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  • Automotive Industry
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  • Industrial Engineering

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit

Master in Technology, Majoring in Quality, Reliability, and Operations Research, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India

Masters in Science, Majoring in Statistics, Meerut University, Meerut, India

Bachelors in Science, Majoring in Statistics, University of Pune, Ahmadnagar College, India

This expert has over twenty years of professional experience in the area of applied statistics. This includes over seven years of consulting and training experience to various Indian industries such as automotive, cutting tool, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, software, chemical, defense, etc., in the areas of statistical process control, design of experiments, quality engineering, problem solving tools, six-sigma, and quality management systems. This also includes extensive research and work experience of over five years in the areas of quality, reliability, and six-sigma.

Research interests include applications in multivariate diagnosis/pattern recognition and data mining, developing meta-models using computer experiments, prediction of unexpended warranty costs, and field performance studies from large warranty datasets. This consultant is a well-published author in the engineering and sciences fields and has presented at numerous professional meetings and conferences such as SAE World Conference, INFORMS Annual Meetings, Industrial Engineering Research Conference, ASQs Annual Quality Congress, Taguchi's Robust Engineering Symposium, and Canadian Reliability and Maintainability Symposium.

This expert has won Awards for Excellence and exemplary teamwork and is certified as ISO 9000 lead assessor from British Standards Institute, ISO 14000 lead assessor from Marsden Environmental International, and Six Sigma Black Belt from American Society for Quality.

Expert Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Providing expert consulting services in the automotive, science, and technology fields to a wide variety of clients.

Associate Professor of Business Statistics, College of Business, Major University

  • ·Developed blended courses for POM212 business statistics, POM 345 operations management, POM 425 materials management, and POM 500 statistical analysis classes using myCourses website. The myCourses components include a pre-course test, online quizzes to be taken by students after completion of each chapter, and Excel based homework assignments with large real-life type datasets.
  • ·Customized PowerPoint presentation slides to improve the flow of the course material during the semester for POM212 business statistics, POM 345 operations management, POM 425 materials management, and POM 500 statistical analysis classes.
  • ·Created classroom exercises and homework assignments to encourage use of statistical functions and data analysis features available with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • ·Used features of Tablet-PC for improving the learning experience of students. Text book problems and homework assignments solved using tablet-PC features such as Microsoft’s Windows Journal, were converted into pdf format and made available on myCourses for students to refer.
  • ·Modified current syllabus/schedule document to incorporate ethics, technology, and globalization aspects for POM 212 business statistics class.
  • Proposed special topics course on Six-Sigma for MBA students and PG Certificate course in “Applied Statistical Methodology for Business Executives”.

Quality & Reliability Engineer, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn through RGBSI, Detroit, MI

  • Supported National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation with statistical and reliability studies and conducted vehicle level testing to replicate conditions leading to engine stalls issue experienced by the customers. Received an award for exemplary teamwork on the project.
  • ·Carried out extensive analysis to demonstrate the rationale for Owner Notification Program actions and root causes of increasing warranty spend for North American Diesel (NAD) group. Received an excellence award for the efforts from the Director of NAD, joint ventures and alliances.
  • ·Led a six-sigma project as black belt for developing a web-based tool called “TNI Parts Analysis Tool" that integrates warranty datasets and results of teardown analysis of returned parts done by part suppliers. The tool helps in early localization of probable root causes for warranty cost reduction and provides improved efficiency in problem solving. After production release of the web-tool, provided training in the use of this tool to six-sigma black-belts and engineers.
  • ·Completed consumer driven six-sigma greenbelt ‘train the trainer’ program necessary to provide greenbelt training. Conducted ‘Lunch-time tools’ training on Hazard analysis and supported supplier training on reliability and robustness. Also worked with six-sigma master black belts in identifying and scoping new six sigma black belt projects for 6.0L diesel engine problems.
  • ·Worked on warranty cost reduction efforts using data mining tools for data-pattern-discovery. Applications involved studies of associative patterns for multiple repairs using labor operation codes and causal parts, and extensive dealership performance analysis.

Graduate Research Assistant/ Research Technician, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI (At Ford Motor Company)

  • ·Supported transmission teams at Automatic Transmission New Product Development Center, Livonia with warranty projections for new time/mileage coverage. A modeling framework was developed to assess the impact of such changes on warranty claims and costs. Also worked on numerous reliability studies of transmission and engine parts using warranty data. These assignments led to two refereed journal publications and a conference paper.
  • ·Carried out extensive component-level field reliability studies for 6.0L diesel engine at North American Diesel, Dearborn using warranty data and developed forecasts for warranty claims and warranty costs using neural networks. Further research on these assignments led to four refereed journal publications (three published and one under review) and a conference paper.
  • ·Developed and maintained single agenda for quality and roadmap actions for the quarterback teams at North American Diesel working on purchased diesel engine. Also worked with six-sigma master black belts and black belts on design for six sigma projects by providing support on statistical methods.
  • Received training on following topics: Design for six-sigma – Modules Define, Characterize, and Optimize; Analytical warranty system; Experimental design; Tolerance design; Parameter design; Applied consumer focus; Process control methods; Systems engineering; Global 8D; Design verification, production and process validation (DVP&PV); Reliability engineering; Power stroke diesel operation; Worldwide Engineering Release System; Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) training for engineers.

Graduate Research Assistant, Ford Motor Company, Wayne State University, EMMP, Detroit, MI

  • ·Supported Engineering Management Masters Program (EMMP) students from Ford Motor Company in successfully completing their third year team projects. These projects required the teams to identify and work on real business problems and recommend solutions.
  • ·Worked with a team of EMMP faculty members at Industrial Engineering department of Wayne State University to improve the course material for the EMMP classes.

SQC Specialist, Indian Statistical Institute

  • Consulting assignments in the areas of Design of Experiments, 6-Sigma, SPC, & ISO/Q 9000 to following Indian industries:
  • ·Automotive: Kinetic Engineering (Ahmadnagar), Bajaj Auto (Pune), Paranjape Autocast (Satara), Panse Autocomp Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
  • ·Engineering: Godrej (Mumbai), VIP Industries (Jalgaon), Baker Gauges Ltd. (Pune)
  • ·Cutting tool: Widia India Ltd. (Bangalore)
  • ·Electronics: Whirlpool (Pune), L&T (electronics division), Ace Components (Mysore), Dalmia Electronics and Indian Telephone Industries (Bangalore), BHEL (Bhopal)
  • ·Food: Tata Tea (Packeting centers at Munnar), Milima Ice cream (Trivandrum)
  • ·Pharmaceutical: Peninsula Polymers (Trivandrum)
  • ·Software: Abweb Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (Pune)
  • ·Chemical: Clariant India Ltd. (Mumbai)
  • ·Defense: Ammunition Factory (Khadki)

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