Industrial and Consumer Packaging Expert Consultant
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  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging

This expert received a B.S. and M.S. from the School of Packaging, Michigan State University in E. Lansing, MI.

This expert has an A.S. in Construction Technology from Iowa State University in Ames, IA.

Industrial and Consumer Packaging Expert Consultant

This expert specializes in industrial packaging, food and beverage packaging including hardware and automotive, and computer packaging in chipboard Specialization including skin and foam materials and related packaging line equipment.

This expert offers expertise specific to hot fill and / or pasteurized tomato products, toppings, fruits and vegetables, and sauces in glass. Further experience includes cans or plastic containers, carbonated soft drink, hot fill juices / isotonic products, and cold fill juices. This consultant has additional experience with bottled water and pasteurized brewery products in glass, and cans or plastic containers. This expert is knowledgeable in areas including bottle and case conveyors, bottle washers, labelers, and bottle rinsers. Further knowledge includes case packers, drop tests, pallet conveyors, and depalletizers. Spray coolers and warmers, electrical control panels, and high speed packaging lines are additional areas of expertise for this consultant.

Additional experience and specialization includes pharmaceutical, tobacco, cereal, and industrial packaging. Other packaging includes rigid aluminum containers (cans and specialty formed ), flexible laminated, foil faced carton stock, and PVC shrink and stretch films.

Other areas of specialty include field site surveys and inspections, uncasers, filler / cappers, and table top conveyors. Further expertise includes airveyors, case / pallet conveyors, labelers, and cartoners. This associate has focused expertise with case formers, shrink wrappers, and pallet stretch systems.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing project management, packaging engineering, packaging consulting and expertise to clients in a wide variety of industries.


Sales Engineer and Project Manager, WP Young Co.

Project management including soft drink, hot filled juice and bottled water products, complete line layout of the production lines for returnable and one way glass soft drink lines and supply of bottle and case conveyors, bottle washers, labelers, bottle rinsers, case packers and equipment supply.


Consultant, Best Buy Inc.

Investigated replacement of existing corrugated / foam combination package with an all foam package for proprietary desktop computers. Developed successful clamshell design, satisfying required drop tests. Original package design retained and modified as more cost effective solution.


General Manager of Sales, Sales Engineer Projects, I&H Engineered systems/Fleetwood Systems

Developed packaging production line layouts and supplied equipment (table top, case and pallet conveyors, bottle depalletizers, bottle rinsers, spray coolers and warmers, equipment, electrical control panels) and installation and line start up services to assist in developing efficient high speed packaging lines. Researched and integrated non-I&H equipment into the line layouts as part of the I&H Integrated Engineering System. Partial customer list included H.J.Heinz Catsup in glass, oblong plastic and #10 tin packages and baby food in glass containers, Campbell Soup Prego Spaghetti Sauce, Pace Salsa Sauce, V-8 Tomato Juice in hot filled glass and round and oblong plastic, Ocean Spray Cranberries in glass and plastic containers and cranberry sauces in plastic hot filled tubs-pilot plant lines were also supplied for various experimental packages, Del Monte Foods hot filled mixed fruit products in glass containers, Contadina and Toma Tek hot filled #10 tin sized plastic pouches for pizza sauces, Quaker Oats Gatorade Div. (now Pepsi Cola) hot filled Gatorade in glass and plastic containers, Welch Inc. hot filled juices in glass and plastic and jellies and jams in glass containers, Borden Company Hot packed pasta in small pouches and spaghetti sauces in hot filled glass, Clement Pappas, Cliffstar Corporation, Whitlock Packaging and Premium Beverage all contract hot fill juice packers in glass and plastic, Minute Maid hot filled juices in glass and plastic containers, Gerber Foods hot filled juices in plastic containers, Smuckers hot filled and pasteurized jams and jellies in glass containers, Hershey Foods hot filled chocolate syrup in plastic containers, Sweet Ripe hot filled juices in glass containers.


Sales Engineer, Equipment, Stone Container, Systems Division

Evaluated and recommended packaging equipment solutions for hardware, automotive and food packaging in skin packaging and container forming applications. Accounts included Ford Motor, General Motors (Detroit Diesel Division), Hoover Ball and Bearing, Hardware Division and Monroe Auto Equipment.


Sales Application Engineer, Reynolds Aluminum, Packaging Division

Investigated and recommended material applications for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, cereal and industrial packaging, assuring that the materials were compatible with the customer's products and packaging equipment. Rigid aluminum containers (cans and specialty formed), flexible laminated, foil faced carton stock and PVC shrink and stretch films formed the basis of materials offered by Reynolds Aluminum, Packaging Division. Accounts included Coca Cola, Pepsi, Seven Up, Mead Johnson, Brown and Williamson Tobacco, KFC, Stroh Brewing, Miller Brewing, Procter and Gamble, Miami Margarine.


Production Management Trainee and Cereal Packaging Foreman, General Mills, Betty Crocker Cake and Cereal Division

Gained knowledge of the operations of all departments within a frosting and cereal production/packaging plant. Promoted to production foreman/cereal packaging in preparation for an engineering or line production position. Assisted the plant engineering group in special projects for frosting and cereal packaging.


Engineering Technician, Black and Veatch, Consulting Engineers

Was responsible for field site surveys and inspection of new sanitary line installations.

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