Industrial Engineering, Human Factors, Aviation Engineering, Technology, Software Design Expert Consultant Resume
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  • Commercial and Military Computer Programs
  • Aviation Systems Engineering
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Technology
  • Software Design

Ph.D. Human Factors, University of Washington

M.S. Human Factors, University of Washington

B.S. Industrial Engineering, University of Washington

An accomplished human factors engineer, user interface designer, and systems and software engineer specializing in analysis of complex systems, user centered design, information architecture, user experience, systems and software engineering, object oriented analysis, and modeling and simulation. Extensive experience in the entire software design and development life cycle applied to a wide range of domains from embedded mobile devices though enterprise class mission critical applications. Having received numerous awards, this expert is a well-published author.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Providing expert human factors engineering, system software design and engineering consulting services to a wide variety of clients.
CEO, A Major Software Company, Seattle, WA
Senior human factors engineer, user interface designer, and software architect for a wide range of advanced commercial and military programs within the Boeing Company.
  • Senior modeling and simulation engineer developing advanced discrete event and agent based software tools, models, and simulations in the areas of missile defense, homeland security, battle command management, networking and communications, air traffic control, software simulation, and UAV command and control.
  • Lead system architect developing advanced air traffic control analysis applications, toolsets, and trade study simulations for Boeing Air Traffic Management. Technical lead responsible for tasking of twelve engineers.
  • Architect of the Boeing Human Agent Model; an advanced model for the simulation of human sensory, cognitive, and motor performance as applied to the roles of air traffic controllers, pilots, and UAV operators.
  • Lead human factors engineer and user interface designer for Boeing’s main internal vector and raster computer aided drafting and editing system that produces all maintenance manuals, shop floor illustrations, and service bulletins for all Boeing commercial aircraft.
  • Systems Engineer for the Future Combat Systems Network Systems and Software Engineering group.
Additional responsibilities include system engineering, requirements analysis, functional specification, use case development, user stories, application prototyping, modeling and simulation, object oriented software architecture, analysis and design, as well as UML, C++, Java, and Visual Basic software development.
Entrepreneur in Residence, Spyglass Ventures, Los Angeles, CA
Lead technologist and entrepreneur in residence for a Los Angeles based media oriented venture capital firm focusing on early stage private equity investing. Responsibilities include evaluating investment opportunities, generating new business ideas, and providing functional expertise to assist existing investments.
User Interface Designer, ObjectSpeed, Seattle, WA
Lead user interface and interaction designer for a startup technology company specializing in consumer VoIP products. Responsible for all user interface design, information architecture design, and human factors activities. Additional responsibilities include functional specification, human factors analysis, requirements analysis, application prototyping, graphical design, and user interface programming.
User Interface Designer, Ahaza Systems, Seattle, WA
Lead user interface and interaction designer responsible for all user interface design and development activities associated with a complete line of advanced IPv6 network hardware devices. Duties include user interface design, human factors analysis, and interactive application prototyping.
User Interface Designer, Eyematic Interfaces, Seattle, WA
Lead human factors and interaction designer responsible for all user interface design and development activities associated with real-time web based 3D facial tracking, animation, avatar creation and editing software. Duties include requirements analysis, functional specification, user interface design, and human factors analysis.
User Interface Designer, Teague Corporation/AT&T Wireless, Redmond, WA
Lead human factors and interaction designer for a large industrial design firm. Responsible for all human factors and user interface design, analysis, and documentation for the first two way wireless pager.
Associate Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Human Factors Professor at the University of Washington Industrial Engineering Department. Duties include teaching, writing research proposals, designing and conducting funded human factors experiments for the National Science Foundation, as well as hiring and supervising students.
Software Design Engineer, Socha Computing, Bellevue, WA
Responsible for designing and developing interactive multimedia games as well as educational software for children and adults. Duties include functional specification, software design and architecture, user interface design, application prototyping, software development, focus group testing, and internet research.
Network Engineer, PSF Industries, Seattle, WA
Independent consultant to a mechanical engineering firm specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of large scale, high pressure vessels. Responsible for designing, procuring, and installing a state of the art networked computer aided engineering system to greatly improve design quality and engineer productivity.
Human Factors Researcher, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Responsible for designing and performing advanced human factors experiments relating to virtual worlds and advanced visualization research. Funded by the National Science Foundation to conduct research on advanced software and hardware interfaces for virtual environments. Duties include user interface design, systems design, software development, graphics programming, experimental design, as well as hardware and software interfacing.
Alias Animator, Technology Design, Bellevue, WA
Independent contractor to a industrial design firm specializing in high technology hardware design for computers and consumer electronics products. Created models, animations, and renderings that were used for product engineering and marketing. Services also included training, hardware and software installation, and system optimization.
Operations Manager, Micro Products, Bellevue, WA
Managed large scale computer graphics conversion contracts. Installed and optimized a custom optical scanning and capture system for a computer graphics scanning company. Responsibilities also included employee management, production scheduling, subcontracting and outsourcing, and software development.
Industrial Engineering Consultant, Avtech Corporation, Seattle, WA
Professional industrial engineer for a large aerospace digital electronics company. Solely responsible for completely redesigning the entire manufacturing facility to optimize the assembly of multiple lines of digital avionics communication equipment. Additional responsibilities included integrating software for a CNC milling center to completely automate the production of lighted instrument displays panels.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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