Consumer Product and Workplace Safety Expert Consultant Resume
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  • Consumer & Industrial Safety
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Tribology

This expert has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

This expert received a BME from the University of Minnesota.

Consumer Product and Workplace Safety Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in consumer product and workplace safety. This associate offers expertise specific to industrial safety including electro-mechanical and mechanical systems such as compressed gas systems, firearms, chainsaws, agricultural equipment, and ladders. Further expertise includes punch presses, power shears, power breaks, metal working equipment, and front-end loaders. Other areas of expertise include hydraulic booms, cranes, yard maintenance equipment, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and vehicles, including all terrain vehicles.

Specialization includes vehicle fires, gas valves and gas explosions, medical devices, and elevators. Further specialties are construction equipment, woodworking equipment, consumer products, automatic assembly systems, and material handling equipment. Extensive knowledge includes product design, manufacturing, financial analysis, project management, and human factors. Other knowledge covers work place safety, fire protection and fire safety, hazardous materials, process hazard analysis, confined space entry, safety management, and OSHA.

This expert is highly experienced in areas including product safety, with special interests in safety management consulting and product liability reduction, employee training, providing expert testimony in personal injury and product liability litigation.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing project management, mechanical engineering, consumer product and workplace safety expertise, safety management and product liability consulting, expert testimony, employee training, failure analysis, forensic investigation and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Safety Consultant

Accident investigation for insurance companies and attorneys, expert witness consulting with attorneys, safety consulting with companies in private industry, and teaching safety seminars. Clients include The National Safety Council, Minnesota Safety Council, West Publishing, General Electric, Hoffman Engineering, St. Thomas University, Phillips & Tempro Industries, and OSHA.

Safety Specialist, Corporate Safety Department, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Performed hazard analysis studies on equipment intended for use in 3M plants. Provided safety consulting and training to 3M employees at 3M factory sites. Assisted 3M management in maintaining a safe work environment at assigned plant locations. Conducted loss prevention surveys and follow-up (machine guarding, fire safety concerns, process safety, Lock out/Tag out, Confined Space Entry and Confined Space Rescue, OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, hazardous materials and hazmat). Included a review of OSHA 200 log record keeping for compliance, and review of the safety programs and procedures in place at each plant. Enforced 3M and agency (OSHA, NFPA, NEC, etc.) safety policies, procedures, and regulations. Participated actively on assigned safety committees. Department’s specialist on OSHA CFR Part 1910 and OSHA CFR Part 1926 for Powered Platforms, Manlifts and Vehicle Mounted Work Platforms, Machinery and Machine Guarding, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators and Conveyors, Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment and Marine Operations, Rollover Protective Structures; Overhead Protection. Member of the 3M Corporate Machine Guarding Task Force, the committee to rewrite the 3M Safety Standard For Conveyors, Supervisor’s Safety Training Team, Engineering Safety Lecture Series, Process Safety Hazard Analysis Team, Catastrophe Response Team.

Product Safety Specialist, Hardgoods Technology Center Division, Product Safety And Liability Department, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Conducted product safety reviews for 3M’s operating divisions. Verified that proper policies and procedures were in place to support their product safety program. Acted as a product safety consultant and perform all product safety-related activities for 3M’s operating divisions as requested by the divisions, including advising client divisions on the many aspects of product safety, designing and testing safety related labels reviewing owners/operators/service manuals for safety-related content. Conducted safety audits on products in preparation for phase reviews during a product’s development, prior to “release to production”, and when a product is being modified/changed. This included working closely with Human Factors, Design, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing departments. Audited operating divisions for product safety. Examined the policies and procedures of the operating divisions. Tested materials and/or products to evaluate against published standards (U.L., ANSI, FCC, FDA, international standards, etc.). Included being the liaison between 3M and these agencies. Developed and taught seminars to 3M employees in 3M’s operating divisions. Taught how to design, manufacture, and sell a safe product. Product safety seminar covered legal trends, safety certification, testing programs, hazard analysis, product safety audits, record keeping, design and manufacturing, warnings and labels, post sales activities, and human factors. Investigated “incidents” involving 3M’s products. Conducted detailed and in-depth hazard analysis and safety studies on many 3M products.

Manufacturing Technology Specialist, Engineering Systems Division, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Coordinated the manufacturing aspects of the ES Division laboratory, process engineering, field service, and vendor programs, and provided the necessary guidance to insure that the division’s objectives were met. New Product Introduction, definition, value analysis, management, contracts and agreements, production scale-up and qualification, product safety consultant on new product programs, cost containment/control, quality, schedule, field service design support, remanufacturing and reconditioning, terminate production initiation, activities and support.

Product Service Specialist, Medical Products Division, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Coordinated and provided the necessary guidance to insure that all regulatory agency requirements were met, all biocompatibility testing was completed, all data was properly recorded, and the necessary reports were written and submitted to the proper departments. Acted as product safety consultant on new product programs.

Technical Development Supervisor, Consumer Products Business Development Unit, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Responsibilities included new product concept analysis, product design, safety analysis, product field testing and analysis, and on-going engineering support.

Customer Engineering Service Engineer And Supervisor, Industrial Electrical Products Division, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Responsibilities included new product concept analysis, product design, safety analysis, product field testing and analysis, and on-going engineering support. Selected and economically justified manufacturing systems, including equipment that would improve the customers’ overall manufacturing program. The justification would address fixed and variable cost, quality, work flow, and safety. Selected automation equipment for the specific customer to accomplish their desired manufacturing program, and to meet the goals listed above. Designed and implemented fabrication of custom manufacturing equipment needed to accomplish the desired manufacturing program, and to meet the goals listed above. Aided the customer to redesign their product as required to facilitate automatic assembly/manufacturing. INSTRUCTOR, CONCURRENT WITH THE ABOVE Taught engineering refresher courses for the Human Resources Division of 3M, intended to prepare engineers for the Engineering Fundamentals portion of the Professional Engineering Examination. INSTRUCTOR, CONCURRENT WITH THE ABOVE Taught many seminars on product safety, workplace safety, and OSHA to employees of 3M Company.

Design Group Leader, Printing Products Division, 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Major design responsibility for high tolerance brush trimming machine, updated “giant camera” type of machine, extensively used statistics and designed experiments, printing plate processing equipment.

Design Engineer, Rogers, Freels, And Associates, Minneapolis, MN

Designed booms and cranes, 250 ton railroad wrecker and other railroad equipment, 120 ton and 160 ton dump trucks, various agricultural implements, road grading machines.

Machine Design Engineer, Bemis Bros. Bag Company, Minneapolis, MN

Printing press design.

Test & Evaluation Engineer, Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN

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Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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