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B.S. in Program Studies from Lawrence Institute of Technology

An extensive background in Facilities and Industrial Engineering with over 25 years experience in facility layout and design of many major industrial programs. This expert has considerable experience with manufacturing processes, feasibility studies, concept design through final engineering associated with process equipment and material handling systems. The consultant’s background encompasses projects in the automotive industry, aircraft industry and general office design, as well as work space development. Project experiences include manufacturing, parts distribution, maintenance operations, stamping facilities, material handling, and assembly, along with other manufacturing facilities for appliances, glass, military armaments, paint laboratories, and hospitals. All of these projects required extensive integrated material-handling systems for raw material work in process, finished parts transportation and storage. This expert has been influential in many programs in the development of project layouts, cost estimating, industrial engineering, detailed design, and field representation.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.
Providing expert facilities operations, manufacturing, and industrial engineering consulting services to a wide variety of clients.
Project Manager, 7000/8000 Series Launch, John Deere – TCAO, Waterloo, IA
Project Manager for a team responsible for coordinating material flow to support prototype builds and prep the new assembly system for launch. John Deere had done preliminary design of their newly reworked chassis assembly and brand new final assembly area for a major redesign of 7/8000 series tractors. The new design was predicated by the new diesel emissions requirements. The new assembly departments did not have any cad layouts, were lacking in station readiness, and had many component packaging issues. Tour team was responsible to determine work station set up and design, material placement and replenishment plans, visual factory needs, corrective actions to supplier packaging and changes and modifications caused from engineering line balancing activities as well as parts tracking to support line balance activities. At launch, the team also projected parts shortage through a database which we had developed and through the use of the data base and input of the tractor serial numbers, we were able to determine parts readiness for each individual tractor as they came down the line. This provided for a successful launch and Long term success for John Deere.
Project Manager, CPS Implementation, Caterpillar – HydraulicsDivision, Joliet, IL
Project Manager of the team responsible for assisting Caterpillar implement their recently developed Caterpillar Production System. Createdthe plan of implementation and oversaw the team through the process. The team consisted of 6 engineers responsible for all facets of this implementation. Caterpillar had done an in-depth evaluation and tried to implement the system on their own and had only weak success. After our team completed this task, Caterpillar came back and re-evaluated the situation. Items covered included 5S, Visual Factory Elements, PFEP, Manufacturing Rapid Response call system, Conducted Score Card meetings and reviews etc. The score increased across the board drastically.
Project Consultant, Information Systems Resources, Livonia, MI
ISR is a local leader supporting large medical facilities when upgrading computer systems corporate wide. ISR receives all computer components from their customers, download all existing information on each system for safe keeping and the hard drive is then wiped clean and processed for future scrap or reuse. ISR was set up as a total manual operation experiencing tremendous growth, forcing them to seek out our help to guide them through expansion. We were responsible to outline new processes and procedures, design the complete facility needs, develop specification and bid packages, award supplier contracts, and oversee installation. ISR now has all tools in hand to support the growing needs of their customers.
Project Consultant, Fluid Engineering & Design Co., Monroe, MI
Fedco is a manufacturer of high pressure pumps and energy recovery devices with a rapidly growing customer base. Customer delivery challenges pushed Fedco to seek help from our company. They had been unable to meet customer demands for a product which is highly sought after in the Middle East. We studied all aspects of the Fedco operation and provided a road map of recommendations to help Fedco achieve required goals. Our company identified lot size runs that met the desired delivery schedule, documented operator work station sheets, designed product flow within their facility, identified items that could be outsourced providing greater time to technically specify items that Fedco must manufacture, identified where sub-assemblies made sense to increase efficiencies and reduce waste, and identified and reduced bottleneck within their systems. Fedco is moving forward with a greater customer satisfaction rating as a result.
Crimson Fire – Brandon, SD & Lancaster, PA
Responsible for a lean manufacturing study to identify opportunities within the Crimson System for cost savings and productivity improvements. Crimson has operations in South Dakota and Pennsylvania and builds on Chassis provided by parent company, Spartan Motors of Charlotte Michigan. Product is manufactured in both Pennsylvania & South Dakota with all final assembly taking place in South Dakota. The goal was to develop a plan which would minimize shipping costs between Pennsylvania and South Dakota, increase volume and decrease the amount of product being staged in all locations.
General Motors Containerization Group (PFEP) – PCC, Pontiac, MI
Project Manager responsible for the launch of the new “Plan For Every Part” (PFEP) at General Motors. PFEP was a responsibility performed by GM personnel before being awarded to our company. Existing processes within GM needed to be defined, mapped, tested and streamlined to provide for a greater efficiency and training capability as well as report out functions which were never included historically. In a 3-month period, mapping stream systems were developed and tested, GM proprietary software packages learned and streamlined, a seven-person staff hired, and responsibilities transitioned to our company.
Mercedes Benz International – Vance, AL
Responsible for all conveyor installations in the “new” assembly facility. This assembly plant is a 2 product facility building the new 164/251 models which are the re-designed M-Class SUV and the new R-Class. Worked on the Tier 1-Turn Key contractor’s team and held a close relationship to the Mercedes organization both in the U.S.A. and in Germany. Main responsibilities were to coordinate the OEM’s, hire conveyor suppliers, provide corporate specifications enforcement and coordinate and/or negotiate field change requests. These responsibilities required much overseas travel as most of the suppliers were European and many of their subcontractors were spread all over the world. Responsibilities while abroad were to track fabrication progress, coordinate designs and monitor project scheduling. Worked closely with the Mercedes prototype group to keep them informed of all the latest changes to the conveyor systems and equipment and was on site for all equipment buy-off, as well as the launch of the vehicle.
Chrysler Corporation – Denver, CO
Parts distribution warehouse study. Study included existing methods of operation for part picking from a carousel retrieval system. The new carousel was not reaching expectations. Tasks included study of the system itself, how parts were located, the logic used in the load process, as well as the work station design at every operator location. Through observation and use of ergonomics, were able to identify required changes to the performed daily tasks. After instituting the changes, the carousel system actually exceeded the original target.
Ford Motor Company – Louisville, KY
Responsible for coordinating the General Plant Decommissioning Program which entailed removal of all facilities with regard to heavy truck manufacturing. Responsibilities included on-site coordination with Ford personnel and the affiliated contractors for tracking and monitoring of the decommissioning process. The program involved extensive coordination due to the integration of commercial light truck.
Chrysler Corporation – Newark, DE
Assisted in process design and engineering, developed layout, performed field checks complied the bid package for installation of process and tooling equipment relocated from a closed plant in St. Louis, Missouri.
Ford Motor Company – Wayne, MI
Developed Facility Layouts for the CW-170 Program, Stamping Facility, Body Shop and Assembly Building which incorporated a Six Phase Launch Program to support integrated build through the Ramp-Up Process. Responsibilities included layout planning, bid package development, generating of CAD layouts, and identification of processes.
Chrysler Corporation – St. Louis, MO
Provided field supervision of equipment removal and shipping coordination of process and automated tooling equipment, as well as hand tools, and checking fixtures with respect to closing this existing facility.
Chrysler Corporation – Sterling Heights, MI
Assisted in process design and engineering, developed facilities and work place layouts, held bid meetings, and controlled contractor coordination for the installation of process and tooling equipment which was relocated from a closed plant in St. Louis, Missouri.
Chrysler Corporation – Belvidere, IL
Responsible for plant layout, machine installation package, coordination between all disciplines, coordination with Chrysler Facility Engineering, as well as field supervision. This was total demolition and new installation for launch of the Dynasty series vehicle.
Chrysler Corporation – Warren, MI
Responsible for conveyor routing and clearances to this reworked facility, to product a new truck line as well as the existing product.
Ford Motor Company – Louisville, KY
Developed facility layouts, specifications, and cost estimates for the new HN-80 Heavy Truck, Body Shop. Worked closely with process tool suppliers to assure proper facilities layout implementation, as well as overseeing all new installations. HN-80 process requirements concentrated heavily on "all new" technologies for Ford Motor Company. Also responsible for installation and timing of all services, building modifications and ergonomics work place process studies required for the new product.
General Motors Containerization Group – PCC, Pontiac MI
GMT-900 sequence container design and management program manager. Responsible for the development of 22 product-orientated special design sequence containers, which was done within the GM Containerization Group. Utilizing the existing proprietary software package used within General Motors, coordinated with Pontiac Assembly Center and an outside design source to develop new sequence containers for the GMT -900 program. Responsible for working within the predetermined budget and drive to a successful design, build and delivery of approximately 400 sequence containers, in place and within budget, for the 900 launch.
Ford Motor Company – Louisville, KY
As part of the in-plant facility engineering staff, responsibilities included preliminary planning, cost estimating, and layout development for all future programs at the Kentucky Truck facility. Chaired the Plant Ergonomic Committee as the Facility Department representative. The Ergonomic Committee's responsibilities included reviewing various workstation operations when proved to have high rate of injury, working with operators and U.A.W. to design corrections, writing project cost analysis, purchasing/fabricating corrective items and completing installation. Also on day-to-day basis responsible for various processes tooling and facility modifications required to provide a more economical, efficient and safe work place.
Ford Motor Company – Louisville, KY
Developed facility layouts, specifications and cost estimates required to install the new $25 million "CLT" Body Shop and Heavy Truck Small Parts Paint System relocations. Chaired Conveyor Bid Meeting; negotiated prices and supervised installations. Provided process tool layouts and worked closely with all tool suppliers, developing layouts for proper flow and stock requirements. Developed service utility layout and bid package for installation in the new Body Shop building addition as well as installation supervision.
Ford Motor Company – Dearborn, MI
Developed advance planning layouts for integration of the prototype metal model makers into the Pilot Plant in Dearborn. This involved a study of the existing Pilot Plant and model maker facility, to consolidate into one location. A workable plan, schedule, and budget had to be developed.
Detroit Chassis Plant – Think Neighbor Electric Vehicle Program – Detroit, MI
Project Manager for the implementation of the new “THINK” electric vehicle for Ford Motor Company at the Detroit Chassis Plant. Worked closely with the product design team to assure design would satisfy common manufacturing build and assembly practices with regards to tools, fixtures, aids and operator ergonomics. Performed cycle time studies and delivered cycle line layouts, material flow layouts, tooling requirements, sub-assembly requirements and line feed of sub-assemblies. Determine the operator work cycles to support 5000 units per year at 3.5 JPH and build the process data base for the line operator instructions showing all required operations with tact times. Coordinated the build process and tools with the facility development team to assure the facility was designed to properly support the product, quality, build sequence, throughput and ergonomic considerations.
Trumack Assembly – Detroit, MI
Responsible for the integration of the Postal Vehicle into the existing facility. The Plan took the facility from 22 JPH building F53 motor home chassis to 22 JPH with a mix of motor home chassis and postal vehicles. Vehicles built on the same build cart and conveyors using same line operators. Plan included the plan for every part, line balancing tool layout and operator assignments.
Northwest Airlines – Minneapolis, MN
Developed five year master plan for the expansion of their maintenance base at Minneapolis International Airport. This included future projections for increased fleet size as well as requirements for the type of aircraft that would be included in the fleet. All areas of maintenance were covered including structural repair, engine rebuilding, APU inspection and rebuild, hydraulic systems, seat and window repair, emergency inflatable, as well as general stores. End product included layouts of all facilities, including proposed building additions, time line schedule, breakdown of all departments and their requirements, existing and future, and overall cost.
General Electric Aircraft Engine Group – Evandale, OH
Containerization and process study. All processes and parts were studied in the department to design new containers for all parts in all phases of manufacturing. Containers must meet certain criteria for lot sizes per product, chemical baths and temperatures, cleaning and ease of handling, as well as part protection in-process / in-storage and in delivery to final assembly. The containers were designed to be modular of injection mold material. General Electric entered the design in to the yearly material handling show and took first place in the “New Material Handling Equipment" category. A fixture and gauge handling and storage program study was done to minimize handling and certification to fixtures and gauges. The methods of storage and transportation were causing excess damage to fixtures and gauges. Through re-arrangement to existing facilities, expansion of storage capability and design of new handling carts, we were able to drastically reduce the damage done to these expensive components.
Pratt & Whitney – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Responsible for new "FMS" facility layout, including material flow charts, equipment configuration, cost estimating, and future considerations. This was a new manufacturing facility, which was built in three phases, to produce turbine engines.

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