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This expert has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Control Systems with a Manufacturing Major from Huddersfield University, UK.

Control Systems Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has extensive knowledge in manufacturing engineering and has worked with a variety of clients.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing manufacturing engineering consulting services to a wide variety of clients.


Manufacturing Engineering Manager , E-business and Internet solutions firm, Santa Clara, CA

Responsible for Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Test of 13U Rack mounted 144 Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Managed Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), System Assembly and Test including 5DX, Oblique X-Ray, Functional Test, System Integration, Burn In and Customer Configuration Traffic Tests at EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) partner site. Outsourced Test Development to ensure new products were In Circuit Test (ICT) testable at Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout stage, eliminating costly re-designs while maintaining New Product Introduction (NPI) Schedules, with parallel layout processes. Identified a Field Failure root cause to be soldering process/component incompatibility. Developed replacement process, verified replacement process compatibility with Bill of Materials (BOM) and introduced to manufacturing, resulting in failure elimination. Identified a Chip failure mechanism and proved it to be Manufacturer Process related. Instigated the process improvement with the Chip Manufacturer and verified failure mechanism elimination.


PCBA Manufacturing Operations Manager , Vernier Networks

Responsible for all PCBA Manufacturing (EMS Management), Test (ICT and Functional Test), Fulfillment and Product Quality. Identified a 5DX (X-Ray) capability/programming limitation that allows insufficient PTH Fill for Lead Free Assembly of Plated Through Hole (PTH) Connectors to pass 5DX inspection. Introduced Oblique X-Ray Screening Process to identify failures. Identified a BGA interconnect intermittent problem and drove Failure Analysis (FA) to comprehensively confirm root cause as PCB Supplier’s responsibility. Negotiated 100% Compensation for PCB, Component and Assembly, contrary to contractual obligation.


Consultant, PCB and PCBA Manufacturing Engineering, Vernier Networks

Advised on all Design For Manufacture (DFM/DFT/DFX) for PCB/PCBA of Network Security Hardware from concept to prototype. Identified and recommended corrective action for Press Fit Hole Non-Conformance at pre-production PCB Fabrication. Avoided $10k PCB remake and saved four weeks off Project timeline to meet product launch deadline.


Engineering Operations Manager, Process Engineering, Solectron HQ

Managed a Process Engineering Department of 15 staff, providing Electronics Manufacturing Equipment and Process Support. Developed Online Status Monitoring of Process Capability (Cpk) for all process equipment to ensure Customer Compliance. System alerted impending non-conformance to prioritize verification activities and ensure 100% Compliance to minimum 3 Sigma. Led Kaizen team to improve average NPI Manufacturing lead time from 6 days to 36 hours. Conducted Process Improvement for Fine Pitch BGA Connectors to increase yield from 67% to 99%+. Developed Paste in Hole (SMT) Process for PTH Co-Axial Connector to eliminate Wave Solder and reduce hand rework 100%. Identified Black Pad failure, instigated Failure Analysis and explained mechanism and elimination options to OEM Customer. Developed Lead Free Wave Process Introduction for HQ site. Introduced Equipment, Processes and Training Procedures. Project Managed the Equipment upgrade to facilitate oversized PCB processing capability (24” x 48”) for NPI site. Implemented Lead Free Consumable Composition Monitoring to limit exposure of Consumable Cross-Contamination. Led Site Engineering Team to ISO 13485 Qualification for HQ Facility. Technical Support Manager, Assembly Technology, Ambitech International Managed PCBA Technology for Ambitech International, a US group of EMS and PCB Manufacturing Companies. Extensive Troubleshooting of Manufacturing Line Issues at Customer Sites to establish root cause ownership between PCB supplier, EMS and OEM. Identified root cause for BGA bridging issue and instigated process capability change to eliminate. Identified Component Internal Delamination Failure Mechanism, established root cause and established visual signature for identifying this failure mechanism with non-destructive X-Ray inspection step. Identified Lead Free incompatibility of a widely available “Lead Free Compatible” PCB Laminate material, developed and conducted testing in conjunction with the Laminate Manufacturer to improve High Temperature compatibility.


Senior Staff Engineer, Manufacturing Process, Caspian Networks

Conducted Process Optimization Project for a 42mm squared, 1mm pitch 1657 ball Hyper BGA ASIC Rework Process which improved Rework Yield from 56% to 99.75%, resulting in $2m cost savings. Proved that a suspected PCB Solderability Issue was induced through insufficient solderpaste volume, developed process improvement and established Upper and Lower Control Limits (UCL and LCL) for controlled paste volume application to eliminate. Identified a BGA interconnect intermittent as a Head in Pillow Failure, developed a non-destructive verification method and implemented process improvement to eliminate failure mechanism.


Senior Automation Engineer, 3Com Corporation

Global Equipment Engineer for Soldering Process Technology for 3Com Manufacturing sites in US, Europe and Asia. Managed a six week Logistics Project establishing a Temporary Product Shipping Operation in the US, replacing a European Hub, realizing an additional $250m Revenue in First Quarter of Operation. Team Member of a World Wide Equipment Development Project that developed, manufactured and introduced the world’s first 20 Linear Zone Reflow Oven, reducing Product Tact Time by more than 30%. Identified a Black Pad failure mechanism during final weeks of an NPI, recommended a corrective action to eliminate the failure mechanism from subsequent production lots, and ensured PCB stock replenishment facilitated product launch deadline. Introduced and optimized Ultrasonic Welding Equipment to facilitate an NPI Project previously unmanufacturable.


Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Tellit Communications (Qualcomm), UK

Project Managed the Upgrade to Manufacturing Facilities, including Manufacturing/Test Line Equipment Upgrades, Power Upgrade and A/C installation, to increase monthly Mobile Phone throughput from 10,000 units to 100,000 Units. Improved First Time Test Yield from 64% to 96% within two months, during production ramp. Identified a Paste Volume Non-Conformance to be introduced by incorrect tooling specification by the Equipment Supplier. Negotiated tooling replacement and verified paste volume conformance, reducing solder opens and shorts by 70%+. Instigated and Implemented Test Margin Review that reduced test fallout by 17%.


Senior Manufacturing Engineer, 3Com Technologies, Ireland

Developed Equipment Supplier Metrics to track issues, fixes and long term resolutions, limiting machine downtime to below 1% in a 24/7 Production Environment, utilizing machine status reporting logs to identify issues and target preventive maintenance tasks. Introduced a 20 mil pitch QFP device with Alloy 42 leads taking initial production yields from 73% to 99.97% within 3 months. Introduced Ink Jet Marking Equipment for Bar-coding High Volume Ethernet Adaptors within 4 second Cycle Time. Introduced PCB Routing Equipment to Depanel Multipanel Assemblies within 3 seconds. Project member for the Expansion Project at 3Com Ireland growing capacity from 100,000 to 2 million units per month. Developed Wave Solder Optimization Process that highlighted optimum De-dross interval to reduce Solder Consumable Spend by 60%+ and reduce machine downtime by 75%, without affecting product quality. Introduced Soldering Consumable Kanban system with Consumable Suppliers to eliminate material shortages.


Special Assignment, 3Com Technologies Singapore, Singapore

Team Member for Project Startup Team responsible for Installation and Bring Up of a Green Field Manufacturing Facility. Achieved a product start-up visual yield of 99.7% and test yield of 96% within two months of production ramp up. Implemented the introduction of Nitrogen Inerting to the reflow process to overcome a component solderability issue that reduced hand rework from 100% of LED components assembled to Zero.


Production Engineer, Zeta Communications Ltd., UK

Managed the Product Design Conversion from PTH to Surface Mount Technology (SMT), evaluated manufacturing equipment and capabilities for implementation and outsourced SMT assembly to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partners. Introduced Semi-Automatic component insertion Standard Setup Process to reduce product changeovers by 90%.


Senior Production Engineer, Rank Xerox, UK

Developed a Program Conversion protocol that could transpose PTH Insertion programs between two different Equipment Manufacturer’s Machines, saving costly Manual Program Translation of up to 40 Man Hours Per Program. Introduced an Automated Pin Insertion Machine to remove Manual Insertion Step and reduce PCB Defects/Damage by 80%. Identified a PTH Socket Failure Mechanism and second sourced Socket to eliminate failures and scrap.


NPI Production Engineer, STC Telecommunications (Nortel), UK

Developed a Standard Machine Setup Process that reduced Product Changeover from 8 Hours to 30 Minutes. Implemented a Shop Floor Data Collection System to provide Real Time Quality Data to Preceding Operation to Improve Quality Feedback and Identify problems as and when they arose.

Rework Process for a 42mm Square, 1mm Pitch, 1657 Ball, BGA ASIC
Head in Pillow Solder Joint Failures
Soldering Process Technology

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