Industrial, Manufacturing, Operations Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of GOC, Ph.D. Consultant

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This expert was the recipient of a Ph.D. in Operations Research from The Ohio State University.

This expert was the recipient of a M. Sc. I. E. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern California.

This expert was the recipient of a B.S.I.E. in Industrial Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Industrial, Manufacturing, Operations Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has extensive knowledge in applied statistical methods, statistical process control, design of experiments, and development and use of simulation models to improve system performance. Other areas of expertise this consultant has include cost analysis, production control, standard times and other industrial engineering functions.

This associate's experience includes quality assurance of incoming materials for food manufacturers, micro test reliability, yield of welds with respect to porosity, and weld defect analysis. This consultant is knowledgeable in supplier operations improvement, production control, cost analysis, and statistical process control. This expert's capabilities include simulation software development, and scrap reduction.

Specialization of this expert includes dimensional variability in automobile door frame production, computer model for weld cost estimation, and shrink wrapped gift set assembly. This expert also specializes in process improvement, computer model for complete fusion probability, and weld quality improvement.

This associate offers expertise specific to statistical process control, regression analysis, product reliability, and simulation of robotic cell mold production. Methods for abating mine drainage pollution, flood plain management simulation, and water resource management are also areas of expertise.

Other areas of specialty in this consultant's background include combat simulation, equipment performance, tactics, and organizational structures for armored battalions. Stochastic combat model, rocket engine system analysis, and nuclear waste disposal reliability are other areas of interest this expert has. This expert also has knowledge in reliability analyses of cryogenic systems and control systems, and conveyor line simulation.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing industrial engineering consulting, manufacturing engineering, operations research, project direction, engineering, failure analysis, forensic engineering and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Industrial Engineering Consultant

Development of a SPC system for monitoring the quality of incoming materials for a manufacturer of food products. Use of regression analyses and other statistical methods to determine important factors affecting the reliability of micro tests. These tests determine whether yeast or mold is present in processed food. Development of a model to estimate the yield of welds with respect to porosity criteria. The model uses detailed pore measurements from X-rays. Design and analysis of experiments to estimate the effect of critical factors on porosity in welds. Statistical analyses of performance data produced by a neural-net classifier of weld defects. Developed a method for selecting welds for training the neural net. Member of a team performing assessments of supplier operations to improve the total quality of joining operations. Responsibilities emphasized production control, cost analysis, standard times, statistical process control and other industrial engineering functions. Completed assessments for thirty-one companies. Development and use of simulation models to determine resource requirements for a repair shop, lot sizes for a job shop, kanban sizes for a lean manufacturing system, and software requirements for an information system. Developed simulation software so that client avoids purchasing a commercial simulation package. Analysis of quality data for a weld cell producing automobile door frames. The analysis identified significant variables causing dimensional variability. By focusing on these variables, the manufacturer reduced scrap and rework by 15%. Analyses of an assembly line that produces shrink-wrapped gift sets. The analyses included detailed time studies of each operation. The analyses produced specific recommendations for improving productivity by method changes and improved balancing of tasks. The line productivity doubled. Development of a model to estimate the probability of complete fusion based on critical variables such as fixture runout, weld width and beam alignment. Results from the model have improved weld quality by identifying requirements for maximum fixture runout. The sponsor funded the development of a computer program to facilitate model calculations. Development and teaching of short courses in the areas of production control, statistical process control, regression analysis and product reliability. Bradken Marion Corporation, Marion, Ohio Simulation modeling of a robotic cell to produce molds Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio Simulation modeling and analysis of nuclear waste repositories Ross Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio Developed an algorithm for scheduling their batch-oriented manufacturing process Battelle Memorial Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio Assisted in the development of a reliability analysis program for a nuclear waste disposal facility CVI Corporation, Columbus, Ohio Reliability analyses of cryogenic systems Ranco Corporation, Columbus, Ohio Reliability analyses of control systems Rubbermaid Corporation, Wooster, Ohio Developed simulation models of conveyor lines Professor Emeritus in the Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering Department, a major research university


Professor of industrial and systems engineering, a major research university

Appointed Research Associate, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor. Was responsible for courses in system simulation, manufacturing systems, stochastic processes, and queueing theory. Funded research projects: Development of estimators for standard times using operational shop floor data (Funded by AT&T). Reduction of gear manufacturing throughput time (Funded by IIT Research Institute). Development of welding cost models (Funded by Edison Welding Institute).


Application Systems Division, IBM

Sabbatical to formulate requirements for a decision support system using simulation in a CIM environment. Performed extensive interviews of manufacturing management at both IBM and other company plants to gather inputs for these requirements.


Project Director, Principal Investigator, Systems Research Group, The Ohio State University

Director of University Urban Mass Transit Research and Training Grant. Project to recommend policies for commuter aviation in Ohio. Project to develop optimization methods for abating mine drainage pollution. Projects to develop a regional flood-plain management simulation model and to determine cost-effective engineering techniques for use in flood-plain management. Project to plan the development of a water resource management system for Ohio. Project to develop a computer mapping system for water resource planning. Projects to develop a high-resolution combat simulation of mobile battalion engagements. The Army used this model to evaluate equipment performance, tactics, and organizational structures for armored battalions. Formulated a stochastic combat model which was used by the Army to extrapolate the results for a small-unit combat simulation in a large-unit model.


Senior Research Engineer, Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation

Responsible for developing analytical methods for predicting the relationship between reliability growth and development effort for advanced rocket engine systems (two years). Responsible engineer for the Atlas reliability engineering effort and for coordinating the reliability program with the Atlas program office.


Manufacturing Engineer, General Electric Company

Performed process quality and engineering economy studies.

This expert is the author of numerous publications appearing in journals and conference proceedings and many presentations to professional society meetings.

This expert is the co-author of Welding Handbook chapter on "Economics of Welding and

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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