil- including concrete, soil and structural large and medium size projects.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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