Senior Level Engineering, Change Initiatives, Quality, New Product Introduction, Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of OVF, Ph.D., P.E. Consultant

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Product Design and Development
  • Organizational Change

This expert has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.

This expert received a M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

This expert has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee.

Senior Level Engineering, Change Initiatives, Quality, New Product Introduction, Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in organizational change, efficient business processes and measures of performance (metrics), and rescue of bottlenecked, behind schedule, and financially off-track projects. This consultant offers leadership of exceptional global teams to achieve exceptional results.

This expert is experienced in leading world-class continuous improvement and engineering services organizations, providing expert design and process improvement, design validation, engineering outsourcing, and configuration management services. Extensive qualifications include all facets of New Product Introduction, from initial business opportunity analysis and conceptual to final launch. This expert delivered $23 million hard savings from an engineering budget in last 4 years, via lean processes, strategic outsourcing, consolidation and transformation of global organization.

Specific experience includes leading a cross-functional and multinational team of 300 Managers, Engineers, BB/MBB, Technicians, and subcontractors. This expert has partnered with corporate executive-management teams in planning and executing dynamic, enterprise-level initiatives – consolidation, turnaround, and culture change.

Engineering and leadership competencies include Six Sigma, Lean and DFSS leading highly technical professionals as well as unionized workforce, systematic resolution of complex engineering and manufacturing issues buying and managing multi-million dollar engineering capital. Further competencies include consolidation, transformation and culture change developing and managing a $20+ million annual budget as well as quality and reliability engineering selling and reviewing projects at the highest executive levels.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in change initiatives, quality, new product introduction, efficient business processes and measures of performance (metrics), and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Director Continuous Improvement and Infrastructure, TRW Automotive, Steering and Suspension

Led teams to ensure flawless launches of 40 new products with more than 100 variations. Led Six Sigma and Lean effort to identify critical systemic issues with product launches. These projects resulted in 25% improvement in flawless launches. Provided strategic direction to TRW steering and suspension engineering BBs and MBBs whose process and product improvement projects resulted in substantial hard and soft savings. Championed a global validation and proto type lab cultural change initiative aimed at transitioning the organization from a task and function driven to business process driven. Provided leadership to engineering teams on core engineering projects using DFSS. Led a 'Fresh eye' team to systematically resolve structural audible noise issue of worm and gear assembly of electrically powered steering, column drive system.


Global Chief Engineer Six Sigma and Reliability Engineer, TRW Automotive, Steering and Suspension

Focused on continuous improvement, quality and reliability engineering. Developed and led a global team of Six Sigma, Lean and DFSS Experts, Reliability and Quality Engineers, and auditors. Strategically aligned BB and GB projects to systematically resolve major warranty and customer issues for Steering and suspension products. Developed Engineering Excellence Roadmaps for launching new products and improving existing products. These roadmaps had five phases starting from fundamental steps to long-term strategic vision, supported by tools and methodologies. Implemented advanced Reliability Engineering Techniques such as Bayesian Reliability Methods, resulting in 35 to 40% reduction in sample sizes. Guided Reliability Engineering team to automate routine reliability calculations with the help of Excel macros. Led a team responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a Global Quality Management system for Steering Engineering to support TS 16949 requirements. Evaluated proposal for TRW industrial research grants and served as a TRW representative for Steering Engineering related grants to North Dakota University, and University of Michigan.


Lead Black Belt Six Sigma, TRW Automotive, Steering and Suspension

This role was focused on leading the deployment of six sigma and DFSS in steering and suspension engineering organization of 1000+ people in 3 continents and 11 countries with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Led a team of 12, BBs and MBBs that successfully completed 15 BB projects and mentored more than 100 Green Belt projects in one year. Completed two personal Black Belt projects, both related to manufacturing issues resulting in over $500 K annualized savings. Successfully introduced and implemented DFSS in TRW Automotive. Project included identifying unique needs of TRW, and matching with the offerings from various vendors. Success was achieved by driving consensus between functions and product lines and getting buy-in from Exec. Management.


Black Belt Six Sigma, TRW Automotive, Steering and Suspension

This was a developmental assignment for 20 high potential employees selected for the first TRW batch of Black belts. Assignment included, one high impact BB project championed by one of the TRW executive. Successfully completed TRW BB training and resolved manufacturing process and quality issues at one of the key TRW supplier plant (Motor Manufacturing) which was resulting in line shut downs and yard holds. Project resulted in 30% improved yield and better synchronization among stations.


Manager Eng. Standardization and Reliability, TRW Automotive, Steering and Suspension

Reduced variety of linkage and suspension designs by 80 %, by selecting BIC global designs. Increased efficiency of engineering by developing standard FMEAs, Verification Plans and automating routine engineering tasks with the help of a Design Configurator and PDM. Achieved higher customer satisfaction and increase in profit margin by systematically solving a noise issue on a high volume suspension ball joint. Project was awarded Chairman's Award.


Staff Engineer EPS Reliability and Quality, TRW Automotive, Steering and Suspension

Developed Reliability Growth Models for predicting reliability based on field performance. Interfaced with customers (Ford, Chrysler, and BMW) and suppliers for quality and reliability requirements. Facilitated cross-functional teams to solve quality and reliability problems of Electrically Powered Steering System (EPS) using 8D/ TOPS approach. Developed training and taught 8D to the EPS Team. Led the Design and Manufacturing teams to develop FMEA and DVP as per the APQP and QS9000.


Senior Reliability Engineer, Ford Motor Co. Advanced Vehicle Technology, Dearborn, MI

Was a key member of the team responsible for the development and implementation of a common Reliability Process integrated with Ford Product Development Systems (FPDS). Worked as a member of the team developing Product Development Quality Operating System (PD QOS) – a computerized system that generated program status reports for management. Led the statistical analysis work for a team responsible to determine roof crush design margin based on FMVSS and NHSTA requirements. Project was successfully completed and resulted in substantial savings. Team was awarded Customer Driven Quality Award (CDQA). Responsible for recommending proper DOE methods including Taguchi Methods and analysis techniques for resolving windshield wipers, weather-strip, and window glass opening efforts.


Part-Time Faculty and Research Scholar, Wayne State University, Ind. and Mfg. Eng. Dept., Detroit, MI

Taught undergraduate course on Engineering Data Analysis, and introduction of statistical analysis; TA for Probability and Statistical Analysis; Research in the area of Robust Product Development and Reliability Engineering.


Lecturer, Indian Institute of Tech. (IIT), Mech. and Ind. Eng. Dept., Roorkee, India

Taught undergraduate and graduate courses on OR, Production Planning and Control, Industrial Management. and Quality Engineering. Supervised MS and BS theses; served as member of Post-Graduate academic advisory committee.

This expert is the author of numerous publications including a book, book chapters, papers in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and conference presentations on topics related to and including Six Sigma, integrating quality, reliability and

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